Woodland Street Bridge reopens following reported barge strike

Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 6:31pm
Staff reports

The Woodland Street Bridge reopened Thursday evening following a preliminary inspection after a barge reportedly collided with one of the bridge piers earlier in the evening.

Metro Public Works said an emergency closure of the Woodland Street Bridge was underway just after 5 p.m. Thursday after the U.S. Coast Guard reported the barge had hit one of the bridge's supports.

The bridge was closed as a precautionary measure while inspectors conducted a preliminary assessment evening. A more detailed inspection was planned for Friday. 



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By: shoreg on 12/2/11 at 8:42

I have watched in wonder and amazement from atop the pedestrian bridge, as these long barges are moved down the river by super-spotlight at night, and even commented to others "It is a wonder they don't hit the bridge supports"....yikes!!

By: yucchhii on 12/2/11 at 10:10

Can we do that agian...only make sure that the DIShonerable mayor karl DINK is on the bridge when it happens!!!

By: TITAN1 on 12/2/11 at 11:55

yucchhii, your constant whining is getting old. If you are that unhappy, move.