Swine flu review: CDC confirms one of three Tennessee cases

Friday, May 1, 2009 at 1:11am
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One Tennessee case confirmed, but which one?

While no new reports of the H1N1 virus have surfaced this weekend, the Centers for Disease Control reported that one of the three Tennessee cases is confirmed, but the CDC doesn't say which.

Davidson, Williamson and Shelby counties reported a case each. Locally, several schools have closed, including Harding Academy, Montgomery Bell Academy, and St. Vincent de Paul, and some events planned at those institutions have been cancelled.

CDC hasn't confirmed Tennessee cases

Of the three probable cases of swine flu - one each in Davidson, Williamson and Shelby counties - none have been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control, according to the state Department of Health.

As of Friday, 70 specimens had been tested at the state lab with only three determined to likely be swine flu.


Better Business Bureau warns of swine flu scams

Relying on reports from online security experts, Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the lookout for fraudulent e-mails and Web sites trying to take advantage of the current swine flu outbreak.

“Scammers read newspapers, watch TV and surf the Internet and they know that by using a hook from the day’s top headlines, that they’ll be able to catch lots of fish,” said Steve Cox, BBB spokesperson. “Right now, issues associated with swine flu and a potential pandemic are of global interest and that means scammers have a very large pond to go phishing in.”

Click here for the full report.


St. Vincent de Paul cancels classes

Although there has been no confirmation of swine flu, several people at St. Vincent de Paul have exhibited flu-like symptoms and the school has decided to cancel classes the week of May 4-8, according to a statement from the Diocese of Nashville.

Those exhibiting the symptoms were encouraged to contact their healthcare provider or the health department, and the school is awaiting notification of the results of medical tests.

Arrangements have been made to thoroughly clean the building, the release said.

The pre-K through 4 school in north Nashville, is scheduled to resume classes on Monday, May 11.

Click here for other precautions the Diocese of Nashville is taking to prevent a swine flu outbreak.



MBA closes for one week
Montgomery Bell Academy is the second private school in the Nashville area to cancel all classes and school activities after a student became ill with a probable case of swine flu.

Harding student is first case in Tennessee
Harding Academy student is first confirmed case of swine flu in Tennessee. Gov. Phil Bredesen says the student is receiving treatment for symptoms at home, is recovering from the illness and has a good prognosis.

Letter writer links outbreak with meat-eating
Would vegetarian diets help prevent outbreaks like swine flu? A reader suggests it might. Check it out here.

Swine flu prompts CVS, Walgreen to ramp up
The two largest U.S. drug-store chains prepare for a possible rush on hygiene products and pharmaceuticals as swine flu spreads through North America.

Swine flu has Metro Health Department ‘on alert'
The director of the Metro Health Department said Monday the expectation is there will be cases of the swine flu in Nashville and he urged the public to take precautions to prevent contracting the virus. 



Metro Department of Health

Tennessee Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control

Key Facts from the CDC

Check here for CDC's most up-to-date list of human swine flu cases in the United States

World Health Organization

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By: eastnashville37207 on 5/4/09 at 3:14

No concrete proof of any "Swine Flu" in TN. Stop trying to scare the public.