Supporters of Boy Scouts ban on homosexuals rally along Hillsboro Pike

Friday, May 17, 2013 at 6:24pm

In support of the current Boy Scouts of America membership policy that prohibits the admission of homosexual members, a group of scoutmasters, scouts and supporters rallied at the scouts Middle Tennessee Council Headquarters on Hillsboro Pike Friday afternoon.

This group, joined by more than 40 other groups nationwide, is opposing a proposal that would allow the admission of openly homosexual participants into BSA. The BSA Nation Council is set to vote on the proposal in Grapevine, Texas, next Thursday.

Eric Johnson, scoutmaster of troop 150 in Mt. Juliet, was one of those protesting the proposed change in BSA membership standards.

“In my opinion, the proposal is schizophrenic because it provides for open sexuality of any type at the youth level, but continues to prohibit and limit sexuality other than heterosexual relationships within the bonds of marriage at the leader level,” Johnson said. “As a result, I think it presents a legally untenable position.”

Johnson said that should the proposal pass, the BSA would be affected on multiple fronts.

“As many of the individual units are sponsored by religious organizations that also share our position from a moral standpoint, they may cease to charter local units,” Johnson said. “As a result there could be a pretty sizeable exodus in membership of both youth and adults.”

He added that losing members would put extreme financial pressure on a lot of the facilities that the scouts use. It would put a lot of pressure on councils that aren’t endowment funded or have substantial corporate support.

This makes Johnson believe that the overall quality of the program would diminish greatly in terms of the opportunities that it is able to offer.

“Fundamentally, we are a private organization as the Supreme Court affirmed our right to set standards for membership,” Johnson said. “If people don’t want to operate under those standards that have worked well for scouting for over 103 years they are welcome to go join another organization or form another organization, but changing this is not something that we are in support of.”

Organizations like Scouts for Equality, a BSA alumni association that is dedicated to ending the ban on gay members and leaders, are organizing events to gain support before the vote takes place.

The leaders and members of Scouts for Equality believe that a blanket ban hurts youth by forcing gay scouts to remain silent about who they are. The organization, which claims on its website to have 1.8 million signatures opposing the current ban, also say the ban stigmatizes children of same sex couples, whose parents are prevented from being a part of their children’s involvement in scouts.



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By: pswindle on 5/18/13 at 8:17

Here we go again! Why, would you discriminate against these young boys or girls? The South had better wake up and see what you are doing to hurt individuals that are different. You may have a gay person in your own family.

By: Libertine on 5/18/13 at 11:49

Should the girl scouts be required to accept boys?

By: ancienthighway on 5/19/13 at 11:57

Why not? If there is no Boy Scout troop the boy can join, why should he be prohibited from joining a Girl Scout troop, and vice-versa? Already there are women Boy Scout leaders, yet no uproar about them in a "boys organization." There may very well be men Girl Scout leaders. I don't know.

These scouting organizations teach our youth how to be better people. Prohibiting any youth the opportunity to be a better person, despite differences from the Christian white heterosexual "norm", is a travesty.

Perhaps it's time to put the youth gender segregation aside, and come up with a youth organization that is made up of boys and girls. Just maybe boys and girls could grow up with somewhat of an understanding about the other gender and treat the gender with respect.

By: Libertine on 5/20/13 at 4:48

The is nothing preventing a Homosexual Scouts organization. They could have the snazziest uniforms of all the scouting organizations.

By: papercity999 on 5/20/13 at 9:27

Last year in the military, more men were raped by homosexuals than women by heterosexuals ( Keeping this on strictly natural level, there is no place for either in the military, boy scouts or any organization. Homosexuals are defined by their attraction and sexual action with the same sex. For the same reason you do not let boys in the girls scouts, you do not let someone who practices homosexuality in the boy scouts. Too much temptation. I would no more let my daughter participate in the girl scouts if boys were allowed in their troop, and the same would go for my son if homosexuals are allowed in the boys scouts. When I was in the scouts, I was “initiated” - you know, normal stuff - snipe hunting, animals in your tent, etc., but the chance that my son could be ganged up on or talked into sex by homosexuals for their pleasure - no thanks. Bad idea.

By: d4deli on 5/21/13 at 12:21

Sodom and Gomorrah.