Who will pay for Music City Center?

Monday, May 4, 2009 at 12:10am
Source: Metro Finance Department

The following Metro Hotel/Motel Tax appropriations would go from current beneficiaries to Music City Center project after the next budget year.

$7.4 million            Sommet Center

$1.4 million            Metropolitan Transit Authority

$1.2 million            Regional Transit Authority

$835,000            Police Special Events overtime funding

$668,000            Municipal Auditorium

$632,000            Convention Center

$425,000            Convention & Visitors Bureau

$400,000            Opryland Tourism Development Zone

$300,000            Partnership 2010

$200,000            Adventure Science Center

$150,000            Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

$120,000            Farmers Market

$100,000            Arts Commission

$100,000            Nashville Sports Council

$40,000            Sister Cities

$25,000            National Historic Commission Conference


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By: forlinjd on 5/4/09 at 2:23

I'm confused. I thought the money to pay for this thing was coming out of thin air. Now it seems that more than a dozen public services and beneficial organizations are going to have to sacrifice themselves to "feed the beast". I fail to see how this isn't costing taxpayers anything.

By: JeffF on 5/4/09 at 2:42

this one article negates a lot of the BS we have heard over the last year.

"This will cost taxpayers nothing"
"This will be paid entirely by the visitors to Nashville"

This was pointed out

We will pay for the moving and upgrading of utilities.
We will pay for the street and sidewalk work
We will pay for the decorative street lighting in the "district".
We will be paying the operations costs of two centers
We will paying the higher interest expenses for actual government borrowing
We will pay the pension costs for center employees
We will pay the health insurance costs for center employees
We will pay for the insurance costs of the facility
We will end up paying for the garage
The new hotel will keep its hotel taxes to pay for itself, leading to a furthering of the revenue shortfall for the center (We will end up paying)
We will pay the price of providing additional public service since sales tax will go toward construction and the property is coming off the tax rolls.

Every thing built in Nashville that was promised to provide economic growth for us has been met with continuing increases in the property rate.

Still waiting for the prosperity that all this downtown tourism development was supposed to provide to us. Considering the current center was supposed to allow us to prosper (until the moment it was paid off apparently) we may be waiting for 30 years longer.

By: JeffF on 5/4/09 at 2:44

Seriously the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the current convention center are on this list!!!!!!!

Too funny, sad, but funny none the less.

By: JeffF on 5/4/09 at 2:53

This story has the greatest headline in the recent history of this news site! Do I detect a change in the editorial stance?

I am sure someone will come on here and negate this bad news with a bogus claim of how much money the industry brings into the general fund. I would love to see some actual evidence of those claims. They are just unsubstantiated estimates from a consultant hired to give a rosy picture of an industry struggling to survive in a modern world.

I had someone argue with me that conventions are the biggest part of tourism and that it proves its worth by paying for these exact things (excepting the CVB and current convention center). So now that it will not be then they have proven their own worthlessness.

The truth is creeping out. MPF better send out its young'uns to squash this fountain of truth before they are docked their PR pay.

By: Time for Truth on 5/5/09 at 2:22

You won't hear any bogus claims of future prosperity from me. I predicted this turkey would suck the life out of other tourist venues, and so far I am proven correct. And when the garage is built, who will operate it and take the money? Once those cars are parked there the conventioneers will probably park their butts in the government-built hotel at the expense of Lower Broad and Second Avenue tourist venues a short walk from the current center.

Note that the current center is number six on the list at 632k and that the total of this list, which shortchanges worthy recipients such as Adventure Science Center, is almost 14 million dollars.

I just rented some cars online and the big turkey will likely be fed about 100 dollars of that total so I don't want to hear any more about the MCC not costing us anything. The more I hear about this project, the more I wonder about Dean's sanity, or at least his fitness to serve.