Report: 287(g) undermines public safety in Davidson County

Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 1:43pm

A new report and survey released by a national Hispanic advocacy group suggests Davidson County’s controversial 287(g) program undermines public safety and exacerbates the fear Nashville’s Latino community has of law enforcement.

The federal 287(g) program, first implemented in Nashville beginning in April 2007, authorizes local governments to screen arrested individuals to detect illegal immigrants before beginning deportation proceedings. So far, more than 7,700 individuals have been processed through the program in Nashville.

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall has been an outspoken supporter of the program, arguing the approach has been effective in decreasing crime among illegal immigrants.

But a report from the National Council of La Raza claims 287(g) has in fact been ineffective in decreasing crime. The study says the program has too often led to the arrests of people who have no criminal background and the detention of individuals for offenses such as traffic stops and playing loud music.

The report goes further, suggesting Nashville’s Latino residents are often deterred from reporting criminal incidents to law enforcement officials because of potential consequences for doing so.

A survey conducted in Davidson County found that 42 percent of Latino respondents said they knew of a crime but had not reported it to Metro police out of fear of deportation.

The survey also found 54 percent of Latinos in Davidson County would not report a crime altogether, compared with 27 percent of African-Americans who would not. According to the report, the Latino and black respondents share similar economic backgrounds and living situations.

“The real significant finding of this report is to shed light on the impact of the program on fear of the community, and the undermining of public safety for all Davidson County residents,” said Stephen Fotopulos, executive director of the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition, during a teleconference with reporters. 

A message left with the sheriff's office was not immediately returned. 

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By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 12:59

i guess it's easy to pass judgement when we live at a time that we are not having civil war in our own country and are extremely weathly in global terms. arrogance is never a good thing.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:01

things we could do to help would be legalize pot, repeal NAFTA and provide military assistance since they are outgunned by the cartels.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:02

but none of those things help our corporations and there is no oil to gain, therefore it will not be done. and it gives every politician a good hot button topic to bring up on the campaign trail.

By: Cookie47 on 8/13/10 at 1:20

I didn't call you unpatriotic. And, if they're so desperate, maybe they should fix things back at home rather than bring their problems here. Compassion is one thing, BlanketNazi. Giving away the store is something else.

As for the land mines and snipers, it's amazing how other countries around the world can do just that - plant mines and shoot to kill - when a person illegally crosses into their country but we're suppose to sit back and let whoever just walk on in. Why is that? Why can't we protect our sovereignty? Please explain to me if you think there shouldn't be a wall guarded by our military across our border. I'm not being belligerent. I respect your opinion what want to know what you think.


By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:25

Cookie, they ARE attempting to fix things but our policies with Mexico aren't helping matters. and i'm not "giving away the store." remember, i said i'm not for amnesty. and just because other countries act in an inhumane manner does not give us an excuse to. that comment makes no sense. like i said before, there's certain things we can do to fix the problem that would be more effective and humane than a military presence all along the border. repeal NAFTA, legalize pot and provide Mexico with military assistance in fighting the cartels.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:26

also, revise our immigration policies when it comes to seasonal workers.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 1:42

and mexican midget wrestlers.

By: Cookie47 on 8/13/10 at 2:13

Since I have a headache, I'm going to simplify things here. I'm all for immigration but it MUST be legal. I fully understand their desire to make a better life but it must be LEGAL not just for our benefit but theirs as well. Yes, our immigration laws need to be revised/updated but amnesty, to me, is out of the question. I don't have a problem with work visas but when they expire, they must either be renewed or they go home.

As for the Mexican midget wrestlers, my dad told me to never get in a fight with a midget because if they bit you, you're in trouble.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/13/10 at 2:15

lol, Cookie. gotta watch out for the ankle biters. 8~)

i'm glad we could have a civilized coversation.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:10

Here's something right off the net today about an illegal immigrant who's gettting more than $20 an hour: "Americans for Freedom of Information" has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship."

OMG, he's a Fulbright Scholar. They only award those to foreign students. Please catch me. I'm about to jump off the roof of my house. I'm so freeeeeking tired of this. When are we going to VET this man?

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:14

and it means that i understand their predicament and would like to find a good solution - something that works for both them and our citizens. said by Blanket.

Blanket, how can you "understand" something that you have not gone through. And what works for our country and our citizens is:

A green card; legal application to come to America; learning about our country; trying to speak English and not sneaking into the country. Stand in line and don't expect special treatment cause you say you want a "better life".

