Teenager free following second arrest for alleged indecent exposure

Friday, June 14, 2013 at 5:05pm
061313 Aquiles Rojas mug.jpg
Aquiles Rojas

Metro police arrested Aquiles Rojas, 19, on Thursday on a charge of indecent exposure after a woman claimed he exposed himself near the Edwin Warner Park Nature Center on May 31.

According to the report, when the victim spotted Rojas, he ran and got into a white four-door Acura. She recorded the license plate number, which led police to develop Rojas as the suspect. She was then able to pick him out of a photo line up.

At the time of the May 31 incident, Rojas was free on bond following his April 9 arrest on charges of sexual battery, indecent exposure, and possession of Xanax and marijuana.

In that incident, a 44-year-old woman reported that a man identified as Rojas drove up to her asking for directions, grabbed her breast and drove away. Another woman also told police that Rojas drove up to her asking for directions and saw that he was not wearing pants.

Rojas’ is free again after posting a $5,000 bond for Thursday’s arrest. He has court dates scheduled for June 26 in regard to the April arrest and July 1 on the latest case.

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By: yucchhii on 6/17/13 at 1:38

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By: SirKnight on 6/17/13 at 2:06

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By: Jughead on 6/17/13 at 2:56

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