'Wooded rapist' convicted in Williamson County

Friday, May 21, 2010 at 4:10pm

A Williamson County jury has convicted Jason Burdick on one count of aggravated rape and one count of especially aggravated kidnapping in a 1999 case involving a then-16-year-old Brentwood girl. 

Known as the wooded “Wooded Rapist,” Burdick, 40, was found guilty Friday. He faces 15 to 25 years on each count and was fined $50,000 on each count.

His sentencing hearing is set for July 13.

“We’re gratified that the jury reached the guilty verdicts on each count,” said District Attorney General Kim Helper. “I think that for [the victim] … justice was a long time coming, but justice is here today.

“Now we’ve got some additional victims in Williamson County that we’ll be seeking some resolution and justice for as well.”

Burdick faces two more cases in Williamson County, and the dates for those trials would likely be discussed at the July sentencing trial.

Last week, Davidson Criminal Court Judge Seth Norman sentenced Robert Jason Burdick to 20 years each on two counts to be served concurrently.

In addition to two previous sentences, Burdick, who just turned 40, faces a total of 62 years in prison with 52 of those to be served at 100 percent.

He still faces seven counts in Davidson County and has another trial set here in October. 

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By: PKVol on 5/21/10 at 3:00

This will put him away for the rest of his natural life, if they tag him to serve consecutively like the other sentances have done. I love how his attorney states in his opening arguments that there wasn't 'a shread of evidence' to convict him, yeah!

By: ghost7638ghost7... on 5/21/10 at 9:16

What they should do is bend the rapitist over and rape him the number of times he raped his victims.