Suspected illegal immigrant charged in fatal Christmas crash

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at 10:05pm
Staff reports

Metro Police charged Ramon Nerl Olea, 22, with vehicular homicide by intoxication Tuesday in connection with a two-vehicle crash Christmas morning in the 200 block of Haywood Lane.

Olea was driving a Chrysler Seabring northbound on Haywood Lane when he lost control of the car and crashed into a southbound Mitsubishi Gallant driven by Moni Rai, 22, at 8:30 a.m., police said.

Rai’s backseat passenger, Tika Koirala, 46, who was critically injured in the crash, was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he died today, police said. Rai, of Nashville, and two other passengers in the Mitsubishi were taken to Southern Hills Medical Center where they were all treated and released.

Police said Olea, the sole occupant of the Chrysler, smelled of alcohol. A blood sample was obtained for alcohol and drug analysis by the TBI Crime Laboratory. He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was treated and released into the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, police said.

ICE placed a federal immigration hold on Olea who is suspected of illegally entering the United States.

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By: idgaf on 12/30/09 at 3:27

Another statistic of illegals killing citizens a the rate of 25 per day. (12 from homocides and 13 from auto accidents)

By: JeffF on 12/30/09 at 6:59

Well at least Olea wasn't forced to read government documents written in English. I sure would hate to have him feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. Someone tell me why Sheriff Hall catches so much grief for putting these poor men and women into the ICE system for simple traffic infractions again.

By: Lab on 12/30/09 at 10:07

Staff: Can you determine if the driver is one that actually had legal driving privileges in Tennessee, and has he had any previous DUI convictions. There are valid reasons for these questions. A return email would be appreciated.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/30/09 at 10:10|2633195|CJIS

Lab, it appears as though he does not have a driver's license.

By: govskeptic on 12/30/09 at 2:20

Of course he doesn't have a license, Insurance, and probably
owes some tote the note for the car! And be assured that the
governments that allow this to happen all the time will do nothing
to assist the victims family or anyone else with one dime of the
expenses that will now be incurred because of this. Shooting
the Pit Bull after it has killed a child does nothing to improve
the situation if everyone is allowed to have one. Come on
Tn---leaders in this state, city and nation have done nothing
to cure this problem but instead have only encouraged more
of the same!

By: slzy on 12/30/09 at 9:21

dean and bredeson just wring their hands,sit by,and do nothing.

By: wiseguy on 12/31/09 at 12:57

Lab, How can an illegal alien have legal driving priveledges? Isn't citizenship or some form of visitor status a prerequisite?

Check for voter registration while you are at it. If he has a DL, he can get a voter reg.

By: sidneyames on 1/1/10 at 10:25

Wise guy, that's only for us, legal U.S. citizens. Don't 'cha know that? We are the ones who get checked. NOt the illegals. They get away with fraud and murder. And yes, Check for everything. Even if they get free electricity, free food and anything free, they should be legal. Why do I want my money donated for illegals? I do not. I want them to go back home and get legal. We are a minority -- that is, those who want the legal right thing done.

By: Cookie47 on 1/1/10 at 12:40

According to idgaf 's statistic of illegals killing citizens a the rate of 25 per day (12 from homicides and 13 from auto accidents), 9,125 people are killed annually by illegals, 4,745 in auto accidents. With these calculations, I have to ask the question why would the terrorists be flying planes into buildings or trying to blow them up in mid-air?

I know it's a smartass question but a much simpler way to kill Americans would be to easily come across our southern border illegally, buy a cheap car, and start driving. Once you're caught and determined to be here illegally, our wonderful government would send you back across the border so you could then come back and do it again. There would be a little jail time but a lot less mess from not blowing themselves up. There would be one drawback - no 72 virgins. But, if you've ever been with a virgin, that might not be a drawback.

In my unfortunate travels through portions of Nashville that are predominantly Hispanic, I've seen that they don't even have to be drunk to drive badly so the terrorist would not have to violate that no alcohol rule of Islam. (Yes, I know that's an insulting assumption but most terrorist are Muslim and I don't care if I insult a bunch of terrorists) And before you say it, I have no choice but to drive through predominantly Hispanic areas of Nashville. I unfortunately work in one.

By: twalant on 1/1/10 at 2:10

I got hit almost head on by a drunk, illegal, Hispanic.

I remember driving to work on Ashland City Highway, The next thing I knew I was going backwards looking at the airbag in my steering wheel. When the car finally rolled to a stop I had to crawl out the driver side door window because the door was stuck and the glass from it was embedded in my arm and face.

I was working as armed security and had my pistol and gear on the passenger seat. I had to kick out the passenger side window too, the pistol had fallen on the floor. I had just picked up when I noticed there was a woman and a man asking me if I was OK and not to shoot the guy who hit me.

He had pulled off the side of the road a little way up the road and was trying to start his car. I called 911 and walked over to were he was parked, you could just smell the Alcohol. I told him to get out of his car and sit up on the embankment.

When the Montgomery County Sheriff pulled up. I told him I was armed and the guy who hit me was drunk on the embankment.

The whole point of the story is this.

Officer-"Do you have a License?"
Officer-"Do you have Insurance or a registration for your car?"
Officer-"Have you been drinking, don't lie I can smell it"
Drunk-" May 2-3 Cervesa's"

They arrested the guy. He was in jail a couple of days and disappeared when they let him out. My car was totaled, he knocked the rear Axel almost clean off. He hit the Drivers side mirror and dug in to my car from there. A couple of inches over and I would have died that night.

The insurance covered what I owed on the car. Basically my family and my life was turned upside down by an illegal moron. And there are people that will defend him over me so they can keep their slave labor and fraudulent voters.