Rex and the City: The Preds’ Soap Opera

Monday, November 19, 2007 at 1:17am

It has been for all of the media outlets in town a story where there have been more anonymous sources than named ones.

Perhaps finally, the tightrope walk of the negotiations for a new lease in the Sommet Center for a group of local investors trying to but the Nashville Predators is over. It is unclear if the real story of the negotiation will ever be fully told by any of the business players around the table.

Anecdotal information leaking out of those meetings suggest exchanges between a still newbie mayoral staff and the investors groups that at times rose to the level of screaming expletives and at others included some actual tears. All in all, it was a baptism by fire for Mayor Karl Dean’s staff.

Noticeably absent from the at times very public exchanges over what the city’s priorities should be were the otherwise outspoken members of Nashville’s business community, including the board and staff of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. One would think pushing for hockey ticket sales might also see this group and other downtown advocates talking about the upside to seeing a pro sports team in town with local ownership.

No, the OTHER Cooper

Sen. Jerry Cooper (D-Morrison), has not had a good year.

He has had various run-ins with the law, including a wreck in Rutherford County jurisdiction. Now, he holds the record for the largest fine ever handed out by the Registry of Election Finance –$120,000 — as result of Cooper using $94,350 worth of campaign cash for personal use.

Cooper’s bad luck at the Registry has some suggesting he will not run again.

New for 2008, the TSC Trebuchet

Tractor Supply was quite good to Joe Scarlett, the company’s chairman emeritus.

Scarlett, who retired in May but slowly exited the leadership through a transition plan, and his wife Dorothy are building quite a retirement home in the high-dollar North Umberland gated neighborhood.

Carrying a price tag of about $5 million, it will resemble an English stone castle like no other home around Nashville. Homebuilder to people with boatloads of money, Rogan Allen, has the task of constructing the 8,000-10,000-square-foot abode.

Of course they are ‘Survivors.’ They put up with drummers

Most pretty boy band members from Nashville aren’t used to sleeping outside under a thatch lean-to and eating rice every day — but not so for base player/rumored underwear model Erick Huffman.

Huffman, in his mid-20s, is the first Nashvillian to take on CBS’ latest Survivor: China , and the kid ain’t doing so bad. He’s made it through about eight tribal councils, holding on for the chance at $1,000,000 if he becomes the sole survivor.

The aspiring rocker plays base for local band Florez, which apparently doesn’t have any tour dates yet according to MySpace. It’s also rumored, through Survivor fan sites, the hunky Southerner has a Hanes underwear ad campaign out. We’ll keep a close eye on that one.

And although Huffman is the first Nashvillian to reach the top Survivor ranks, he is not the first contestant from Tennessee. Throughout the show’s 16 seasons – yep, 16 – there have been at least seven participants from Tennessee. Knoxvillian Tina Wesson won the Survivor: The Australian Outback season of the show.

Maybe there’s something in the cornbread.

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