Serpas’ resignation effective immediately

Monday, May 10, 2010 at 2:12pm

Chief Ronal Serpas and Interim Chief Steve Anderson discuss flood recovery earlier today at Nashville's Emergency Operations Center.

Metro Police Department Chief Ronal Serpas tendered his resignation effective noon Monday and Deputy Chief Steve Anderson assumed the role of interim chief.

Serpas was to leave for New Orleans immediately, according to a statement from Metro Police. Officials in Nashville and New Orleans announced Thursday that Serpas had been chosen as the next superintendent of New Orleans, his hometown, by Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

A statement from Metro released Monday afternoon quoted Serpas as saying, “With the flood recovery efforts in Nashville well underway, it is time to transition the command of this police department. I am tremendously proud of the more than 1,300 police officers who have worked 12-hour shifts for more than a week to assure the safety of families in storm ravaged neighborhoods.”

The statement quoted Serpas in a farewell message to the department Monday morning.

“I will be forever grateful to those tremendously diverse groups and citizens who chose to partner with us over the years and who are still by our sides today. As I depart, please remember that the partnerships you have formed and continue to form in the future are key to building on the successes of all six precincts.”

Anderson, who has told Mayor Karl Dean that he isn’t interested in permanently serving as police chief, reiterated in the statement what he told the media last week.

“Nashville’s families and visitors will see no change in the police department’s absolute commitment to service and professionalism, The many crime fighting and community outreach programs implemented by our precinct commanders, as well as our close relationships with neighborhoods and businesses, are very important and will continue.”

Dean said last week that he would take his time and carefully consider a replacement for Serpas but only after focusing his current efforts on the flood recovery.

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By: T. Payne on 5/10/10 at 2:42

Cool. Maybe now we'll get a new chief that doesn't know what a loser I am

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Is there a way to report/delete these scumbag spammers?

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The best news in months.