Renovation of Edgefield cottages forges ahead

Monday, January 16, 2012 at 4:48pm
Staff reports

Construction is moving forward on the $5.5 million renovation of Edgefield cottages, the public housing complex for seniors at East Nashville’s Shelby Avenue and Fifth Street.

In recent weeks, work has turned more visible on the Metro Development and Housing Agency’s plan to renovate both the interior and exterior of the cottages, turning the 1960s-era homes into modern, more functional units.

The agency announced the renovation project last May when renovation work concluded on the nearby Edgefield Manor high-rise, which the one-floor cottages surround.

MDHA officials hope to have the renovation of the cottages complete by early 2013. Dollars are carved out in MDHA’s capital fund, according to MDHA spokeswoman Terri Woodmore. 

As part of the Edgefield cottages overhaul, the area will also receive new street signage, landscaping, sidewalks and seating areas. There are also plans to renovate courtyards for garden planting, including a public courtyard for recreation.

The renovation officially began last summer.

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By: Knofler on 1/17/12 at 6:51

Great, $5.5 million wasted on undeserving tenants that will just end up trashing the hardwork. Way to go MDHA another classic mis-use of tax dollars

By: Hollisalbert on 8/7/13 at 1:36

If the renovation is being done in the cottage and all the facilities are provided then it will be very nice.