Waltrip lobbies to keep racing at fairgrounds

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 7:07pm

Making his first appearance before the five-member Metro Fair Board in years, racing icon Darrell Waltrip urged board members and city officials Tuesday to keep the racetrack operating in 2010.

With fellow NASCAR driver Sterling Marlin to his side, Waltrip said there are racing groups interested in leasing the track from the board for potentially one last racing season, which typically runs from March through October.

“There’s a number of groups,” Waltrip told The City Paper after the meeting. “There’s a group called ASA, the American Speed Association, that has a traveling series that is very interested in doing something here.

“I am interested in keeping the facility open, but I’m also interested in some sort of working relationship with the Fair Board to where they’re a partner,” he said.

Current track operator Danny Denson’s lease with the Fair Board expires Dec. 31. Denson still owes the board a sizable sum of money, perhaps as much as $40,000, which he said he shouldn’t have to pay because of the uncontrollable negative fairgrounds news he contends hurt attendance figures. As of Tuesday, no racing outfit is slated to operate the track after this year.

Waltrip, a three-time Winston Cup NASCAR champion who resides in neighboring Williamson County, said the track might be best suited for six to eight yearly “big events” instead of weekly races.

“Big events really make a lot of money because you draw competitors from all over the country,” he said. “You have time to promote it and really do a lot in the community.”

Waltrip’s plea came after the board voted to follow contractual obligations by giving proper notification to North American Midway Entertainment, a company the board hires to produce rides, games and concessions, about plans to cease operations of the Tennessee State Fair next year.

The board is scheduled to operate the 117-acre fairgrounds property until the end of June, but at that point Metro would assume authority. In a letter written two weeks ago, Mayor Karl Dean expressed his desire to continue scheduled events — which don’t include racing or the state fair — on the property through the end of 2010.

“The fair board is willing to consider a request from anyone for operation of the track between January and June or July of 2010, when we still have operational control of the facility,” Fair Board chairman James Weaver said, adding the board doesn’t currently have a proposal on the table.

“We want the facility fully utilized certainly in the first half of 2010,” Weaver said. “So if we get a proposal that’s reasonable, I’m sure we’ll give it favorable consideration.”

But the traditional racing season tends to run through October, leaving four months in which leasing would be outside control of the board and presumably in the hands of Metro.

In a written statement, Mayor’s Office spokeswoman Janel Lacy said, “The neighbors around the fairgrounds have made it clear they don’t want to see racing continue on that site.

“The track has lost money and suffered from extremely low attendance for years,” she added. “The current operator hasn’t been able to pay rent since June. The contract expires in December of this year, and the mayor doesn’t support keeping the racetrack open in 2010.”

The board’s vote to notify Midway is yet another indication that the fair has seen its last days at Wedgewood Avenue and Nolensville Pike.

“As we’ve said many, many times, it’s fiscally irresponsible for us to simply operate this facility until we’re totally broke, and then go to the Council and say, ‘We’re out of money,’” Weaver said.

Buck Dozier, executive director of the Tennessee State Fair, said he has met with two entrepreneurs who have approached him about potentially operating the fair next year.

One of the groups would like to lease the property during the 10-day event before taking over the fair as a nonprofit, a proposal Dozier called “problematic.” He said he hasn’t heard from the other individual in a couple of months.

“There are some people out there very interested in keeping it alive,” Dozier said.

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By: TITAN1 on 12/1/09 at 8:24

When DW speaks you would be wise to listen.

By: ratherberacing on 12/1/09 at 10:01

The neighbors around the race track - SNAP - are intelligent enough to have clearly understood; If you buy a house next to a train track, there will be trains, an airport there are planes, and a race track... - you get the picture.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 8:47

yep, rather. just let the delapidated place remain as is. you know, things change with time. get over it. go to Wilson County and watch your races.

By: bfra on 12/2/09 at 9:05

The races, racetrack nor the fair made the surrounding areas delapidated, the people that lived there did! The Fairgrounds is the Fairgrounds, is the Fairgrounds and has been there way longer than any of it's neighbors. It is a BIG part of Nashville history, leave it as such and find something else to gripe about!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 9:26

bfra, times change. that's life. it's no longer viable for the Fairgrounds to be there. get over it.

