Burch: Immaculate Conception?

Thursday, October 25, 2012 at 10:05pm
By Michael R. Burch

If a girl is raped, becomes pregnant, then dies during labor, did God abet her murder? Incredibly, one Bible-believing Republican who wants to outlaw abortion has come to the conclusion that God intends for human rape to happen and sometimes gives rape victims “gifts” in the form of unwanted fetuses.

Is God the Devil, or is the GOP teetering on the brink of insanity?

Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock recently opined that life is always a “gift” from God and that a fetus conceived by rape “is something God intended to happen.”

But before Mourdock’s comments, Rick Santorum, who fell two steps short of the presidency, expressed a similar view, telling rape victims to “accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you.”

Shades of Bobby Knight, who once advised women that “if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.” But the GOP has gone Knight one better (or infinitely worse) by saying what sounds like: “If rape is inevitable, once the heaven-ordained coupling is over, go through nine months of pregnancy to risk your life, health and sanity bearing the child of God’s, nature’s and man’s tyranny over your bodies.”

Two days after Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” fiasco, we learned that Akin is actually far less extreme than his party, when the Republican platform committee approved language seeking a constitutional amendment to ban abortions with no exceptions for rape, incest or danger to a woman’s life. The wording of the GOP’s renewed call for a “human life amendment” agrees with similar calls made in 2004 and 2008. Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, noted that the absolute abortion ban “is the platform of the Republican Party.”

Mitt Romney’s campaign declined to comment on the platform committee’s vote, but in the past Romney has endorsed identical language. In 2007, Romney told ABC News: “I support that [the human life amendment] being part of the Republican platform.” During a Republican presidential debate the same year, Romney said that he welcomed a consensus that “we don’t want to have abortion in this country at all, period.”

Romney claims that life begins at conception, meaning that a microscopic egg incapable of human thought or feeling pain could be seen as a potential death sentence to a female, once all forms of abortion are illegal. That Romney wants to end all abortions is undeniable. The question is how far will he go, legislatively, if he is elected president, and how many girls and women will suffer and die if he acts in accordance with his beliefs.

So Romney is obviously more extreme than Todd Akin. And yet Romney told a New Hampshire TV station that Akin’s remarks were “deeply offensive,” and that he and his running mate Paul Ryan “can’t defend” Akin. (Ryan, seated beside Romney, nodded his head in agreement.) But Akin effectively tied Ryan to his comment when on Mike Huckabee’s radio program he confirmed that by “legitimate rape” he meant “forcible rape,” the term that appeared in the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” bill co-sponsored by Akin and Ryan.

So the bottom line is that — as stupid, evil and offensive as Akin’s comments were — Paul Ryan is just as bad, and Mitt Romney is worse.

Romney, who now stands a few undecided votes away from the White House, has aligned with the extreme right, saying: “Planned Parenthood, we’re going to get rid of that!” and “I’d be delighted to sign that bill [banning all abortions].”

Because rape, incest and life-threatening pregnancies will always be with us, getting rid of Planned Parenthood and banning all abortions could over time increase suffering and death for large numbers of American girls and women.

What about women on tight budgets whose contraceptives malfunction? What about very young girls who have unplanned sex and get unlucky? What about girls who have AIDS, drug addictions, or other conditions that make giving birth a nightmare for both mother and child? What about sex workers when condoms break?

Are we really ready to deal women such a great setback? It seems Romney is. Now that it is apparent that Romney’s budget math doesn’t add up, and that he offers no discernible advantage over President Obama on jobs, economics or foreign policy, surely it’s time to think about the girls and women we love, and what their lives will be like if they can’t choose if and when to become mothers.

Michael R. Burch is a Nashville-based editor and publisher of Holocaust poetry and other “things literary” at www.thehypertexts.com.

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By: Rasputin72 on 10/27/12 at 9:03

Captain Nemo........I do not make the rules I just play by them. Money is the common denominator in 98% of the success stories that I have ever read.

