Second pedestrian dies from injuries suffered in December incident on Demonbreun

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 5:35pm
Staff reports

A second pedestrian hit and injured by an alleged drunk driver in December has died from complications of his injuries, according to Metro police.

Glenn Allen Jr., 23, of Cross Plains, died Tuesday at the Bordeaux Long-Term Care facility. The incident in question happened Dec. 10 when Allen and Jeffrey Brooksher, 22, of Greenbrier were hit by a vehicle while crossing Demonbreun Street early that morning. Brooksher died on Dec. 12 from his injuries.

Shortly after Brooksher’s death, police charged Trevor Bradshaw, 23, with one count of vehicular homicide, alleging that he was driving the Scion that hit the two men.

Bradshaw’s girlfriend, Erin Brown, 21, was also charged with vehicular homicide for allegedly allowing Bradshaw to drive her car while intoxicated.

Metro police expect to file a second vehicular homicide charge against Bradshaw and Brown following the news of Allen’s death. The two have a preliminary hearing scheduled for later this month.

Brooksher's father filed a $10 million wrongful death suit against Bradshaw and Brown just days after the incident.

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By: yucchhii on 2/9/12 at 1:33

yucchhii The DA BETTER do the right thing!! Whoever the judge may be, better Do the right thing too. LIFE WITH "NO" PAROLE!". When your dead, that's a "FOREVER" thing. That person(s) rae NOT ever comming back!! There is NO reason those people should EVER be back on the loose. If you are driving before you get drunk, and you KNOW you will be driving after you get drunk, then you are making a "CONCIOUS DECISION". Do you have to get drunk to make a concious decision to rob a bank? I had a dood friend in 1974 that was killed by a DRUNK driver on the highway. He stopped in the breakdown lane to look for something wrong in the rear of his car when he was CRUSHED by the drunk driver and HIS car. That driver made the SAME decision to drive drunk. I DON'T care who you think you are and there is NO driving even more careful after you got drunk OR stoned!! Plain and simple..cut and DRY!!