Republicans won't have candidate for election to replace Arriola

Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 6:58pm

Republicans won’t have a candidate for Davidson County clerk in the upcoming November election, giving interim clerk and Democratic nominee Brenda Wynn a largely clear path to victory.

Perennial long-shot candidates Kenneth Eaton, Murray Philip and Jeff Crum submitted qualifying papers to run as independents Thursday, as the noon deadline for the Nov. 6 election ballot arrived. No one turned in papers to run as a Republican.

“We really didn’t have anybody to step up to the plate,” Davidson County Republican Party chair Kathleen Starnes told The City Paper. She added that some Democrats who lost their party’s nomination had discussed running as Republicans, but the GOP wasn’t interested in candidates who had switched parties.

Wynn, a former U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper aide, secured the Democratic nomination for county clerk in July and won the special council appointment last week.

The general election in November is to replace former clerk John Arriola, who resigned in June amid controversy over his practice of collecting fees from couples to perform weddings.

Arriola’s wife Michele Arriola picked up qualifying papers from the Davidson County Election Commission last Thursday for her husband to run as an independent. She did not, however, return the documents.

Clerk candidates have until Aug. 23 to withdraw their names if they so choose.

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By: Left-of-Local on 8/17/12 at 7:52

Running a Republican would be futile anyway. They're not that good at actual governing anyway.

By: FLeFew on 8/19/12 at 8:42

The funny part of this story is that Kathaleen Starrnes was voting in Democrat primaries until just a couple of years ago. She is such a strange person (I am being nice in this name calling.).