Class is another dimension of humanity. I know people with money who are classless and I know people like you who are not.

The most important thing that I see in a democracy like ours is that you take care of yourself and I will take care of myself. I see no reason that because you are a failure that I should share my success with you.

Those that cannot help themselves will be helped. There are no other exceptions.

As you stated I was born with nothing but the genetic qualities of motivation and I do not want to live in the same manner you live. I want more and better and I did it without any help from the government. I did have people who believed in me and gave me not money but opportunities. That is all one should expect from life. Not "all men are created equal" but all men should have equal opportunity to succeed or fail."

By: Captain Nemo on 10/27/12 at 9:27

shb been lack

First off Rasputin, you have no idea how I live or were I live. You sit in front of the keyboard and clime to be rich, but I have never bragged of my wealth (as you of your so-called wealth) to you are anyone else. I was raised better than to flaunt my good fortunes. You see I come from a good stock of people. As far as any of us know, you are still the clown of your youth from West Nashville. So you bragging means nothing to me, because I don’t believe anything you have said.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/27/12 at 9:35

Rasputin here is what Democracy means to me. I hope to especially take a look at number 5. It is something the fringe right seems to have no idea what it means

de·moc·ra·cy noun \di-ˈmä-krə-sē\
plural de·moc·ra·cies
Definition of DEMOCRACY
1a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

2: a political unit that has a democratic government

3capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the United States

4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority

5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges

By: Mike Burch on 10/27/12 at 10:48


You seem to have the same philosophy as your namesake, Vlad Putin:

"LET THE BIG DOG EAT" (by living off the marrow of the working classes).

By: Mike Burch on 10/27/12 at 11:00


You said, echoing Bishop Romney, "I did it without any help from the government."

But in rare moments of candor (and constant vacillation), even Mitt Romney admitted that he really was born with a silver spoon, and that 95% of the success of Americans comes from being born into a nation that provides its citizens opportunities for advancement.

Suppose you had been born to a mother in a Nazi concentration camp. Do you think your "superior genes" would have allowed you to become wealthy?

Suppose you had been born more than 10,000 years ago, before the advancements of civilization. Do you think you would have done anything more than eke out a bare subsistence, constantly on the run from faster and more powerful predators?

If you were separated from your tribe in the jungle, how long do you think you would have lasted, really? Are you so superior, or does human success depend on thousands of advancements that combine to give us the opportunity for success?

Newton had the good grace to say that if he saw further than other men, it was because he stood on the shoulders of the great men of the past.

The simple truth is that we have all benefited tremendously from things done by the government for the common good: national defense, roads, schools, medical research, etc.

At no point in human history has any human being been entirely self-sufficient except someone like Robinson Caruso and other shipwrecked hermits, and of course they longed every day to be reunited with their fellow human beings, and didn't exactly live like kings.

Like the man they call Myth Romney, you seem to have invented a version of yourself that doesn't hold water.

By: Mike Burch on 10/27/12 at 11:07


Ronald Reagan liked to joke about the government, suggesting that government is evil and incompetent, and needs to get out of the way of businesses and individuals. But what did he do?

He ran for governor of California and president of the United States. Did he leave American businesses and individuals to fend for themselves, really?

No, he worked long and hard to protect Americans, bring down the Berlin Wall, end the Cold War, and do it without firing shots.

What would have happened to Americans like you, if the US government hadn't stood up against expansionist totalitarian systems like those of Japan, Germany, Italy and later the USSR when it still had the largest land-based military on the planet?

Is it really true that the government did nothing for you, or without the government would you be providing slave labor to Nazi or Russian overseers?

By: Captain Nemo on 10/27/12 at 11:32

Mike, if Rasputin was ever born of low class in the ghetto he should know that. So that leaves me to think that he was not and his post are just so much grape.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/27/12 at 2:40

Mike Burch. The government did no more for me than they did for every other US citizen.

