Race to the Top funds add up to $8 million for TSU

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 1:25am
Staff reports

Tennessee State University will receive an $8 million chunk of $600 million in federal Race to the Top funding heading to Tennessee and Delaware.

The funds will be used to continue and expand the university’s Strengthening Teaching in Elementary and Middle Schools: Mathematics (STEMS) project.

STEMS is an expansion of an original project implemented in 2007, that was developed to help K-4 teachers instruct their students in math.

Ten universities will be identified that offer Teacher Preparation programs in mathematics to partner with four elementary and middle schools from low performing school districts to participate in TSU’s STEMS project. Schools will be chosen from each of the state’s three grand divisions.

“We hope to identify the challenges students face and discover the opportunities that may help us close existing achievement gaps in mathematics. This grant will help us create a program that will improve the quality of teaching in general, with a specific goal to strengthen mathematics instruction at the elementary and middle school levels,” said Peter Millet, dean of the TSU College of Education.

Millet plans to direct the project by targeting pre-service teachers, university math and math education faculty, school district math coaches, principals, and in-service teachers from low performing schools.

“We want to provide college and university faculty across the state of Tennessee with the most current thinking on mathematics and mathematics education, so that they can strengthen the curriculum in order to better prepare their teacher candidates,” Millet said.


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By: Heloise on 4/6/10 at 2:27

What makes TSU think they can fix the math low scores for K-4 students when they can't even keep their clocks running, much less have the right time.