Undercover cop shoots three robbery suspects in Brentwood

Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 1:25pm
Staff reports

Three would-be robbers allegedly pulled guns on the wrong men early this morning inside the Hyatt Place Hotel in Brentwood. Of the men – undercover officer Justin Fox who was working another case – pulled a gun and opened fire on the suspects.

Police said the suspects had forced the hotel clerk to give them cash at gunpoint when Officer Fox and an undercover officer from another agency, entered the hotel lobby at 2:30 a.m.

The suspects allegedly ordered Fox and another undercover officer from another agency to the floor at gunpoint, striking and kicking both men while threatening to kill them, police said.

Before Fox went completely to the ground he pulled out his department issued handgun, turned around, and fired on all three suspects in defense of himself and the other officer who did not fire a weapon, police said.

The three suspects, identified as Deaunte Carter, 23, Rory Gilmer, 22, and Antonio Leggs, 20, fled in a maroon minivan. Officers stopped the vehicle in Interstate 65 North near Wedgewood Avenue.

All three suspects were transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where Carter and Gilmer are in critical condition. Leggs is in stable condition.

Police said the three are suspects in an earlier robbery in the parking lot of Homewood Suites on Church Streeet. Two purses and a wallet allegedly stolen from those victims were recovered from the suspects’ vehicle.

All three suspects, who face multiple attempted aggravated robbery charges, have criminal histories.

Carter, of Bell Road, was convicted of facilitation of aggravated robbery in 2008. He was sentenced to eight years. Leggs, of Clifton Avenue, has two previous theft convictions. Gilmer, of Bellshire Terrace Court, has been arrested eleven times, mostly for driving offenses and for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Officer Fox, 35, a 12-year police veteran, is on routine administrative assignment.

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By: idgaf on 3/25/10 at 1:44

Who was the "other agency"?

By: DDG on 3/25/10 at 2:30

Who cares? Three more idiots off he streets. Shoot the rest please.

By: concernedtaxpayer on 3/25/10 at 3:23

I love hearing stories like this. Maybe crime would go down if police cars were parked in parking lots such as gas stations, restaurants, banks, and malls while the cops are off duty. And why not allow cops to carry their guns at all times when they are off duty in the county they work in for instances such as this. If criminals have to guess if a customer inside of a location is a cop they might would reconsider robbing the place.

By: Gettinslower on 3/25/10 at 6:55

Great work Officer Justin Fox. Very brave!

By: DDG on 3/26/10 at 7:44

Cops do carry guns when they are off duty. As far as parking patrol cars when not in use, that won't happen. Too much additional work. Police are too busy hiding out and waiting on a call instead of actually patrolling!

By: slzy on 3/26/10 at 9:11

seems like this paper favored the cops,unlike the other paper.

By: Dragon on 3/26/10 at 11:12

I hope that Officer Fox is certain that his actions were both necessary and heroic. Bravo, sir.

By: badass76ta on 3/26/10 at 11:25

actually they do park empty cop cars around town. Drive through hendersonville

By: SirKnight on 3/26/10 at 12:22

Well done, Officer Fox. Thank you for defending and protecting innocent people from potentially being murdered and other robbed or beaten by these thugs!

If he was threatened and kicked/beaten, I'd say he was very justified in pulling his gun and shooting all three of them. If he only shot one or two of these men, it would have left the non-wounded men more physically capable of hurting or killing him (or others).

I'm proud of all police officers who are willing to put their own lives on the line to protect and serve the people.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 3/26/10 at 3:10

well stated, SirKnight. I concur.

By: idgaf on 3/27/10 at 12:33

So Chief when is he going to get his det shield?