By: bfra on 12/2/09 at 10:02

Says you? How long have you lived there? Was the Fairgrounds there before you? Did the races start after you moved there? Why don't you move next to the airport and complain because planes take off & land there? Maybe near Radnor yards and complain about trains?

By: BigPapa on 12/2/09 at 10:10

" It is a BIG part of Nashville history,"
Really?? Name ONE thing historic that happened there-one!

it's not historic, it's old, delapidated and ugly. there's a race track in gladeville desperate for events, seems like an easy match.

By: bfra on 12/2/09 at 10:31

BigPapa - It's probably older than you! Aren't you historic? Gladeville is not in Nashville! Many GREAT race car drivers have raced there. What is NOT historical about the fairgrounds?

By: GUARDIAN on 12/2/09 at 10:39

SURE TURN IT OVER TO METRO. Government knows how to run everything. Look at the great job they do. NOW that I have got the lies over with let's tell the truth. the fairgrounds with race track are part of the history and heritage of Nashville.The people that bought property around it knew that when they moved there. Would you tear down the Ryman? Hell no it's part of what makes Nashville the Music City. Music city without the fair not the same. The fairgrounds without the race track not the same. The state fair will wok it's way out of the slump it's been in with the right people in charge. Little common sense have been used in the last several years and the race track is no different. Someone like DW working with a good fair board could make it the success it once was. I do think there's room for a weekly event but once again common would have to be used. I've worked in auto racing for over 40 years and have owned and ran race tracks so I know. ASA would be a good choice as a part/full time partner. Please don't let big government and political correctness kill any more of what was once great city. Give DW and his friends a chance to return greatness to the Nashville Fairgrounds. The people of Music City won't be sorry.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 10:46

comparing the race track to the Ryman is truly a stretch, Guardian. bfra, it doesn't matter who was there first. that's a silly argument.

By: BigPapa on 12/2/09 at 10:56

It's probably older than you! Aren't you historic? Gladeville is not in Nashville! Many GREAT race car drivers have raced there. What is NOT historical about the fairgrounds?

If that's your best argument for keeping this thing, you need to go ahead and look for another racing venue. That's probably the worst defense/argument for keeping this thing I've ever heard. It's older than me? WTF??
There's old and there's historic. The race track is old. Just because someone used to race there is a terrible terrible argument.
Dude look- they just tore down Yankee stadium, if there EVER were an historic sports arena it's that venue. So your little stretch of asphalt is as good as gone.

By: bfra on 12/2/09 at 11:35

BigPapa & nazi - Any argument FOR the Fairgrounds trumps any either of you have offered for doing away with it! What does Yankee stadium have to do with the fairgrounds? Are you two yankees?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 12:27

bfra, it's going away. face the music and quit whining.

By: BigPapa on 12/2/09 at 12:30

Ok you are apprently a bit on the slow side.
Yankee stadium, it was a sports venue that was very old, and held very dear to many baseball fans. It saw the birth of modern sports and a long list of baseball HOFers. However, time passed it by and a new stadium was built.
The nashville speedway is a sports venue, it's old, it saw a few notable drivers run around it's track. It's time is over as well.

I doubt you can follow even that simple comparison, but try to keep up OK?

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 12:43

With all do respect, Darryl Waltrip does not live in Nashville/Davidson County nor does he own a business in Nashville/Davidson County. Darryl Waltrip does however own a home and a business in Williamson County. This is the point of our argument! Nashville is continuing to subsidize its land for people that don’t even live here. Darryl Waltrip is probably a millionaire several times over but yet I’m not aware of him making any financial contributions to improve the fairgrounds property or the racetrack. If it meant so much to Darryl Waltrip, he has had three (3) years to do something to save the property. However, Darryl Waltrip wants the tax payers of Nashville to continue to support an entity that continues to loose money. It was really sad yesterday at the fair board meeting when the announcement was made that the racetrack lessee Mr. Danny Denson owes the fair board over $40,000 in back rent, additionally it was even more socking to see two millionaires Darryl Waltrip and Sterling Marlin not even offer to pay the back rent for Mr. Danny Denson. Finally, if Darryl Waltrip wants a racetrack he should consider putting one where he invests his money and spends majority of his time and that is Williamson County.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 12:59

117, they didn't even offer to pay the back rent? that speaks volumes.