Everyone was given the same opportunity to excel. A few did and a lot did not.

For example, I give you Captain Nemo and the other five members of the "Simple Six".

The very audacity of these mediocre wretches. My goodness gracious sakes alive.

I do give the wretches credit for representing the majority opinipn in this country.In a democracy this is important even though the majority opinions may be detrimental to the foundation of their democratic republic.

Your rants are at least based on some deeply hidden motivation that not even comprehend everyday.
The "Simple Six" are motivated by nothing more than class envy.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/27/12 at 2:49

You have no class to envy moron.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/27/12 at 2:58

When Rasputin is slapped in the face with real reflection, he stammers and make disjointed post.

What you talking about boy?

By: Mike Burch on 10/27/12 at 4:48


My motivation is very simple. I've made a lot of money through a lot of hard work. I own and run a computer software company. I am far from the "communist" you claim me to be. I don't think pure communism works in the real world, because human beings need to be rewarded for doing hard work. But I believe in a fair, level playing field, and right now we don't have that. As a result, the middle class is under enormous pressure and it's taking a toll on people's lives and health. So I think we need to stop giving every advantage to the rich people, and strive for something fairer. If the system is fair, the people with the best talent, ideas and work ethics should do better than the average bear.

The reason I oppose Bishop Romney is that he is wrong on nearly every plank in his platform. Someone with the wrong values and goals cannot lead our nation, or any nation, in the right direction. Romney is like a slick used car salesman trying to pass of a Yugo as an exotic sports car to patsies. His math doesn't add up. He assumes more positions that most streetwalkers. He seems to have only one clear goal: to become president. Everything else remains up in the air.

President Obama isn't perfect, and is too militant for my taste, but when he says he's going to do something, he generally tries to do what he says. And his policies have a better chance of succeeding than those of people like Romney and Ryan, who try to convince gullible voters that they can make $7 trillion vanish from the budget by waving magic wands.


By: Mike Burch on 10/27/12 at 4:51


I agree. With a level playing field, people who want to make lots of money can try to do that. But we can't let the big dog harm millions of women and children.

The best solution is to make the system fair for everyone, and make sure the big dogs play by fair rules. In our house, we have one big dog and five smaller dogs, and we make sure they all get good treatment, not just the big dog.

I think President Obama wants a level playing field, and Romney and the Romulans want to keep the system rigged to favor the super-rich.


By: yogiman on 10/27/12 at 5:42


If you are wealthy, financially, you must have earned your wealth by physical labor because it sure wasn't earned from mental superiority capacity. You sure didn't earn it with proper use of the English language. Especially by spelling when writing a sentence.

You commented you can from a good stock of people. You may have, but if you did you soured quick in your life. You can't post to a person decently unless it's one of your "buddies".

The mentality you posses shows you don't know how to understand or accept anything anyone else is posting, unless, of course, they're one of your "buddy" co-posters.

By: yogiman on 10/27/12 at 6:14

I hate to say this,Mike, but you indicate to me you're a fellow communist with Barry Soetoro. Why? Because you comment you favor a usurper for office rather than a natural born American citizen. You don't have to like Romney, but he's running for that office legally. Your favorite man Soetoro isn't. There has been only one man that I can think of who went in that office without competition. That was George Washington.

Every man since him who's been in that office has had opponents.

I read today where 'Obama' has spent over 5 million dollars to lawyers to keep all knowledge about himself under lock and key.

Do you know what the first executive order 'Obama' issued when he went in office? I suggest you read EO 13489, signed January 21, 2008. Odd, wasn't it. What doesn't he want us to know about himself?

You've commented you're in the 1% wealth bracket, Mike. You must have meant financially, it sure isn't mentally. To accept a usurper in office shows your lack of understanding what our founders meant when they put that special requirement in our Constitution only for the two highest offices in the nation. Barry Soetoro is a prime example for the reason of that requirement and his unwilling to prove he is. Ever wonder why? Forgive me for asking, I should have known better.

