Wilhoite hosts Music City Center discussion tonight

Monday, May 4, 2009 at 3:13pm
Staff Reports

District 29 residents and surrounding neighbors will be given the opportunity to attend a presentation on the proposed Music City Center at 7 this evening at Lakeview Elementary.

Metro Council member Vivian Wilhoite has invited the staff of Metropolitan Housing and Development Administration to provide the proposed convention center presentation that was recently presented to Council members.

“Conducting this meeting so that area residents can learn more about the proposed Music City Center is important,” Wilhoite said. “I want constituents of District 29 to be informed and to know as much as possible about this proposal.”

The meeting will be held in the cafeteria of the school, 455 Rural Hill Road.


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By: JeffF on 5/4/09 at 2:29

no more ra-ra people want to hear about the financing. We have just found out that the center will cost us millions of dollars beginning next year. Tell us of all the costs. Utilities movement. Street construction. All the hidden costs that we will have to pay for.

No one is complaining they haven't seen the pretty pictures of the place or heard the same lame points that the currently booked center cannot host all meetings out there. Why keep showing that stuff instead of the real information we need? This is just another attempt to gloss over the need for debate and disclosure and have the few beneficiaries show up with their buttons and posters.

I guess this puts Wilhoite in the "Yes No Matter What" column.

By: JeffF on 5/4/09 at 2:45

The following Metro Hotel/Motel Tax appropriations would go from current beneficiaries to Music City Center project after the next budget year.

$7.4 million Sommet Center

$1.4 million Metropolitan Transit Authority

$1.2 million Regional Transit Authority

$835,000 Police Special Events overtime funding

$668,000 Municipal Auditorium

$632,000 Convention Center

$425,000 Convention & Visitors Bureau

$400,000 Opryland Tourism Development Zone

$300,000 Partnership 2010

$200,000 Adventure Science Center

$150,000 Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

$120,000 Farmers Market

$100,000 Arts Commission

$100,000 Nashville Sports Council

$40,000 Sister Cities

$25,000 National Historic Commission Conference