Public can exchange guns for gift cards Saturday

Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 3:43pm
Staff reports

This Saturday Nashvillians will have the opportunity to turn in unsafe, unwanted and unused firearms to help keep them out of the hands of young people.

MAPCO, the Metro Nashville Police Department, some of Nashville’s clergy and Crime Stoppers are teaming up for the Gift Cards for Guns Initiative scheduled to take place on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon in the parking lot of St. Luke Primitive Baptist Church, at 135 Lewis St.

The public will be able to exchange real firearms for $50 MAPCO gift cards, no questions asked.

Police Chief Steve Anderson said, “Nashville parents, grandparents and other citizens who know of firearms that are in poor working condition or are of significant risk of falling into the wrong hands, particularly now that school is out, are invited to surrender them safely on June 9 and receive gift cards that will be good for gasoline or groceries at MAPCO stores.”

Board members from Nashville Crime Stoppers will staff a booth at the event to distribute the gift cards and to answer questions from the community about its 29-year cash reward program for information on those who have committed major crimes.

Officers from the police training academy will receive the guns. The weapons will then be turned over to an officer from the police department’s property room.

5 Comments on this post:

By: MetalMan on 6/8/12 at 5:35

What a damned joke!

By: GUARDIAN on 6/8/12 at 7:11

Let me show you gun-hating liberal progressive communist traitors how evil and stupid you are. First of all if the gun is stolen then it belongs to the person it was stolen from if they are a lawful owner. Are these guns returned to their rightful owner....NO. Guns bring high prices in today's market unless they are junk. Broken guns that won't fire and have no sale-able parts can be picked up for nothing. So anyone wanting to make a good profit can buy 5 to 10 dollar hunks of junk and make a good profit. SO tell me how smart is all this? MetalMan is right it is a joke. GUARDIAN-GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY and FRIENDS. The American Way.

By: ImWithStupid on 6/9/12 at 7:43

@GUARDIAN - As a fellow gun right's person, it dumbfounds me why we can't just let someone run this kind of program if they choose. Does everyone have to act as if they believe just like us? If that community would like to get some guns off the street and this is the effort they'd like to try, why in the world is it any of my business to stop them?

Also, Jesus Christ would say you have your list of importance wrong. Read Jesus. He says God then Humanity. That's it. If you put God at the top of your list, might the rest need to resemble what God taught?

By: fair_minded on 6/9/12 at 8:25

can i bring in a gift card and get a gun??

By: FaceBook:Emmett... on 6/11/12 at 8:38

As stupid as it is, it's none of my business and not my money if it's MAPCO giving out the gift cards at their own expense. The "no questions asked" seems like stupid police work if some punk wants to ditch a gun that was used in a crime. Not checking for the rightful owners is stupid, too.