Teen gunned down in East Nashville not known gang member, police say

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:21pm

A 14-year-old boy died after being shot early Wednesday morning in the James A. Cayce Homes public housing development in East Nashville. 

Police said Ronquez Bigsby was shot around 1:50 a.m. on the 700 block of South Eighth Street. Bigsby died after being transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Police are seeking certain teen individuals for questioning. At this point in the investigation, police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said nothing indicates the shooting was gang-related but that hasn’t been completely ruled out.

Mumford said Bigsby’s name doesn’t appear on a list of known gang members. 

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By: wayitis on 8/11/10 at 10:58

What is a 14 year old doing out at 1.51 am? trouble was waiting.

By: TakePrideInNash on 8/11/10 at 11:37

That was the first thing that crossed my mind, too.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/11/10 at 12:14

wow, and there isn't even a mosque in that side of town. huh.

By: JohnGalt on 8/11/10 at 1:04

Isn't there some sort of curfew law?

And nazi, your comment is offensive.

By: bwallace on 8/12/10 at 6:31

B. Wallace
you know some people are quick to judge, this lady just lost her child who gives a damn why he left the house at the time of the night, we have done some things as a child that we should have not done but was lucky that nothing happened to us. This lady/man has to bury a child at 14 years old so to the people that are all ways making stupid comments shut your darn mouths before you make stupid ass comments.

By: kawanza2003 on 8/12/10 at 7:09

We the people are quick to judge. Every black and mexican are alway gang related. Give us a break

By: marcocool on 8/12/10 at 8:34


It was in East Nashville and in a public housing facility, of course people are gonna think it's gang related.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/12/10 at 3:19

bwallace, you are correct. my apologies.

By: bwallace on 8/13/10 at 1:59

B. Wallace
Apology accpeted Blanketnazi2, I losted a loved one as well to the same kind of hatefully crime and went through the same hatefuly things that were said, so please,, please think people before you blog your thoughts on things if you don't know the whole story, because none of us are perfect nad never will be. once again apology accepted Blanketnazi2.

By: stephab615 on 8/14/10 at 8:11

I knew this child personally. He rode my bus to and from school for two yrs. now to Marshall Middle school. He was an average teenage boy. He was very active in sports at school. I believe he played football,basketball,and ran track. He was a good boy with a wonderful personality. I believe he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He is missed by me,his formal classmates,teammates and staff at Marshall Middle school.