Yarbro will request recount in District 21 race

Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 1:56pm

Attorney Jeff Yarbro plans to formally request a vote recount in the Democratic primary for the state Senate's District 21 seat following the confusing release of three sets of election results, with the current tally showing him facing a 13-vote deficit against incumbent state. Sen. Douglas Henry.

“This is an election where the numbers that have been released have changed several times,” Yarbro told The City Paper. “The margin is unquestionably very small. So I think it’s very important that the voters and the campaigns be able to have confidence in the final outcome of this election.” 

According to a press release issued by the Yarbro campaign, the candidate plans to file a formal request for an expedited recount to be made by the Democratic State Executive Committee.

The Davidson County Election Commission is scheduled to certify election results on Aug. 23. By law, Yarbro would have five days after results are certified to make an appeal for a recount.

Previously, attorney Bob Thomas, finance chair for Henry’s campaign, had said Henry would not oppose the request for a recount. 


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By: tktn on 8/13/10 at 8:15

I am a strong and active advocate for paper ballots, marked by the voter, read and tabulated by optical scan machines. If paper ballots had been used in this last election, a meaningful recount could be done to determine the winner of the race. As it is, only absentee and provisional ballots were cast on paper. All other votes were tabulated by a computer, offering nothing tangible to recount. When will Tennessee make the decision to ensure voters that their vote will be counted as cast?

By: morpheus120 on 8/13/10 at 9:57

Actually, TKTN, the state legislature said over a year ago that our election machines should be changed over to produce a paper trail that could be audited.

But guess what happened?

Republicans took over the General Assembly and stopped the transition. That's right. It was supposed to have been in place by this November, but the GOP has decided to stall and drag their feet.

Just like they did in Florida in 2000, Republicans prove once again that they hate democracy and fair elections. They'd get rid of all of it if they could and don't fool yourself into believing otherwise.

By: FLeFew on 8/13/10 at 10:24

The ballots in question were paper ballots. The machine broke, so they had to be counted and tallied by hand. A machine count, whether for paper ballots or of electronic ballots, is subject to error, as is the hand count.

The problem in Florida was that the Democrat judge in charge of the recount would only recount the heavily democrat districts and would not allow a recount to include the republican districts. This was grossly unfair. Further, if you paid any real attention to the story, you would know that several companies in the news media did recount in detail and determined that Bush did win.

Read the history of the 1960 election when Kennedy barely won, but ... boxes of ballots were found in the river in Chicago. Illinois was the decisive state that year. Not wanting to put the country through a very devisive period, Nixon refused to ask for either an investigation or recount. Gore was not as patriotic as Nixon, so we have had the years of "Gore won" when he really did not.

You Bush bashers will never admit to being wrong.

My understanding is that not even Nashville's holdover Democrat election coordinator thought there was enough time or money to change to paper ballots for this year.