What Nashvillians are buying to show patriotism?

Tuesday, September 18, 2001 at 1:00am

Following Tuesday's terrorist attacks, our country has displayed more patriotism than has been seen since World War II, according to a CNN report. The City Paper asked local merchants what people are buying to show their patriotism.


John Kerlikowske

General Manager of Tower Records on West End

CP: Are you selling a lot of patriotic CD's?

JK: Yes, we are currently sold out of Lee Greenwood's Proud to be and American.

CP: Is it unusual for these CD's to be selling this time of year?

JK: Usually we carry a couple of those items but we have had to order 30 times the amount we would normally carry because they sold so quickly.

Arts and Crafts

Gary Meredith

Store Manager of Michael's Arts and Crafts Store at 100 Oaks

CP: When did people begin purchasing patriotic items and what are they buying?

GM: Business was slow on Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday was when things really began to take off. Anything red, white and blue is selling. But people have been buying mostly ribbons, candles, supplies to make flags and patriotic custom-made bows.

CP: Are you selling as much as you would around the 4th of July?

GM: No, actually we are selling more.


Taylor Wheler

Store Manager of Old Navy in Bellevue

CP: Have you been selling a lot of red, white and blue colored clothes?

TW: Yes, about half the customers coming in right now are asking for our Fourth of July tee-shirts but we don't have any in the stores. We've also been selling a lot of other stuff that is red, white and blue like tee-shirts.

CP: Are you going to be getting any Fourth of July shirts in?

TW: The only place we have them available right now is on-line. Old Navy will be sending a few thousand shirts to New York and Washington and the sale of those is going towards a Gap fund for the victims.

Fabric Stores

Beverly Wadsworth

Store Manager of Textile Fabric Store in Green Hills

CP: Have you been selling a lot of patriotic items?

BW: Have we ever. Ribbon of every sort, red, white and blue

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