Two teens charged in fatal shooting

Monday, March 1, 2010 at 4:31pm
Staff reports
Terry Reed, Dezzmond Harris

A second teen is behind bars in connection to the Thursday night fatal shooting of a 60-year-old man in the James Cayce Homes, police said.

Police say Athel Hayes was driving out the public housing development in the 700 block of South Sixth Street when the teens allegedly approached his car and fatally shot him.

Dezzmond Harris, 17, of South Fifth Street, implicated himself when questioned by detectives, police said. He is being held in juvenile detention with co-defendant Terry Reed, 16, who was arrested Friday.

Reed allegedly confessed during interviews with detectives, police said. Although Reed and Hayes lived near each other, police said there is no indication of prior hostility between the two.

Detectives believe attempted robbery may have been the motive for the shooting.

Both teens face charges of criminal homicide.

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By: Cookie47 on 3/1/10 at 4:10

Will the DA's office be seeking the death penalty as they should? It's time to cull the herd of some of these morons.


By: markmong0812@be... on 3/1/10 at 4:38


By: fishfry on 3/2/10 at 9:45

When are we going to show young men in Nashville that KILLING people is not going to get you a free ticket to anything but the here after! We need the death penalty so that others will see that we are still a nation of laws and there is a high price to pay when you take a life! It's called "you forfeit your life". Perhaps this would save other young men from acting the same way...Animals get more respect in Nashville, than humans!

By: BEOWULF on 3/2/10 at 9:47

BEOWULF: You've got it, Cookie47. However, like so many cases the DA's and courts may see these two as "troubled young men" ...
A few years of watching TV, e-mails, dropping the soap, etc. and they'll be back amongst us, picking up where they left off. It's time we got some DA's and courts with TEETH!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/2/10 at 1:59

we need to start with updating the sentencing guidelines that restrict the judges and makes them only serve a small percentage of their sentences.

By: moopad on 3/3/10 at 8:52

Athel was a good guy hate to see him go especially to some low life kids. I am willing to guess these kids will be back on the streets within a year only to continue their murdering ways. If someone confess to murder there is no doubt they did it! So why seek anything but the death penalty? You take a life (intentially) you shoudl loose your life.
Thoughts and prayers to Athel's family and friends