By: yogiman on 10/27/12 at 6:29

s/h/b "being" unwilling to prove he is. Or his "unwillingness" to prove he is. Take your pick.

By: Mike Burch on 10/28/12 at 1:01


I am not a "communist." I was a Reagan Republican who left the party when it descended into madness. I now support Democrats because there is no other viable alternative. It would be nice to have a choice, but Ronald Reagan couldn't get elected today; his own family has pointed this out.

I wish there was an alternative to Barack Obama. I would favor a candidate who would get us out of wars in the Middle East quickly, and keep us out of a region where our actions have done more harm than good. But there is no decent Republican alternative. Our only choice is Bishop Romney, the high priest of a cult that teaches that God had sex with Mary, that Jesus is a polygamist, and that God the Father is a human being who lives on the planet Kolob with his harem of wives. Bishop Romney has been called a serial flip-flopper and a liar by senior members of his own party.

We only have two realistic choices for president. You can insult my intelligence if it makes you feel better about yourself, but that changes nothing. I have studied the issues and the men who are running for president. You ought to stop worrying about a piece of paper for a minute, and ask yourself about the character of the men who are running for president.


By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 6:58

I'm glad to learn you aren't a communist, Mike. But let me point out; the communists of the political world are very similar to the Muslims of the religious world. If you don't belong to the communist party or the Muslim faith, you are subject to death. Your choice for the Presidency was raised as a Muslim and a communist. How different are you today than the way you was raised as a child?

As a child I was taught there was thousands of different religions on earth and they all had different beliefs. The Muslims faith was the only faith created my man.

Of course the Mormon faith is a religion different to all others, and like the Mormons, they all believe in God but take different "roads" to Heaven.

To accept a communist as your president would equal the Muslim faith as a God fearing religion. Or should I say God loving.

Because Barry Soetoro has proven himself to be a Muslim and a communist, you had better wake up before you vote for him.

I'm not trying to insult your intelligence, Mike, I'm only trying to use it to show you different political thoughts. "Obama" has proven himself to be as anti-American as a man can get. The only reason I have had anyone comment as why they voted for him was his race. Has my fellow Americans gotten that ignorant today, to vote a man for the President's office who refuses to identify himself? And many of them are now going to vote for him again even though they still don't know who he is of what his goals are for our nation.

Hell fire, Mike, the man hasn't even proved himself to be an American citizen, let alone a natural born citizen... and you're going to vote for him even if he's still an Indonesian citizen?

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 7:21

Oh, by the way, Mike, Romney has proven he is legally eligible for that office. Your man Barry still refuses to. Haven't you ever wondered why?

The one thing "Obama" has proven is; he's done a lousy job putting us deeper into debt. He doesn't deserve a second shot at the game. Use the old; "One time and you're out" scheme and put Romney in the office to see what kind of job he will do. If he can't do a good job, give him that old "One term and you're out, too, Mitt.

Mike, of the 43 Presidents we've had plus one usurper, 25 of them have been "one termers" because the proved they didn't deserve a second term, and one term is too many for Barry.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/28/12 at 8:06

Mike Burch...............the word I left out as tried to master a cell phone is "you"after even and before comprehend.

If I had not read some of the distortions by you, I would find your 10/27/12 at 5:48 to be a very noble and well thought out response to being an American. (Very well written)

There is something amiss in your philosophy and position that I am unable to put my finger on through just your postings. You are bright enough (unlike the "Simple Six") to direct your writings into a column of fairness while covering up your bias.

I for the life of me do not think that the rich are being given an advantage. Are you talking about capital gains? Lots and lots of risk there. Are you talking about dividend income? What exactly are the advantages. Are there any advantages that are not offered to every American who has the capability and drive to pursue the "good life"

Many a night I lay awake and pondered the decisions I had made that day and that month and that year and whether or not I would succeed or whether I would wind up in the same economic circumstance as the "Simple Six"

I am retired and live on strictly my investments. The risks that I take everyday require the same skills that I used to put myself in this position. In fact the path to keeping my wealth is probably just as tentative as it is for the "Simple Six" to keep their job and their future.