By: TITAN1 on 12/2/09 at 1:49

I think those who think the track is gone will be very surprised. I hope DW has something to do with the track because he could make it work. 117_acres, you might want to call him DW, since you can't spell his name.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 2:29

To those who argue that it needs to go away please inform us as to what should go there and why, Who is going to pay for it, How will it better the city and the neighborhood, how much you think it's going to cost, and how you personally are going to be effected either way ?

If you can't do that, and do it intelligently then you have proven yourselves to be as worthless and many of us already know your arguments to be.

The argument over the place costing taxpayers is proven to be false, Don't ever use it again if you want to seem credible and not a fool spreading lies.

The Fairboard financials show proof the 6 million plus in reserves was fully funded by the RACETRACK, They also show the racetrack has NOT been the one to dwindle those reserves.

The city leaders and Fair Board are solely responsible for the loss of millions upon millions of dollars over the last 20 plus years. They are also fully responsible for the lack of upkeep allowing the place to fall into disrepair and as many put it an eyesore
Turn your hatred of the racers over to who is truly at fault and wake up, These are the very same people who you are entrusting it's future to benefit you ?

Sterling and many other racers gave Danny Denson enough money to pay the rent over the course of the year and believed he was doing so. It is not his nor the racers fault the money didn't go towards what it was intended. Do you have any control over what the owner of a business does with the money you spend with them ?
That argument is also foolish......and why didn't Buck Dozier and the Fair Board say something the very first DAY a payment was missed ?

Anyone who would choose the name Nazi anything has no crediblility other than being full of hatred without basis or an ass....Your posts on the subject confirm it. That speaks volumes about you.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 2:39

racer84, your lack of having a good alternative is worthless. apparently my tongue in cheek screenname flew over your head (no surprise there).

By: BigPapa on 12/2/09 at 2:40

Sell it to the highest bidder, and if that's racer84 and DW and they want to keep the track there- go for it.
That'd be my preference.
That being said, I can not think of a worse place for a race track than the middle of town.
My main argument against the track is with those that try to say it's historic; IF it's a viable business AND a private company wants to run it, well I don't have issue.

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 2:56

@bigpoppa -as to the historic nature of the fairgrounds-- that is the last, and largest tract left of the original settlement of nashville-- it was originally a land grant to a revolutionary war vet named John Rains, who was with Robertson when he first crossed the cumberland to found what became nashville-- Rains had a blockhouse near what is now the fairgrounds entrance for the defense of the nashboro settlement. also, the first night flight in aviation history was recorded on June 22, 1910 when Charles K. Hamilton flew his Curtis flyer from the straightaway of the racetrack. The first horse to break the 2-minute mile, John K. Gentry, was stabled at the fairgrounds stables, and is buried in the infield of the racetrack. There is more, but find one other piece of land in Davidson County with just that much history.
@117_acres... you sure like to get your facts wrong! ... Denson does not owe "over $40,000"... his total contract was for $40k, and he has made some payments on it, although there is some discussion about how many, whether it's 5, 6, or what... however, to get the contract, Denson had to post a bond for the full $40k with the fair board, so whether he made *any* payments, or never makes another one, the fair board will still get the full value of the contract from the bond. this is also why DW does not need to assist Denson with the rent-- it's paid one way or another by Denson. This is also why the racetrack has never lost money as far as the fairboard is concerned-- it's always required a surety bond to be posted by the promoters.
Also you seem to have some problem with folks from out of the county coming here to spend their money... that's one of the basics of economics, to get folks from outside the area to come here and spend, so that we're not just passing the same money around the community... it's actually good for the economy... so if DW wants to spend his money here instead of Williamson County, invite him with open arms-- Davidson County needs his dollars more than they do!!
Also nashville does NOT subsidize the fairgrounds-- metro has never paid a dime into the fairgrounds operation, so there is no subsidy... it operates as it has for over 100 years, from it's own earnings. metro tax payers do not, and never have, subsidized the racetrack or any other part of the fairgrounds, or any event there. in fact, at the board meeting yesterday, that was part of the discussion of the board-- what they will do with the approximately $1mil they estimate to be left at the end of 2010 (assuming they close then)-- they currently have over $2mil in the reserve fund, so there is no question about a 'bailout' situation.
Also your statement about 'continues to lose money' is not factual. The fairgrounds operation lost money in 2008 for the first time in over 5 years. Most of that loss was due to low rental rates on the exhibition halls (this according to the executive director)-- the loss for the total operation in that year was $200k--- and a large loss was expected this year due to the constant rain during the fair-- however, in figures presented to the fair board yesterday, that loss is approx $50k... both losses easily covered by the over $2mil in the reserve fund (these two losses are also less than the profits earned in the previous 5 years). the reserve fund exists for two reasons only-- to make capital improvements on the property, and to cover any shortfall in the operation. These are not the first years the operation has had a shortfall, but it's always covered by the reserve fund. The operation is not designed to make a profit, but only to sustain itself, which it actually does quite well.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 3:03

