Weekly Obsession: Ever the candidate

Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:05pm

It’s a good thing the Titans drafted Jake Locker to be the team’s quarterback of the future. If not, there’s a reasonable chance Eric Crafton would’ve gone down to Baptist Sports Park to try out for the job.

Crafton, term-limited out of re-election as the District 22 councilman, is now running for council at-large. This follows his unsuccessful bid for Juvenile Court Clerk in 2010. And his unsuccessful bid to be Davidson County’s Administrator of Elections. And his brief spell as a potential challenger to Mayor Karl Dean. And his unofficial mulling of a school board run. 

There really doesn’t seem to be a job in the city for which Crafton, best known for his ill-fated “English-first” proposal, feels unqualified. And in his latest race — as in many of his others — Crafton faces an uphill climb.

Never in the 48 years of Nashville’s metropolitan government has an at-large council member lost re-election. And in this set of five, it’s unclear from whom Crafton would siphon votes. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s hard to see someone who voted for, say, Megan Barry four years ago having such a dramatic change of heart as to shift to the Crafton camp. 

But such odds won’t deter the utterly immovable Crafton. 

Still, there’s something almost charming about it. The less cynical will note Crafton’s reputation in Bellevue for constituent services. And there still is some honor in seeking public office, despite what polls might suggest. After all, most voters actually want their candidates to want to hold office. In 2008, former fictional district attorney and nonfictional U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson demonstrated with great aplomb what happens when a candidate doesn’t seem so sure he wants to run.

So let others hem and haw about their political prospects and embrace the ubiquity of Crafton. Plus, if the council has its way, David Torrence may be on the outs as Criminal Court Clerk. We’ve got an early line on a candidate for that job. 

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By: govskeptic on 5/23/11 at 5:42

Mr. Torrence shows us very plainly that "I want to serve" only applies to the
first term. From that point on incumbency dictates "I'm important and elected,
with no boss and can do as I please"! Is it better to do as the majority of
council members do by just sitting in their seats silently and vote in the
manner the Mayor & Vice Mayor has suggested. Term Limits have given us
a larger group that just want to smile, vote, take the $16,000. annual pay
and lucrative medical benefits for their long lived lives.

By: Captain Nemo on 5/23/11 at 7:43

I suspect the reason Crafton wants to serve city government is that his day jobs is on shaky grounds and his needs to have a back up income. lol

By: SirKnight on 5/23/11 at 9:49

Yeah, I'm sure that's it, Captain.

You can't deny that Crafton has never been afraid to take on controversial issues during his years as a councilman. Not discounting the verbal abuse from left-wingers who hate him for his conservative principles, I'm surprised he still wants to run for any office! Go ahead an shame him for wanting to serve in the public sector. At least he is honest and hard-working and willing to do it!

What about you, J.R. Lind and Capt. Nemo? Are you???

By: Activate on 5/23/11 at 11:36

SirKnight only seems to comment on articles involving Eric Crafton.

I declare SHENANIGANS!!!1!!

By: SirKnight on 5/23/11 at 12:40


By: Nitzche on 5/23/11 at 5:21

what is he think he Al Gore,Hillary and Bill Clinton,et al....what have any of them done in the private sector?

By: Captain Nemo on 5/23/11 at 7:03

Sir Knight is Crafton.

By: SirKnight on 5/24/11 at 12:35

Nope. My last name is Knight.