This country is on the brink of devastation and that will include everyman. I find Wall Street to be filled with the most villianous and dastardly stewards of this countries wealth.
I also am aware that the money these whores manage are the manna in which this country grows. That money belongs not just to the whores but to people like me and the people like you and everyman and woman who is funding a future for themselves.

Barack Hussein Obama and people like you who want to reward the non-productive are tantamount to the villians who control our money, I have no repect for those whose actions put themselves as a ward of the republic. As one of my favorite historical people once said. "Let the eat cake". Had it been me I would have added an addendum, "Let them eat cake while I give them a broom and a rake and a shovel and any job that will occupy their time."

In this country we have the illegal immigrants who swarm to this country for jobs. They did not come for the vacation. They are here for the jobs that our worthless underclass would not take. These vile creatures wanted "free stuff" while they created most of the crime in this country.

Mike Burch,

By: Captain Nemo on 10/28/12 at 9:37


By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 10:59


Unless a person inherits their wealth from their parents or a will, they work their butts off to earn it. But the government has given handouts for decades as a manner of buying the lazies votes.

Looking at the many on TV news who are saying they are going to riot if Obama isn't re-elected are all in the "hand-out" programs. They can't even speak simple English. Why" Because they never wanted, or received an education.

And by the way, there are no illegal immigrants in the USA. The ones who have come here as immigrants have come here legally.

The ones who come here illegally are illegal aliens. Illegal aliens aren't identified as illegal Immigrants.

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 11:12

A thought to be considered: As I have argued, Barry is in that office illegally, and he is re-elected (which I hope God stands by us and he isn't), and the fact of his illegality is brought out to the public, what do you Obama admirers think will happen when his illegality is brought out?

Will all of the judicial appointments he's made, the EOs he's issued, and the laws issued by congress he has signed, become null and void?

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 11:13

A thought to be considered: As I have argued, Barry is in that office illegally, and he is re-elected (which I hope God stands by us and he isn't), and the fact of his illegality is brought out to the public, what do you Obama admirers think will happen when his illegality is brought out?

Will all of the judicial appointments he's made, the EOs he's issued, and the laws issued by congress he has signed, become null and void?

By: Ask01 on 10/28/12 at 11:25

The absolute ignorance displayed by many right wing zealots, totally disregarding the most basic biology taught, for now at least, in public schools calls into question the sanity, if not the educational level of those who would remake America in their own image. (Today America, tomorrow the world. That sounds frighteningly familiar.)

There is little need to attempt further frightening voters. The limited intellectual capacity so far displayed, added to the attempts to extort votes by warnings of job cuts, atop the ham handed efforts to deny voting rights should suffice for any thinking person.

Of course, I suppose "Commodore" Romney will need the additional manpower, "gifts from God" as it were, to man his sailing ships when he drops anchor in foreign harbors to deliver more American jobs.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/28/12 at 11:44

ASK01............Romney is not going to be elected. If more jobs are exported to foreign harbors they will be delivered by Americans who are seeking lower prices delivered by foreign made goods.

I have been in business since 1962 as an entrepreneur and as a corporate manager and officer. Not one time have I witnessed or heard of an American corporation who wanted to move their operations to a foreign country. They moved because their customers wanted prices lower than the labor and bureaucratic laws could delivr from the United States.

By: Ask01 on 10/28/12 at 12:46

I don't, nor do I try to appear to belong to the upper class. Considering the undeserved sense of self importance and snobbish attitude directed at the working class I perceive from these people, I don't feel any sense of lacking.

My family is firmly rooted in the working middle class. We experienced some lean times when I was laid off due to a combination of technological changes and a souring economy, but thanks to the military pension I earned, we were able to weather the storm.