Please explain your comment about my lack of a good alternative ?

Did my name being Racer confuse you as to what I am backing ?

But thanks for confirming that you have nothing to contribute to society or this discussion............

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 3:10

Big Papa, Thank you.....That is what we are working towards with money in hand, and yet no one with the city will give us a price.....How can you put something up for sale and not have an asking price ?

Do keep in mind, 100 years ago, or even 50 yrs ago it wasn't exactly in the middle of town. But it is one of the reasons why it can be a success with the right management and ownership. Race cars can be quiet enough to not disturb the neighbors, and the property can be a lot more attractive once the city and fair boards control is removed.

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 3:14

Why would the city of Nashville continue to allow a facility that disturbs the neighborhoods, that provides very little economic impact to the city, and the majority of the people that use the track don't live Nashville but live in the surrounding counties? There are over 500,000 people living in Nashville who have basically zero access to the fairgrounds property. It does not matter what is developed at the fairgrounds property as long as it is quiet, provides some job opportunities, and the public has access to the property. It could be a combination of things such as residential housing, office space, green way/park, new buildings for expo space, cafes, coffee shops, pubs, and community garden space. It should be something that is for all the citizens of Nashville to benefit from not just the white blue collar folks who currently occupy the racetrack. You all have had what you claim to be 100 years of racing to make the racetrack work. The racing on this property just is not working out for you all and the City therefore, the City of Nashville is moving in a different direction. Its time for the people of Nashville to have a say in what goes on at this property not the people who live outside of the county. Go to Highland Rim and race it is privately owned and operated, located in a rural area just up 65 North, and the government has nothing to do with the property. No hard feelings its just business. I agree with BigPapa if Darrell (Not Darryl) Waltrip, Mike Curb, and whoever else want to buy the property I'm sure the city will consider somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000,000 as a starting bid for it.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 3:17

117 = You have no earthly idea of the many businesses that Sterling, DW and many other racers own that are located within davidson county. I promise you that it equals many times over what you and your entire family tree does.

Again, If you know nothing of which you speak...maybe you should educate yourself first.

Just because you don't like it, doesn't make you or your argument valid. Deal in facts and proven numbers if you want to be taken seriously.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 3:20

nothing to contribute to society? wow, you're off your rocker - lol!

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 3:21

Why would the City of Nashville continue to allow a facility to operate that disturbs the neighborhoods, that provides very little economic impact to the City, and the majority of the people that use the track don't live in Nashville but live in the surrounding counties ?.....

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 3:22

because the racing fans say so, 117. from his posts you can see this guy isn't a reasonable poster.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 3:26

With this one comment you show you haven't a clue of what you speak...

"There are over 500,000 people living in Nashville who have basically zero access to the fairgrounds property."

