'Radnor Lake Rambo' loses appeals court ruling on guns in parks

Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 11:31am

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that Metro park rangers and the Metro Nashville Police Department acted legally when they disarmed a man walking through Radnor Park with an AK-47 slung over his shoulder.

Leonard Embody, the infamous “Radnor Lake Rambo,” argued that police and park rangers violated his Second and Fourth Amendment rights. He claims they unconstitutionally subjected him to an unreasonable seizure and disarmed him of a weapon that was legal to carry in a public park.

But the 6th Circuit affirmed a U.S. District Court ruling against Embody. The court filed the ruling in Cincinnati on Thursday morning.

Overall, the case came down to whether there was “reasonable suspicion” of a crime occurring, regardless of whether or not the weapon was legal.

The 6th Circuit determined that the park rangers acted reasonably by disarming Embody because the gun was only a half-inch shy of being illegal.

“Making matters worse (or at least more suspicious), Embody had painted the barrel tip of the gun orange, typically an indication that the gun is a toy. An officer could fairly suspect that Embody had used the paint to disguise an illegal weapon. On this record, an officer could reasonably suspect something was amiss,” the ruling read.

Embody had a similar Davidson County Chancery Court lawsuit dismissed in July.

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By: NashvilleLaw on 8/30/12 at 10:31

Full text of the Court of Appeals decision here:

By: bfra on 9/4/12 at 3:00

This wacko is an embarrassment to every legal gun owner! Nuts like him should never own a weapon.