University of Tennessee fires student judicial affairs director

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 12:17am

Tennessee has fired Jenny Wright, the director of the school's office of student judicial affairs, for failing to cooperate with a university investigation into whether she had inappropriate relationships with student-athletes.

The dismissal was first reported by Knoxville radio station WNML.

Wright submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday, according to emails provided through a public records request. Matthew Scoggins, an assistant general counsel for the university, wrote that the school wouldn't accept her resignation because it wanted her to cooperate with the investigation and respond to the allegations against her.

When Wright opted against appearing at a meeting Monday with provost and senior vice chancellor Susan Martin to address the issue, she was fired. Tennessee sent Wright a letter Monday stating that she was being terminated "for unsatisfactory work-related behavior" and for her "failure to comply with the directives of authorized university officials to cooperate with a university investigation."

"She'd submitted a letter of resignation prior to that, and then the university terminated her," said Robert Kurtz, the lawyer representing Wright.

Kurtz declined to provide any other details on Wright's dismissal.


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By: BigPapa on 5/14/13 at 6:01

I dont blame him at all. She's a cutie.

By: PKVol on 5/14/13 at 8:52

BigPapa, based on the picture and the allegations, it looks like a lot of guys were having a piece of pi for dessert!

By: harviele on 5/14/13 at 10:38

harviele, It doesn't say the affairs were with male athletes. She was in charge of affairs. I guess she took her job seriously.

By: Badbob on 5/15/13 at 5:07

If it had been a white male professor and a co-ed, there would not be a problem.

However, if she bought an athlete dinner, or for Heavens's sake, took an athlete to Gatlingburg for the weekend and paid for it, then the NCAA would be so upset. The NCAA condemns student athletes to a lower standard than other students.

By: BigPapa on 5/15/13 at 7:32

I think the issue is that he had numerous academic issues and she covered them up because he was her piece on the side.

By: C.A.Jones on 5/15/13 at 8:59

But he made her feel pretty!!!

Stupid whore.....

By: whitegravy on 5/16/13 at 4:02

A young pretty single staff girl around all that jock testoscerone.....what did the adminstration think was gonna happen..........but it was doomed for at least 2 reasons.....staff cant bang students (POLICY) ....and jocks love to rate the girls and compare intimacies so to speak therefore there discretion was compromised......but hell she wasnt fudging nobodies grades so they should have just pulled her to the side and told her to tone her escapades down and just bang 1 or 2 guys....not the whole