500,000 nashville residents are barred from going to the fair, flea market, gun show and the other hundred plus events held there ?
Anyone who wants to race there can do so, unlike the other sports arenas in town.
Ask the Roller Derby girls. It's not just the track but many other dreams come true on that property that will never happen in the other sports arenas of Nashville.

With that argument, what do you say you and I stroll on over to LP field this afternoon and toss the ball around ?
I'd pay a couple hundred bucks to do it .... You really can't, it's not allowed.

How about wanting to skate at the Arena, Taxpayers do pay for both these venues but really do have zero access to it.

I'm glad I read these comments, I feel so much better about the future of the racetrack knowing these are the people and the arguments against it.

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 3:34

The last race this year at the racetrack which was suppose to be the Championship race had about 300 people in the stands which those people paid a jaw dropping ten(10) dollars to get in. 300 x 10 equals a whopping $3,000. I will be paying almost 1,300 dollars in property taxes this year to the City of Nashville. I also have accounts that I pay at NES (Nashville Electric Service), Metro Water, and Nashville Gas. Almost all of my paycheck is spent every week somewhere in the City of Nashville. I believe I contribute plenty to the City of Nashville and it is much more than the people who use the racetrack that live in the surrounding counties probably do. I'm sorry if the truth hurts about good Ole DW and Sterling Marlin....

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 3:39

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 3:14
I agree with BigPapa if Darrell (Not Darryl) Waltrip....

Darryl is his other brother.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 3:43

Just to show how much you miss with your calculations......

What about the 2,000 + people in the pit area that paid $35 per person to enter the pits on that night.

What about the $10,000 sponsorship from the Dealership for the event ?

What about the $10,000 in fuel and tires that were purchased for this event ?

What about the concessions in the grandstands and pit area ?

Can you admit you really haven't a clue on what you are arguing and how to do it ?

Because it's quite obvious to us racers, and you guys think we aren't so smart.

Attendance was poor because of the management, means nothing more than that. Could have easily been 10,000 fans there.

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 3:49

The arena is not on a 117 acres of land like the fairgrounds property is. The events that take place at the arena generate a substantial amount of tax base revenue for the City because a large number of people who attend the events usually go to the local businesses downtown where they spend money and they get hotels rooms, this is especially true on the weekends. You don't need a 117 acres of land to have a place for the roller girls, gun shows, and whatever else that is in the same type of category as these events. The property is not open it is surrounded by rusty barb wire and chain link fencing and is basically covered in asphalt. Because the Racers and the people in the past have done such a good job keeping it up the City is now having to take it over... Racer84 if you have been using the property in the past you are responsible as well for running it into the ground. Your beloved racetrack has less of an economic impact on the City of Nashville for the entire nine 9 months of the racing season than the Music City Marathon has in one (1) weekend....

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 3:54

many of the events at the fairgrounds could be held at Municipal Auditorium.

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 3:58

"the majority of the people that use the track don't live Nashville" -- we don't know this for a fact-- i don't think anyone takes attendance there.. but i guess we need to close down the tourist industry because all those folks don't live in nashville? and close the current civic center, and forget the new one because all those folks who will use them are not from nashville? and send the preds packing because (1) they are owned by people outside Davidson County, and (2)most people who attend games are not from the county? and send the titans packing for the same reasons?? Get rid of the CMA because most attendees are from elsewhere? Scrap FanFair for the same reason??

remember my economics lesson from above?? we WANT people from outside the county to come here and spend money-- no matter how much or how little, it's still 'new money' in the county.

and you DO have public access to the fairgrounds now-- you can walk along the creek as it is, or the open areas, stroll along walsh road-- and i know several people who do just that (walk along the creek anyway)... i don't think they'll let you into empty buildings however. but you're welcome to rent any of the buildings for your own event, and invite who you wish to it. and how much access do you think the public will have if it's turned into an office park?? -- in all honesty, we want those areas improved to be more appealing and useful to the public as well-- but not turned into offices or strip malls.

and what's the matter with some activities such as flea markets etc, that are 'blue collar activities' ?? do we all have to play golf and go to fern bars instead of honky-tonks and state fairs?? blue collar folks live in Davidson County too you know-- and there are more of them than there are of the upscale crowd!

and i think you truly under-estimate it's economic impact-- remember the fairgrounds brings in more people than almost any other activity in Davidson County-- more than even the proposed new Civic Center, and certainly more than the current one-- they may not spend as much money "since they're just blue collar folks", but they certainly spend a substantial amount.

have you considered maybe moving to boston? it sounds like it may be more your type of town...

