Suspect arrested in TSU Watson Hall dorm shooting

Friday, February 24, 2012 at 5:51pm
Staff reports

Tony Lorenzo Johnson, 21, was charged with especially aggravated robbery in connection with last Sunday's hold-up and shooting inside Watson Hall at Tennessee State University.

According to a Metropolitan Nashville Police Department release, Johnson approached 18-year-old Kyree Brown in Watson Hall at 4 a.m. and demanded his belongings. A struggle ensued and Johnson shot Brown in the leg, then stole his laptop and a game system.

Brown was treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and later released.

Johnson was identified in a photo lineup. He was arrested last Sunday night by TSU police for trespassing and felony drug charges. His bond is set at $117,500.

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By: parnell3rd on 2/27/12 at 8:08

The "gun free school zone" sure stopped this crime from happening! Ops, criminals ignore the law! I hope and pray the victim makes a full recovery. The criminal will be let go to pursue his criminal carreer.

By: Jughead on 2/27/12 at 9:29

Whaddya expect? It's TSU.

Glad those restrictions placed on lawful gun owners are working.

By: twar76 on 2/27/12 at 12:59

Re...By: Jughead on 2/27/12 at 8:29
Whaddya expect? It's TSU.

Glad those restrictions placed on lawful gun owners are working.

I am so sick of hearing this. Crime doesn only happen on TSU campus. Here are some things recently that occured on MTSU. The difference, when this happens, its just bad students and doesnt affect the reputation of the school. Crime is happening on a lot of schools.

By: Jughead on 2/27/12 at 1:53

Twar76: I never said crime is isolated to TSU. But, that whole TSU area is damn scary and surrounded by crime, thugs, and drugs.

You can sugar-coat it any way a liberal wants, but everybody knows TSU is ghetto and not getting any better.

By: twar76 on 2/27/12 at 2:07

Jughead: Again, no matter where you try to isolate your self , you can run into "crime, thugs, and drugs," So you can just be scared and live in your world filled with Rainbows and unicorns and you won't ever have to run into "crime, thugs, and drugs".

By: Jughead on 2/27/12 at 2:19

wart76: Not scared, just well-armed. And, TSU remains a ghetto. Try again.