School fires teacher charged in drug grow operation

Monday, September 20, 2010 at 2:29pm

A Nashville teacher arrested last week after police found a marijuana grow operation at her East Nashville house was fired immediately by school administrators.

Natasha R. Kruithof, a 26-year-old fifth-grade teacher at LEAD Academy, a charter middle school, was arrested along with two others Thursday night when police allegedly found the grow operation in their home at 609 N. Second St.

Police were tipped off to the home after detecting a strong smell of marijuana.
They also allegedly found four guns.

According to LEAD Academy headmaster Jeremy Kane, Kruithof was terminated Friday.

“Although we do not know any more details than have been reported by the local news media, what is clear is that Ms. Kruithof has violated our school’s role model policy,” Kane said in a written statement.

Kruithof, her boyfriend Brian M. Day, 24, and her brother, David J. Kruithof, were charged with felony weapon possession, possession of drug paraphernalia for manufacturing drugs and having a controlled substance in a drug-free school zone. Natasha Kruithof was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Natasha Kruithof was released on $28,000 bond Friday morning. Her brother and Day were released after posting $27,000 bond.

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By: govskeptic on 9/21/10 at 6:26

No argument with the firing, but serious doubt on this being
able to smell growing plants. Yes, the smoke is very
distinctive when being smoked, but the smell test on growing
plants appears to be more of a way to search on a rumor or
other reasons without going to court to secure a search warrant!
Happening more and more often in the sometimes oddest
of circumstances. Just saying------

By: keys_error_51 on 10/4/10 at 1:04

yeah i agree with govskeptic - there is no freaking way that 2 cops driving by smelled 9 mid sized plants growing in a basment - NO WAY.

the cops that were given credit are lying pigs. they were tipped off by someone.

the gov't need to stop looking for pot heads and start looking for meth cooks and crack dealers - the real criminals! **** the police!

and that is that!

Bobby Key

By: keys_error_51 on 10/4/10 at 1:05

and notice they said "grow op" - its 9 plants! WTF