Vandals tag subdivision with racially charged graffiti

Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 4:38pm
Staff reports

Franklin Police are investigating racially charged graffiti that was discovered Wednesday in the Fieldstone Farms Subdivision.

Someone painted a vulgar picture and words on the garage door of a Stanton Hall Lane home, police said.

Similar graffiti that included references to "KKK" and "White Power" spray painted on a nearby portable bathroom, dump truck and two pedestrian underpasses that connect both sides of the Fieldstone Farms Subdivision.

Franklin Police Chief Jackie Moore issued a plea Wednesday to help find the culprits.

"Someone tonight knows who did this," Franklin Police Chief Jackie Moore said Wednesday. "This was an ignorant act that is offensive to our community, and I am hopeful that someone will come forward with information that leads us to the suspect."

Police say two 14-year-olds who live in the subdivision have been tagged as suspects. Vandalism charges are pending.

Frankling Police Sgt. Scott Legieza said the parents of the two teens have been "very cooperative."

"They were extremely disappointed in the acts of their children and the closure of this case was as important to them as it was to us," he said in a statement.


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