ReDiscover East! gives public a progress report

Monday, May 7, 2001 at 1:00am

East Nashville residents and ReDiscover East! committee heads came together Saturday to talk about accomplishments, problems and to how to continue to revitalize the area east of the Cumberland River.

Chairs of the East Nashville Neighborhood Association committees gave short updates on what their teams had been working on. Also present were councilpersons Eileen Beehan of District 6 and Lawrence Hall, Jr. of District 5.

Mark Macy of Public Works outlined the time frame for the much-anticipated East Bank river park, still in the design stages. Construction of the river park, much like the one that changed the face of downtown Chattanooga, has been underwritten with local and federal funds and should begin in 2002 or 2003, said Macy.

Carol Williams of the Codes and Zoning Committee applauded efforts of the Metro Department of Codes Administration, which changed existing property codes and brought 61 percent of commercial violators into compliance.

Youth and Education Chair Diane Neighbors discussed the partnership with Community Impact!, a group dedicated to creating financial and college opportunities for youths. On May 31, ten high school students will be honored as recipients of Community Impact! scholarships.

Parker Toler, chair of the Economic Development Committee, said the group was working on a business directory and a demographic report that would help sell East Nashville to businesses. He added that Kroger should be thanked for refurbishing its East Nashville stores.

Speaking for the Fundraising Committee, Lane Easterly asked for volunteers in a number of capacities, and with help with the upcoming Shelby Bottoms Boogie, an event that raised $10,000 last year.

Urban Design Committee Chair Jeff Ockerman said creating a

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