Slot machine in county clerk’s office prompts police probe

Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 2:35pm

The Metro Police Department confirmed it has opened an investigation to determine if Davidson County Clerk’s Office employees were gambling on the job.

Police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said the department’s Specialized Investigation Division began a preliminary investigation into whether or not Metro employees used tokens to play games resembling slot machines at work. The investigation follows a WTVF-Channel 5 report Wednesday night.

“Officers from the Specialized Investigations Division did go out to investigate. The machines were not present. They had apparently been brought in just for the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.”

Mumford said the investigation will try to determine whether employees stood to lose money from the games — gambling — or if employees offered to pay out money to other employees for certain outcomes on the machines.

“If they were not in a position to lose money it’s not gambling,” Mumford said. “We’re very early [in the investigation], so we want to look into it some more.”

When The City Paper contacted the clerk’s office, Chief Deputy Clerk Joey Workman said he wouldn’t comment on the incident. 

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