And blanket, we have millions of Americans in our country legally who NEED HELP AND NEED A SOLUTION TO THEIR POVERTY AND LACK OF EDUCATION. Let's help them first.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:24

morpheus120 on 8/13/10 at 10:50
And wow, "Girliegirl" - what an idiot you are! You said: They pay house cleaning staff $20 cash per person per hour. That's more money (take home pay) than most lawyers make these days. LOL

Morpheus, girlie is not an idiot; she's super smart.

I did a 3 day temp gig in Bellemeade "cleaning" (a few years ago - 2004, I think). I got $20 an hour to vacuum a CLEAN house and clean CLEAN bathrooms. AND I was sent to the "maid's" changing room to don a uniform. WOW! Easy money.

BUT this year I hired a 20-year old from South AM. to help me clean; she charged $20/hour. She was married so in chit-chat I said "wow, you'll probably wait till after college to have a family". She said "oh, we are not staying married; we just go married so I would not be deported". I said "are you here legally?" She said "no my whole family is illegal".


Yuck! I paid her cause she worked. AND by the way, not very hard and didn't clean well.

Today's housekeeper makes $15 to $30 an hour. Ask some of them.

By: budlight on 8/13/10 at 3:26

READ CLOSELY, MORON: You can call me all the names you wish. It matters not to me. Coming from the likes of you means even less because you, sir, are a TRAITOR if you support these illegals. It's time for you and people like you to MAN UP and do all you can to make our government enforce our immigration laws.

THEY, the "annointed ones on CP" call everyone they disagree with - names. BUT I've learned, if we, the interlopers call them names, we are damned. I love this post. It's so therapeutic. Almost as good as a long mineral soak and massage at Hot Springs AK.

By: gofer on 8/13/10 at 8:10

How about some compassion for the people who's jobs they are taking. I lot of people would like a job, any job. The employers are to blame, but so is the govt., by making it impossible to ask the right questions of them for fear of discriminating. What's maddening is watching the illegal populations protest and march and make DEMANDS. I lived for two years in a complex that progressively filled up with illegals....and yes, I know they were because of the manager and the Latino maintenance man verified their status. I finally gave up for fear of losing my sanity...constant loud music at all hours and noise of all and trucks with loud pipes at all hours, standing outside people's doors at 2 am talking on cell phone. They paid NO attention to any rules or warnings from security or mgmt. Everybody I knew from that complex moved and it's hard not to feel ill about the arrogance.

Remember the illegal that killed a couple in a head-on collision a couple years back. He had been stopped 14 times. Those simple traffic violations that get someone deported may save someone's life. I understand about a quarter or more of those deported from Nashville were stopped for DUI. No doubt there were lives saved. Literally thousands have been killed in car wrecks involving illegals.

Mexico has an age of consent of 12 or 13 years old and this doesn't translate in this country. They don't seem to see a problem with this and thus we have a lot of child rapes.

Our immigration laws are fine. Check it out, we allow over a million or more in this country every year. They just gave out several thousands of permanent worker visas last month. There are around 18 guest worker programs in place, but it's a lot easier to just sneak in and do what you want. There are legal ways to come into this country and work on a temp. basis already. We don't need anymore.

If illegals are legalised, then they immediately become qualifed for over 2 dozen govt. programs and SS. Over 35% of immigrants legal and illegal are on some type of govt. assistance. What ever happened to not being a burden to the country?

8 out of 10 of the MOST WANTED in Chicago are Hispanic. These are mafia types involved in drugs and every other heinous crime. Go to any mid-size city, anywhere and look at the jail roster. Most have pics on their sites. Draw your own conclusions.

As far as the National Council of "The Race" findings, what would you expect. It's even in their name. Deporting several thousand drunk drivers certainly doesn't undermine public safety. Nobody fears law enforcement unless they have broken the law. I have no sympathy.

By: slzy on 8/14/10 at 12:08

i am so sorry that some readers are so sensitive about shooting people coming over the boarder illegally,but i am more sensitive to the victims of illegals in this country. maybe if we had shot one,thousands might be alive,if it would stop the flow.

we have asked them nice to not come,what alternative is there?

By: slzy on 8/14/10 at 1:52

with the unemployment and obesity rising together,US citizens need to work ,

i do not know what Jesus would do,but when Augustus told Mary and Joseph to get back to their legal home of residence,they vamoosed right to it.