Sevier Park may get community swimming pool

Monday, September 13, 2010 at 10:32pm

Mayor Karl Dean announced on Monday that the 46-year-old Sevier Park Community Center building near the 12South neighborhood will be torn down and replaced with a new $4 million facility.

“This project is long overdue given the particular age of this building,” Dean said.

Funds for the Sevier Park project have been set aside in the mayor’s capital-spending plan, which had been delayed following May’s flood but has since been refiled with the Metro Council. Replacing the dilapidated community center with a new community center had also been outlined in the original capital plan.

Dean said the new community center would include fitness rooms and space for senior citizens. Metro Parks & Recreation officials said they would explore the possibility of including a new swimming pool, which residents in the area have advocated.

Metro is in the process of constructing a new McCabe Park community center on Murphy Road in Sylvan Park.


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By: bruingeek on 9/14/10 at 6:33

A neighborhood swimming pool would be nice...but 'exploring the possibility' sounds a lot like 'no way is this going to happen'.

By: localboy on 9/17/10 at 12:01

Ok kids if you go ahead and get in the back seat I promise I'll consider ice cream on the way to Grandma's house...

By: TwilightHawk on 4/6/11 at 1:24

Can't wait to see it :)

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By: TwilightHawk on 4/6/11 at 1:27