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 4:00

Racer84 You need to get your eyes checked.

1.If there were 2,000 people in the pit those stands would have been filled to capacity because you would have had more cars racing which would have brought in more fans.
2.Danny Denson is a fine racing promoter and he is much more competent than the last lessee at the fairgrounds speedway. Mr. Denson just owes the fair board over $40,000 in back rent.
3. As for the tires and fuel, I'm sure most of the racers bought those items from somewhere other than Nashville being that most of them live in the surrounding counties. You see Racer84 when money is spent in Nashville it benefits the City of Nashville.
4. Coke $1, Hot Dog $2, Pop Corn $2 not much tax base revenue there.

What else have you got?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 4:04

some1else, those events can be held at other locations within Davidson County, such as the Municipal Auditiorium.

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 4:04

@blanketnazi... no that's not true, because as the Christmas Village people found out, muni auditorium does not have electricity outlets down on the main floor... so that precludes all the 'booth' type events such as Christmas Village, gun show, computer show, antique show, etc... even a majority of the flea market.

as reported in the media, the civic center requires the guarantee of hotel space to rent it, and sommet and gaylord are too expensive for these types of events.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 4:09

then maybe it's logical for those events to move outside of Davidson County.

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 4:11

@117 acres...
"I believe I contribute plenty to the City of Nashville and it is much more than the people who use the racetrack that live in the surrounding counties probably do."

so are you suggesting that we charge a fee for non-residents to enter Davidson County that would at least equal your property taxes and utility bills? or just close down any activity in the county that didn't generate that much per-capita income??

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 4:13

We have been arguing for several years now that most of the drivers are not from Nashville and live in the surrounding counties and that those not from here do not impact are local economy but they do disrupt our evenings at home. Since we've made this point I'm sure more drivers from Nashville have been added to this list in order to try and rebut our argument. BTW some1else the last time I saw someone walking around browns creek at the fairgrounds it was a homeless person taking a dump. We have zero access to the property!

Please see complete list of drivers from the list below or visit link below.


