Weekly Obsession: Testing for bacon

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 10:05pm

Burger King’s new bacon sundae tastes exactly like you’d expect.

Soft-serve ice cream, bits of bacon, whipped cream, garnish with a healthy rasher of fried pork.

The vanilla ice cream isn’t infused with bacon flavor. The whipped cream is not flecked with shards of salty, aged swine meat. It’s basically a sundae. With bacon.

The fast-food chain selected Nashville as its test market for its new dessert, along with a pulled-pork sandwich and sweet potato fries.

But the talker is that bacon sundae.

The sundae is, maybe surprisingly, actually pretty good as far as fast-food dessert options go. The bacon doesn’t insist upon itself; it’s just a savory sidebar to the ice cream’s sweetness.

It is, though, a bit concerning that Burger King tapped Nashville as its porky petri dish.

Baconmania is enough of a national phenomena that any city of suitable size would surely have enough takers to test the new creation.

Large companies know which markets are demographic microcosms of their consumer base at large. “If it plays in Peoria” is a cliche for a reason — Central Illinois was once a useful analog for broad American values. In recent years, Minneapolis has taken over as the representative for the rest of America.

But Nashville? Focus grouping in the Music City is pretty rare.

Except, of course, when Burger King decided to Dixie-fry its menu revamp, apparently.

Do Nashvillians eat a disproportionate amount of fast food? Are we more inclined to settle for mass-produced versions of our food touchstones? Are we just more willing to take bacon to the next frontier?

Existential questions all. And all perhaps best answered after devouring a bacon-topped plop of ice cream and asking “Why did I do that?”

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By: girliegirl on 4/18/12 at 6:47

It wasn't that good.

By: Kosh III on 4/18/12 at 8:37

And they wonder why there's a huge rise in obesity.

By: peanut11 on 4/18/12 at 12:43

Is this a reason for celebration? Bacon is not exactly the healthiest food on earth

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By: cyndietodd on 4/18/12 at 1:41

I've been dying to try it, but now it sounds disappointing. Hell, I can stick a piece of bacon in my ice cream at home if that's all there is to it.