Vandals hit TSU with graffiti days before Centennial Celebration

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 5:14pm
0411 TSU Graffiti horizontal.jpg

Vandals painted graffiti, such as that seen above, at several spots on the TSU campus.  

Three days before Tennessee State University’s Centennial Celebration, workers spent the day cleaning up graffiti after vandals struck the campus overnight.

At least four buildings, including the Walter S. Davis Humanities Buildings and the Howard C. Gentry Complex, were spray painted with orange graffiti.

According to TSU spokesman Richard DelaHaya, the TSU Police Department is investigating the incident, but they don’t have any suspects. They also haven’t determined whether the graffiti was gang-related or if students were responsible.

Staff and students worked throughout the day to clean up the graffiti.

TSU’s Centennial Celebration will begin on Saturday with the spring football game and continue for a week. The school is celebrating its 100th year.

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By: NewYorker1 on 4/12/12 at 8:24

TSU needs to close it's doors. The students are a bunch of hood rats and the neighbor is horrible. Who would send their child there? I hear nothing but horrible things about that school. SHUT IT DOWN.

By: elrob on 4/12/12 at 9:40

I would send my child there. I have a degree from there. You need to broaden your sources of information regarding TSU. There are far more success stories than criminal stories; however, journlism =sensationalism. I advise you to reserve judgement before making a conclusion.