1 20 Andy Johnson Mt. Juliet, TN
2 16 Daniel Pope II Smyrna, TN
3 121 Joseph Meyer Mt Juliet, TN
4 8 Mark Day Clarksville, TN
5 54 Chevy White Columbia, TN
6 32 Travis Trotter Lebanon, TN
7 61 TW Fisher White House, TN
8 23 Simon Yates Greenbrier, TN
9 145 Trista Stevenson Pocahontas, IL
10 13 Mark Montgomery Springhill, TN
11 2 Mike Pruitt Murfreesboro, TN
12 45 Richard Wilkinson Hunstville, AL
13 40 Sterling Marlin
14 14 Steadman Marlin
15 47 Dakota Stroup Owensboro, KY
16 55 Auston McClain Franklin, TN
17 7 Mike Ritter
18 8 Scottie Smothers LaVergne, TN
19 17 Tony Ussery Madison, TN
1 98 Bobby Buttrey Fairview, TN
2 9 Daniel Bolden Cane Ridge, TN
3 99 Terry Hayes Hermitage, TN
4 11 Stacey Crain Brentwood, TN
5 0 Rob Sanders Nashville, TN
6 7 Kyle Fletcher Smyrna, TN
7 17 Blake Williams Goodlettsville, TN
8 48 Clint Crowell Franklin, TN
9 42 Jason Adams Murfeesboro, TN
10 55 Jess Williams Hickory Flat, MS
11 29 Wayne "Smitty" Smith Bethpage, TN
12 16 Blake Carter Murfreesboro, TN
1 12 Lee Goddard Nashville, TN
2 66 Eddie Taylor Hermitage, TN
3 48 Howard Tucker Nashville, TN
4 70 Steve Hadley Lebanon, TN
5 53 Kyle Ivey Nashville, TN
6 21 Wesley Pierce Murfreesboro, TN
7 5 David Barbercheck Springfield, TN
8 19 Chad Adams Murfeesboro, TN
9 42 Cody Buford Franklin, TN
10 51 Jonathan Wilhite Jr Greenbrier, TN
11 29 Tommy Wiest Lebanon, TN
12 2 John Leeland Hermitage, TN
1 17 Charles Goddard Jr Pegram, TN
2 75 Bobby Joe Rippey Old Hickory, TN
3 60 Jeremy Newman Old Hickory, TN
4 21 Mitchell Vickers Chapel Hill, TN
5 7 C.J. Adams Thompson Station, TN
6 83 Arthur "Art" Choate Madison, TN
7 31 Stephanie Barnes Nashville, TN
8 28 Matt Barnes Smyrna, TN
9 26 Charles "Ricky" Groves Nashville, TN
10 4 Dale Travis Smyrna, TN
11 5 Gene Holt Franklin, TN
12 33 Randy Clements Portland, TN
13 82 Keith Krantz Joelton, TN
14 56 George Saldana Nashville, TN
1 87 Robert Forsythe Chapmansboro, TN
2 3 Charles "Spurt" Goddard Nashville, TN
3 39 Daniel Johnson Nashville, TN
4 48 Gary Goss Nashville, TN
5 81 Jay Pryor Hermitage, TN
6 52 Clint Ivey Nashville, TN
7 56 George Saldana Nashville, TN
8 139 Daniel B. Johnson Thompson Station, TN
1 98 William "Roy" Dorris Cottontown, TN
2 1 Scott Gay Greenbrier, TN
3 67 John Earheart Hermitage, TN
4 2 Tim Gay Greenbrier, TN
5 45 David Brown Springfield, TN
6 101 Mark Steagall Rockvale, TN
7 65 Jerry Seymoure Jr Toney, AL
8 50 Tony Willis Bowling Green, KY
9 0 Sam McCord Nashville, TN
1 48 Cody Fernett Columbia, TN
2 10 Travis Adcox Brownsboro, AL
3 151 Mason Massey Winston , GA
4 15 Tucker Wingo Springfield, TN
5 14 Lex Cromer Garsden, AL
6 45 Mike Curran Murfreesboro, TN
7 18 Tanner Derryberry
8 110 RS Senter
9 115 Nic Gill Madison, AL
10 O9 Michael Bolden Cane Ridge, TN
11 17 Ross Rollings Springfield, TN
12 18 CJ Tuck Athens, AL
1 84 Tyler Cordell Thompson Station, TN
2 51 Chris Wilson Crossville, TN
3 104 Tyler Slayden Franklin, TN
4 91 Josh Berry Hendersonville, TN
5 61 Brandon Summers Clarksville, TN
6 D3 David Moyes Cottontown, TN
1 95 Kenny Summers Clarksville, TN
2 33 Kevin Riggs Dickson, TN
3 7 Jody Covington Greenbrier, TN
4 17 Ed Mummert Goodlettsville, TN
5 101 Wade Ten-A-C Slatton Murfreesboro, TN
6 26 Wendell Mobley Pegram, TN
1 21 Ricky McIllwain Antioch, TN
2 22 Greg Gresham Franklin, TN
3 5 Allen Ring Columbia, TN
4 7 Tim Lunn Columbia, TN
5 44 David Ring Columbia, TN
6 15 Michael Wood Lebanon, TN
7 91 Donn Walls Jr Murfreesboro, TN
8 50 Mark Cole LaVergne, TN
9 9 James Hensley Nashville, TN
10 27 Chris Crutcher Columbia, TN
11 54 Ryan Reed Smyrna, TN
12 14 Robert Whitley Culleoka, TN
13 6 Charlie Rial Columbia, TN
14 49 James Rodgers Columbia, TN
15 0 Mike Penrod Columbia, TN
16 8 William Ring Columbia, TN
17 47 Rick Webster Santa Fe, TN
18 57 Derek Ransom Columbia, TN
1 6 Weatherman
2 18 Weatherman
3 24 Stray
4 17 Hunter Tankersley
5 48 Stray
Front Runners
1 45 Mark Collins Murfreesboro, TN
2 64 Kenny Vetetoe Goodlettsville, TN

