A vote for preservation without the funds to help

Friday, April 6, 2001 at 1:00am

The Metro Council stepped up to the plate for preservation Tuesday night by approving a historic landmark overlay for two West Nashville school buildings.

The Eakin and Cavert school buildings, which both serve the needs of Eakin Elementary School, now have a measure of protection in the event the school board decides it needs to tear down one or both of the buildings to make way for a new school facility. The vote simply says any decision to raze the buildings will have to clear the Metro Historic Commission first.

A figure of $2 million has been tossed around as the additional amount needed to restore and continue using the existing buildings, versus razing them and building a new school. Councilman Don Majors, one of three council members who voted against the overlay, said preserving the buildings would unfairly take money from other school system projects. He has a good point.

The 30 council members who voted in favor of the historic landmark overlay cast their votes on behalf of the citizens of Nashville. Their

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