Teddy Bart walks on prostitution charge

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 9:34pm
Staff reports

Charges against broadcaster Teddy Bart stemming from his alleged involvement in a prostitution sting earlier this year were dismissed last month.

According to the Criminal Court Clerk's Web site, the case against the 73-year-old television host was dismissed June 9 with Bart paying only court costs.

Bart, along with eight others, was charged in three Internet-related stings held in late February and early March.

The nine men allegedly came to area hotels in response to an Internet advertisement featuring a female police operative. They were issued misdemeanor citations after allegedly agreeing to pay the operative for sexual activity."

Bart is a longtime staple on Nashville television, hosting the popular The Noon Show on WSMV-Channel 4. He co-hosted Teddy Bart's Roundtable, a radio talk show that focused on politics.

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By: girliegirl on 7/1/09 at 8:35

So much for being a "fair and balanced" court system. If you want to stop drug traffic and crime, you start with the "consumption" end.... and the same goes for illegal (yep, it's still illegal) prostitution. The fact that he was a dirty OLD man should have nothing to do with his case, nor should his supposed celebrity status.

By: Magnum on 7/1/09 at 11:13

So what happened to the other eight? Were their cases dismissed as well? Did I miss that in the text? This would seem an important point.

If they were all dismissed, good. While I understand how this type of operation avoids the labeling "entrapment", I still don't agree with it.

Setting bait and waiting on an offender does not help law enforcement bust prostitution rings in Nashville because they don't have anyone to interrogate. These guys were on the Internet so its not like they have any connections to a larger organization of criminals. This fact leaves me to believe that these operations are a waste of time and used merely as a way to generate revenue and pump up the, "see we are working" statistics. By busting ole' Teddy, they are no closer to stemming prostitution related crimes. They just merely managed to drag an old, man's name through the mud.

By: TharonChandler on 7/1/09 at 11:48

Though 'prostitution' among the elite is the worst problem in Government I don't deem it good ethics to humiliate Teddy Bart. While certainly I believe that it is Old 'Jons' on Viagra that cause problems in Government I don't see how a 73 yr old retired show host is 'making an example' out of the 'bad guys'. They need to bust a few more state senators, in TN.

By: MJB on 7/1/09 at 7:08

Don't the police have anything better to do than set up internet prostitute stings? Yes, prostitution is still illegal if done over the internet, but that kind of activity comes really close to being a victimless crime. If you want to keep prostitution illegal, then it must be for two reasons: (1) It attracts unsavory behavior to neighborhoods. (2) Women walking the streets are doing it for money for illegal drugs, thus bringing more unsavory activity to neighborhoods. Prostitution arranged on the internet has no connection to the first reason & possibly none to the second. Except for money changing hands, it is no different than any other arranged tryst.

By: MJB on 7/1/09 at 7:08

Girlie, considering your life, I wouldn't be down on prostitution if I were you.

By: idgaf on 7/2/09 at 6:52

By: Magnum on 7/1/09 at 12:13
So what happened to the other eight? Were their cases dismissed as well? Did I miss that in the text? This would seem an important point.

I think they probabley got what they went to the hotel for but didn't enjoy it.

The judicial system in this city/state is corrupt.

By: frodo on 7/2/09 at 7:02

Someone, again, did not research the story well. It is my understanding that first offenders must attend an all day class to learn about the dangers, health hazards and other unpleasantries of patronizing prostitution. It may not be the firing squad followed by public hanging that some prefer. But it is more than a judge just waving his or her hand and letting the perps walk, as this story infers.

By: girliegirl on 7/2/09 at 7:17

MJB, what's with the personal attack? You have no clue as to my life, my religious background or any other aspect of my life. I made an decision on the information given, and applied it to research that currently exists regarding "Human Trafficking" and it all points back to prostitution. Gee, ever see the movie, "Taken" and others of that genre? I'm a mom and it's priority one to keep my children safe. Have a blessed day.

By: Anna3 on 7/2/09 at 11:11

Teddy "Old" Fart needs to get a life...he's an embarrassment to himself, and his poor wife, whom I hope is soon to be his EX-Wife. What a shame that he never learned to "Think" with the head on his shoulders. Teddy Fart has no credibility with me anymore ....NONE AT ALL. Sorry "Old Fart"...its the price one pays for stupidity. As the cliche' goes ....theres no fool like and old LIBERAL FOOL."

By: max123 on 3/23/10 at 11:48

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