Woman arrested over incident with newborn at General Hospital

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 4:54pm

Kidnapping suspect Adriene Johnson, Metro Police say, dressed herself in medical scrubs, snuck into the maternity wing of Metro Nashville General Hospital and attempted to kidnap a newborn baby from her mother’s arms on Wednesday morning.

Wearing the disguise, Johnson allegedly told the mother she needed to take the baby’s temperature and then tried to make a run for it with the newborn, according to police reports.

However, when Johnson attempted to leave with the newborn, she triggered hospital security measures. The 24-year-old female suspect reportedly handed the baby to a General Hospital doctor and attempted to leave, before being detained by hospital staff until police arrived and arrested her.

Johnson was expected to be charged with kidnapping on Wednesday, police said in a press release.

Prior to the incident, Johnson was in trouble with the law and was free on $2,000 bond stemming from an arrest on Monday for allegedly stealing a baby rocker from the Charlotte Pike Wal-Mart.

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