School district officials visit Nashville

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 5:06pm
Staff reports

Eleven school districts — including nine in California — have teams of educators and city leaders in Nashville through Friday, Nov. 19, to study Metro Nashville Public Schools' high school reform effort.

The teams consist of mayors, school superintendents, college presidents, chamber and economic development executives, business leaders and school administrators.

Mayor Karl Dean and MNPS Director Jesse Register will welcome the group Wednesday night and then meet with other mayors and school superintendents Thursday and Friday.

The group will participate in work sessions at Belmont University for much of Thursday and then tour on Friday The Academies of Nashville at Glencliff High School.

Called the Education Executive Leadership Study Trip, the two-day meeting is being hosted by MNPS and Alignment Nashville, the facilitator for Nashville’s Ford Motor Company Fund (FMCF) Professional Development Hub. The visit is the first of this magnitude since FMCF designated Nashville as a Leadership Level Next Generation Learning Community this past summer.

In addition to the nine school systems in California (including that of Los Angeles), the group includes officials from school systems and civic entities in Louisville and Rockford, Ill.


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By: dogmrb on 11/17/10 at 6:53

Sounds like a boondoggle to me. Several of the visiting districts have former MNPS administrators in high positions in their current district. What results are they making a visit to see? Are there scores we don't know about? Smoke and mirrors but Nashville is a great place to visit in the fall.

By: topcat2010 on 11/18/10 at 4:57

As a parent of three children in the MNPS, I'm glad someone besides me recognizes that our school system is doing something right. MNPS has two high schools (Hume Fogg and Martin Luther King) that have ranked in the top 5% of schools in this country. I have a child in each of those schools. What other school system in this country can stake that claim. What school system in the surrounding counties has a high school ranked in the top 40% ranking of school systems? Now, the children that attend HF and MLK are not parachuted into Davidson County when its time for them to enroll in high school. My children are products of the MNPS and I am proud of their schools achievements. I want to take this time to tell the teachers in MNPS district that they have something to be proud of as well, because your peers outside the state recognize that you'll have it going on. The Davidson County taxpayers need to rise up and tell the critics of our school system to leave the MNPS alone. The Chamber and the critics need to do is spend some money on finding out how to replicate the kind of student that ultimately enroll at HF and MLK, so that all of your children can realize there potential.