Rex: Titans crash Vanderbilt fundraiser

Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 11:45pm

Things got a little strange at the Loews Vanderbilt recently when Bud Adams and all of his Tennessee Titans decided to crash a debutante ball. OK, that’s a little hyperbolic, but a coming-out party for Nashville society girls did coincide with the Titans’ stay at Loews before a recent Sunday home game.

The Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Association of Vanderbilt holds an annual charity debutante ball called Bal d’Hiver that raises money for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and children’s social services.

Everybody gets gussied up — white tie and tails for men, white or off-white gowns for women — and daughters are escorted and presented into “Nashville society.” It got interesting when, as all the young society ladies were out in the lobby posing for Facebook-bound photographs, Bud Adams, Jeff Fisher and the entire Tennessee Titans team walked through the lobby. (The team rents out half the hotel the night before games to lock down their players and get them ready for Sunday home games.)

Amid the convergence of these two starkly different worlds, Bud Adams stood out from all the rest. The team wore street clothes, the society men wore tuxes with tails, and Bud sported a yellow shirt, red jacket (No. 9 pin on the lapel) and a tie with dollar signs all over it. CLASSY!

Radio silence? Not so much

Metro Council members can’t stay off TSU student Carl Boyd’s radio show, Nothing But the Truth.

When the Tennessee State University radio personality and self-proclaimed “independent voice of the people” first emailed the Council to invite members to discuss the proposed $585 million convention center, Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors denied the request, saying those matters couldn’t be discussed before the project’s finance plan was unveiled.

“As you may be aware, a request was made that meetings not be held to discuss the proposed convention center until the legislation has been filed,” Neighbors wrote in an email. “Until then, we do not have the details.”

Boyd couldn’t believe it. “To stop a public official from discussing issues which could affect them tremendously is almost crossing the lines,” he fired back. “We as voters have a right to see where our elected officials stand on the issues.”

Eventually Neighbors changed her tune and lifted the “moratorium” over discussion.

Boyd appears to have gotten the Council’s attention, as eight members have now made guest appearances on the show: Emily Evans, Eric Crafton, Lonnell Matthews Jr., Erica Gilmore, Mike Jameson, Michael Craddock, Duane Dominy and Sam Coleman.

Boyd also seems to be leading a tea party movement of sorts about the entire convention center project. His Web site prominently features links for opposing the project, with headings titled “Failed Convention Center,” “Operation “NO MORE,” and “Stop the Council Members.”

Who knew that TSU offered classes taught by Glenn Beck?

Food for thoughts

In the past few months, those on Nashville’s Left Bank of politics have been trying to scare up an opponent to run against Congressman Jim Cooper.

Apparently, they want to do for the local Democratic Party what Sarah Palin is doing for the national Republican Party — you know, inspire an identity crisis. People who are upset that Cooper doesn’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid wholesale have apparently made recruiting pitches to former Vice Mayor Howard Gentry, Councilman Erik Cole and At-large Councilwoman Megan Barry.

A little tidbit for those who are running names up the left-wing flag pole: Barry and her rabble-rousing husband, Vanderbilt business school professor and Nashville Scene contributor Bruce Barry, were recent dinner guests at Cooper’s home, along with two other couples.

The Barry’s aren’t talking to anyone about what they heard at the table, and the Coopers keep a clean house, so there were no flies on the wall. But Rex thinks that Cooper must believe you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Howard and Erik, perhaps your dinner invites are forthcoming.

Rex appears Mondays in The City Paper.

2 Comments on this post:

By: frank brown on 12/7/09 at 5:02

REX, My boy sometimes you are a little much but your story and comments about the Bal d' Hiver and Bud Adams was worth all the bad stories you have written. Having been at one time a participant in the Bal d' Hiver and having met Bud Adams I could not think of a contrast as far removed in of my imagination.

By: Nash19 on 12/8/09 at 1:42

Rex? You're an idiot.
As for the young man at TSU standing up against the political @ss clowns and powers drooling over a new building so they can reap the under the table rewards, good for him! Keep it up!