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 4:15

@blanketnazi... why? they provide entertainment for the residents of davidson county, jobs for many residents, income for local businesses other than the fairgrounds (motels, restaurants, gas), and provide tax income to the county-- all without costing the public or metro a penny.... and before 117_acres claims that they don't provide *enough* income, well... again, it costs nothing to have these events and activities, so ANY amount that they bring to the county should be enough.

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 4:19

Some1else read the article above Denson owes over $40,000 in back rent. I was at the meeting and Mr. Denson wrote a letter that he submitted to the fair board acknowledging that he owes the money for which he asked the fair board to forgive of the debt.

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 4:19

"the last time I saw someone walking around browns creek at the fairgrounds it was a homeless person taking a dump. We have zero access to the property!"

feel free to do the same...

you have as much access as you do any other public property-- more in fact... please list why it is you don't have public access??

By: some1else on 12/2/09 at 4:27

117_acres... Denson admitted he owes money, as do i... but i happen to have a copy of the lease agreement between him and the fair board, and at the meeting, Weaver admitted that Denson had made *some* payments .... so what i said was correct.. .he does not owe "over" $40,000 and what he does owe will be paid by his surety bond... if the bond pays the debt, then Denson, not the fair board will be further indebted to the bond holder, so i'm sure he'd like to be forgiven the debt.... and either way, the fair board still gets it's money.

however, even if there were no bond to cover the debt, taxpayers would not cover the loss, the fair board would have to cover it from the reserve fund generated by profits in other years.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 4:28

some1else, why not bring in a tenant that brings in more money for the city and improves the grounds? sounds logical to me.

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 4:30

Some1esle the people that use the racetrack from the surrounding countries do not provide hardy any tax base revenue. What part of in one (1) weekend the Music City Marathon brings in more tax base revenue than the racetrack does during its nine (9) month season do you not understand. Why should the people of Nashville continue to subsidize its land for people who disrupt the neighborhood and provide little if any economic impact to the City? Nashville is a growing City which needs the land so that the City can provide a more meaningful use for the residents of Nashville and the people who come and visit. It is pretty simple. BTW I can't wait for the group to file suit against the City so this issue can be settled once and for all.

By: racer84 on 12/2/09 at 4:31

117 Again, You don't understand what you are arguing. Every racer is mandated by the track to purchase it's race fuel directly from the track which is obviously located in davidson county. You also do not know that race fuel is $8.00 a gallon and most teams use approx 20 gallons a week to practice and race. A set of 4 tires is almost $500, some teams use as many as 4 sets per week to practice and race. $500 in misc parts. etc
Track rental 1200 per 5 hours, and you know how many hours you heard cars there so add that up.

All of that money and those taxes from that money equal far more than you or your mayor are aware of. You're cutting throats that you aren't considering, and as Mayor that's not what your legacy should be.

If you were to add the total annual amount that NASCAR and racing in general contribute directly to and FROM the citizens of Nashville you would find it to be in the MILLIONS of dollars. Do ya'll not notice you can't drive 2 miles in nashville and not pass a car that has some type of NASCAR related stuff on it or the driver ?

I have more than one friend who spends annually 6 figures on racing, and more than one friend who EARNS more than 6 figures annually from racing as well....In Davidson county.

These people are in greater numbers that you think.......they just don't read or comment on message boards.......lol

By: Blanketnazi2 on 12/2/09 at 4:34

your friend doesn't spend that 6 figures at the fairgrounds, obviously......

By: 117_acres on 12/2/09 at 4:42

Blanketnazi2 good point because if his friend did they might have been able to pay their rent....