Smithson Craighead Academy set to purchase Madison building

Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at 3:44pm

The operator of Nashville’s Smithson Craighead Academy has agreed in principle to purchase the Metro Christian Academy building in Madison, with plans to moves its charter middle school there by next year.

Project Reflect, a non-denominational Christian organization that oversees Smithson Craighead’s primary and middle schools, agreed over the weekend to purchase the Neely’s Bend Road building owned by Metro Baptist Church. Finalizing the transaction isn’t expected until June.

“We want to move to Madison and expand our middle school program,” said Sister Sandra Smithson, Project Reflect’s director and founder of Nashville’s first charter school. “We will be able to register to the capacity of people who are trying to get in. We needed more space for that. Right now, we don’t even have enough space to register the kids we’ve already approved.”

Smithson declined to reveal the building’s purchasing price.

Smithson Craighead’s primary school on Brick Church Pike is set to remain at its existing location, Smithson said. The school plans to move from its current middle school building, also on Brick Church Pike, to the new Madison facility in time for next school year. In addition, Project Reflect plans to bring other services such as its In Full Motion to its new Madison building.

“I’m excited about the move to Madison for a variety of reasons,” Smithson said. “One, there are no charter schools in Madison. That will give Madison-area parents greater choice in education there.”

Metro Christian Academy, a private Christian school operated by Metro Baptist Church, is set to move elsewhere.

Dewayne Coleman, business manager of Metro Baptist Church, could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Metro Christian Academy building had also drawn interest from the Salvation Army, whose Nashville headquarters flooded last May. The Salvation Army had an agreement to purchase the building, but some Madison neighbors had opposed it being used by the Salvation Army.

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By: SCAEagleParent on 5/3/11 at 2:35

YES! Finally a place to build a real football/soccer field with some lights. Take a look at all this open space behind this school!,+Davidson,+Tennessee&gl=us&ll=36.251766,-86.696334&spn=0.00879,0.021887&z=16

This is the perfect location to grow.

Thanks you Sister Smithson!

God Bless.

By: druid on 5/3/11 at 8:40

My property is next to the Metro Baptist facility and I want to clarify that the neighborhood was not "opposed it being used by the Salvation Army". This parcel of land is surrounded on all sides by residential properties; the neighborhood was (and is) opposed to the land being rezoned as Industrial, which the Salvation Army would have required for the use for which they intended.

We, at no time, opposed the good works of the Salvation Army. We simply feel that the required rezoning is inappropriate for and detrimental to the neighborhood. We will always fight for the integrity of our community and for our neighbors.

We certainly hope that the Salvation Army can find an appropriate place for the Adult Rehabilitation Center very soon. They provide a valuable service for Nashville and Davidson County and those they help recover.

By: treehugger7 on 5/4/11 at 6:26

I live in the area adjacent to the school. I would have preferred the Salvation Army to a school. Traffic is bad enough already on Neely's Bend--we don't need more. As I understand, there will not be bus service, so we will have heavier traffic than ever. Yes, the Army would have been zoned industrial, but only under an SP, not forever. I believe that the opposition was reflexively NIMBY, without considering the ramifications. Remember the NIMBYS when you are sitting in traffic!!