Stratford High faces TSSAA sanctions after melee at game

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 8:47pm
Staff Reports

The principal of Stratford High School faces a fine, and his school faces sanctions from the school district and the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association, after a TV news report showed that no security was on hand at a basketball game that ended with a melee involving players, parents, fans and officials.

At the end of Saturday's girls game between Stratford and Maplewood High, a disputed last-second basket that decided the outcome was argued by coaches and players who claimed the shot came after time had run out.

That argument eventually involved as many as 100 other people as a fight erupted, according to Ralph Thompson, security director for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

By the time police arrived at the gym, most of the combatants had left, according to witnesses.

School officials and the Metro Police Department are reviewing videotape of the event to determine if charges might be filed, Thompson said.

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4 Comments on this post:

By: ckh2011 on 2/18/10 at 7:51

The Stratford principal is Kim Finch. But if MNPS continues in its current practice, the principal will suffer no consequences. Remember the improper use of credit cards by administrators? No consequences . The money missing from McGavock High? No accountability . Until MNPS sanctions principals and other administrators who do not follow policy, we will not see much improvement in our schools. Teachers have lost confidence in many administrators who lead MNPS it appears to them that administrators can do no wrong in the eyes of MNPS Central Office..

On the other hand, a teacher can be accused of some impropriety and the educator is removed from the classroom for days or weeks, while an "investigation" is conducted by administrators who are often ill-equipped to conduct a fair and impartial investigation of the facts.

The community will watch with interest to see if anyone is fined or fired for this breech of school safety and security.

By: fishfry on 2/18/10 at 8:41

The community needs to watch and then DO something by pressuring public officials to take action. Schools should not be a place where there is NO discipline and NO consequences for bad behavior. much for "sports being a part of learning"!

By: momtocello on 2/18/10 at 1:06

Kim Finch is Principal, but Jimmy bradford is probably the one who was responsible for hiring security. He should know better. He has been at Stratford for close to 20 years if not more! And Maplewood - they should have known to have security against a school rival - no excuses. I am a former Stratford teacher and I know first hand the BS that goes on at that school - Administrators and PARENTS who DO NOT teach their children social responsibilities are to blame. The kids and reg. teachers are caught in the middle! Let's see some accountability on the administration's part!!

By: wasaw on 2/18/10 at 4:28

I retired from the MNPD four years ago. During my last fifteen years there, I worked at every high school in Nashville, providing security during athletic events. I was never called directly by a High School or Middle School principal. They are all way too busy. They all allocate responsibility to either their sport coaches or the school's athletic directors.

I understand that the school principal is ultimately responsible for the actions or lack of actions at their schools. Who is then responsible at the Board for the actions or lack of actions of the principals? It seems the buck stops there when the heat travels to the Board. And BTW, what is going on with the investigation of Micheal Trabue and the missing $40,000+ athletic funds that came up missing at McGavock H.S.? Bank robbers have stolen less money and ended in prison. Is Trabue still on paid administrative leave or did the Board let him retire oweing McGavock H.S. $40,000+?