Rex: Did Goodell lay out Fisher’s clothes

Sunday, October 4, 2009 at 11:45pm

Lately Rex has been hearing a lot of complaints about the Tennessee Titans. The funny thing is though, he isn’t hearing much about dropped footballs and a miserable start to the season, but more about what Jeff Fisher and the coaching staff wear on the sideline.

After the loss to the New York Jets, Fisher and his pornstache appeared on national television talking about how his team missed chances, blah, blah, blah. Seriously Rex thinks the post-game interviews now are designed for future Coors commercials.

Anyway, Fisher was decked out in ‘retro’ (read: ghastly) Houston Oilers gear, and the people of Nashville went nuts. Comments poured in wondering why our hard earned cash should go to one team when the coach wears the shirt of a team that doesn’t exist and a city that ain’t ours.

Well, here’s the deal. This season marks the 50th anniversary of the creation of the American Football League, the predecessor of the AFC in the NFL. Bud Adams, the guy who owns the Titans, was one of the league founders. To celebrate the milestone the old logos and team names are being dusted off.

What that means is that not only are you seeing the players wear the throwback uniforms, as the league has mandated, but the coaching staffs are contractually obligated to wear that type of stuff as well. Why else would the New York Jets be wearing New York Titans gear.

Remember a couple of years back when then-coach of the San Francisco 49ers Mike Nolan made a stink about wanting to wear a suit on the sidelines like Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi. He had to fight because Reebok has a contract where they tell coaches what to wear and suits aren’t in their catalog.

You will be seeing Fisher in Houston rags again, once in New England and once here when the Titans/Oilers (Toilers?) play Buffalo.

By the way, if you think we have it bad, the original name of the Kansas City Chiefs is the Dallas Texans and they will play a game wearing gear with the state of Texas on the helmet. Nothing rubs a Missourian the wrong way like Texas.

If you think Rex is joking, go show Mizzou grad Cara Kumari of WSMV a “hook’em horns” hand sign and you are likely to get run over by their news van.

Running off the old bulls

So last week Rex said one thing and meant another. He apologizes sincerely for saying that Davidson Academy had a problem with Emily Evans when he meant Harding Academy.

Rex had said that a member of Mayor Karl Dean’s staff was said to be recruiting a candidate to run against the always-quotable and often-contrarian Council member in the next election. Well it turns out Evans is watching someone else’s back while there are knives looking for hers.

She has chimed in on the campaign of fellow Belle Meade Country Club’er, State Sen. Doug Henry, and said basically he may be old but she hearts him. Henry will face a challenge from Bass Berry attorney Jeff Yarbo (Henry has socks older than him) and this could be the best local race next year.

It will be interesting to see if the anti-Evans forces in the 37205 join up with Yarbro so they can take a swing at her too.

Mum’s the word

Since we are talking elections, Rex hears that the top Republican in the Tennessee House of Representatives has basically ‘checked out.’ State Rep. Jason Mumpower, the East Tennessee rep who was one turncoat away from being Speaker of the House, has gone largely AWOL and isn’t playing the game like he once did.

According to Rex’s sources, Mumpower has not been raising the campaign cash, isn’t talking to his leadership colleagues, and has for the most part disappeared.

After he lost the Speaker’s race this past January, most Capitol Hill observers noticed that Mumpower had lost his swagger and his mojo was shaken. This recent development seems to be a continuation of that.

It’s anybody’s guess who will be Speaker of the House next, but with his current attitude it is highly unlikely that it will be Mumpower no matter what the GOP does in the next election.

Did he take photos there too?

Former State Rep. Brian Kelsey, who is likely soon to be State Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Memphis), had a fund-raiser up here in Nashville recently and his choice of venues had some people snickering.

Kelsey is running for the seat vacated by Paul Stanley. Stanley is the guy who had the affair with an intern and was allegedly blackmailed for it when the girl’s boyfriend found photos. But before getting caught, Stanley was known to take his intern to a few of his favorite hangouts, especially The Standard.

Well, that happened to be where Kelsey held his Nashville fund-raiser. Rex wants to know if any of the patrons at the Kelsey event noticed any place settings marked “exhibit A.”


9 Comments on this post:

By: idgaf on 10/5/09 at 3:58

The old uniforms especially in our case is an insult to the taxpayers that are picking up the tab for these teams.

Big time sports have gotten to big for their britches.

By: house_of_pain on 10/5/09 at 6:48

Anyone complaining about the Oilers/Titans uniforms is a drama queen.
Get over it.

By: TITAN1 on 10/5/09 at 8:52

h o p, I can't believe anyone did not know why coach Fisher was the Oilers clothes against the Jets. As for idgaf, if it is pro sports he is against it.

By: idgaf on 10/5/09 at 9:03

Only when taxpayers are picking up the tab Titian. Whats that McNair jock strap you have worth now?

By: MusicCity615 on 10/5/09 at 10:21

idgaf, please get an education.

And that McNair comment is just plain vicious. Have some sympathy for the McNair family and friends for crying out loud you bigot, and most likely, racist.

By: MetalMan on 10/5/09 at 10:36

It doesn't matter what he wears, he's still the prettiest coach in the NFL - $200 hair cut and all! Yeah, all that stuff is costing the taxpayers a bundle, and the team is lousy, but we look great!

By: airvols on 10/5/09 at 12:32

Hey I'm season ticket holder and the damn uniforms need to be burned. The head coach with Houston on his chest, be careful you may be going to Houston if we don't see some improvement and fast.

By: idgaf on 10/5/09 at 1:07

lmao at the personal attacks.

If you guys worried about the school system as much as sports we would be in fine shape.

By: TITAN1 on 10/5/09 at 1:24

idgaf, then why don't you spend your time in a story about the school system instead of posting in a Titans story?