Webb steps down as commissioner of education

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 10:53pm
Staff reports

After spending more than two years at the helm of the Tennessee Department of Education, Commissioner Tim Webb has resigned his post.

Gov. Phil Bredesen appointed Webb commissioner July 2008. He had served as deputy commissioner since joining the state department in 2003. From 1993-2007, he was superintendent of Lewis County Schools.

“As I move on to the next phase of my career, I am pleased with what we’ve accomplished during my time in state government,” Webb said.

Under Webb’s watch, the state has raised standardized testing benchmarks, earned federal funding for the president’s Race to the Top program, initiated an unprecedented expansion of charter schools and expanded Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities throughout the state.

“Under the governor’s leadership we’ve improved our state’s education system in meaningful ways that will transform K-12 education and benefit students, teachers, parents and employers for decades to come,” Webb said. “I’m proud to have been a part of this historic time in education in Tennessee.”

The governor has not named a replacement for Dr. Webb.