Solid waste reform group to protest state board meeting

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 12:00am
Staff Reports

Fed up with what they term “badly flawed” solid waste regulations, the NAACP’s Youth Council and Youth Works Committee, along with civic activist group BURNT, will stage a rally Tuesday morning before delivering letters of protest to the state’s Solid Waste Disposal Control Board.

Beginning at 7:30 a.m. outside the L&C Tower downtown, group representatives will broadcast their concerns that are summarized in letters of protests to be delivered at the board’s meeting inside the tower.

The letters spell out issues including:

• That state solid waste reform regulations now pending before the State Board are badly flawed — with too much emphasis placed on landfills and local reports;

• That Tennessee and Dickson County have engaged in deception and misrepresentation by regulating Dickson County landfill under a "Ground Water Protection Plan" and that through the plan allowed the county to avoid vital, required steps, such as a "groundwater and vertical ground water assessment."

• That the state has permitted and regulated TVA Coal Ash Land Fills so as to endanger life, environment and property.

• The environmental injustice and discrimination is rife in state solid waste departments where 46 out of 49 citizens on three appointed solid waste committees are white.

The letters will be sent to Gov. Phil Bredesen and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, as well as the board.

“Our concern is that …our state has run landfills to benefit landfill owners, not to protect the people. This must stop,” said Bruce Wood, president of BURNT.

BURNT’s mission since its founding in 1988 is to promote a toxic-free environment for Nashville and surrounding areas by promoting recycling, pesticide reform and citizen activism within the governmental process.