Two more African elephants headed to Nashville

Monday, August 23, 2010 at 5:19pm
Staff reports

Two female African elephants are getting ready to pack their trunks for a move to the Nashville Zoo.

The Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Miss. announced Monday its decision send Juno (age 31) and Rosie (age 39) to join Nashville’s two female African elephants, Sukari (age 26) and Hadari (age 28).

Jackson officials said they made the difficult decision to discontinue their elephant program until funds become available to create a new habitat for this species.

The addition will double the number of elephant’s in the zoo’s 5-year-old African Elephant Savannah.

“We are proud to hear that Jackson Zoo considers Nashville an ideal new home for their elephants,” Nashville Zoo President Rick Schwartz said. “Our elephant care team is excited about the additions to our family and we hope to have Juno and Rosie with us by the end of this year.”

Nashville Zoo’s African Elephant Savannah is a three-acre habitat complete with a 150,000 gallon wading pool, mud hole, tall trees for shade and plenty of grass. The zoo’s elephant barn is climate controlled and offers individual stalls for each of the four elephants.

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By: bart37064 on 8/24/10 at 6:28

Does our zoo sell the manure from these animals? I understand that zoo-doo is high in N and other micronutrients? Info?

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