Weekly Obsession: Preds' new threads

Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 10:05pm
Jude Ferrara (SouthComm) 

First things first: They are not yellow. Yellow is the color of cowards.

The local hockey team’s new jersey is gold, specifically “Predators gold,” which for the chromatic scholars out there, falls somewhere between Vegas gold and satin sheen gold. And gold is the color of winners.

More importantly, no other team in the NHL uses gold as its primary color. Blue — the driving force in Preds’ threads since the team’s inception — is used in some form or another by 13 NHL teams. 

The first decent public view of the home kits hangs seven stories high at the AT&T Building, unveiled at the annual Skate of the Union event on July 13. The team borrowed the color scheme from Nashville’s flag. The shoulder patch, with the state’s three stars, is shaped like a guitar pick. Six narrow pinstripes cross the numbers like guitar strings. Piano keys are tucked inside the color. That last note is a little bit like carrying coal to Newcastle, but hey, it’s inside the color, so who’s going to notice? 

The piping around the front vaguely suggests the outline of a guitar neck, which may have been coincidental, but since these new jerseys are apparently the puck version of the cover of Abbey Road, maybe it was intentional. 

Rather than do a total overhaul of the logo in the center, the team pared it down, moving from the ultra-1990s “let’s jam every color we can into one symbol” idea that informed the original saber-tooth tiger head, to a tri-color logo. 

In those old traditional markets — Detroit, Toronto, Montreal — the stands are a monochromatic sea. Heretofore, in Nashville, the scene from the seats has been a little bit of a mishmash: white, blue, darker blue, mustard. But now, gold wins.

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By: localboy on 7/19/11 at 7:59

Sorry, I prefer the old mustard-colored jerseys.