I actually came through the experience with a changed attitude regarding the so called, 'self made' class. After observing the desperate situations forced onto many of the working class so the 'upper classes' could continue to experience profit growth, I became what the Republican right wing should fear most; someone who has had their eyes opened and realizes all their work time counts for nothing and once unemployed, they will be treated like dirt by their former colleagues.

While I never bought into the 'superior class mentality,' I also never actually gave the attitude of the wealthy much thought. Nor did I really pay much attention to those who took took literally or even twisted Biblical stories to fit their goals, having believed that practice pretty much ended with reconstruction and the Civil Rights movement. All of this, the disdain displayed for the 'unworthy 47%,' the antiquated view of world and military affairs, the 'let them eat cake' attitude of Mrs. "you people" Romney, and the woefully archaic and oppressive attitude directed toward women should pretty much scare anyone with at least a high school education and a basic knowledge of the sciences into concluding a vote for the any of the 3 R's could launch America on a road we do not wish to walk.

I have two daughters and the attitudes of Willard and Company do not fit the future I wish for my offspring.

By: Mike Burch on 10/28/12 at 1:50


I think it is true that most American business owners don't want to move American jobs overseas. However, that is not true for LBO sharks like Romney. An LBO is often a get-rich quick plan for the "investors." If they can put up a few million dollars, then borrow larger amounts of money which they can pay themselves in the form of special dividends and management fees, they have a guaranteed profit for themselves. But all too often factories, jobs and workers have to be liquidated to make the get rich scheme work. And quite often the debt-laden companies fail and everyone gets liquidated, while the investors laugh to their Cayman Island banks.

So let's be honest. Most American business owners do not want such things to happen. But someone like Romney has no qualms about making money the easy way, regardless of what happens to people who are far less wealthy.


By: Mike Burch on 10/28/12 at 1:59


Now it seems Romney wants to do an LBO on the US public. It makes no sense to have a revenue-neutral tax plan. What's the point? What Romney and Ryan want to do is transfer even more wealth from the middle income class to the wealthiest Americans. They cannot possibly come up with $7 trillion in deductions without further robbing the middle class. And Romney has redefined "middle class" as people making $200,000 or more per year. But the median family income is only $50,000 per year.

This is a recipe for a French-style or Russian-style revolution ... utter madness.

The Democrats have a better plan: raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans, back to the Clinton-era levels. Stimulate the economy by letting the people who will spend the money -- the middle class -- keep some of their tax breaks. Keep military spending within reason, since our military is vastly superior to anyone else's, especially when we factor in the militaries of our allies.

Romney and Ryan would risk bankrupting the middle class, to help the rich get even richer. But that risks riots in the streets, because working people can only take so much s**t before they explode.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/28/12 at 2:36

Mike Burch.....I will respond to you 2:50 as follows. I hope that I made it perfectly clear in my 9:06 that I hold the despots from Wall Street in delirious disregard. I have no quarrel with your assesment as it pertains to the Wall Street charlatans. Something must be done to corral these injustices to the American way of investing and saving.

Romney may not be the solution but I know for sure that Barack Hussein Obama is not the solution. In any case Mitt Romney is the least of your concerns. He is not going to be elected. I rep\eat he is not going to be elected.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/28/12 at 2:55

Mike Burch......I will respond to your 2:59.

First of all I think very strongly that we are debating a mute point. Mitt Romney is not going to be elected President of the United States

Now for the sake of an exchange of philosophy, I think that a family in the United States earning $50,000 dollars a year and less is as close to being poor as a person making $250,000 dollars a year is to being wealthy.

Probably startling to you, I believe in a continuing escalation of the tax brackets. I also am strongly in favor of everyone including the welfare recipients paying something into the federal tax basket. If the politics of this country were removed from the exponent of fairness in the tax code I am sure that you and I as representives of two different philosophies could come up with and equitable solution. We might beat each other to death for a couple days with our rants but it could be done.

In any case middle class is not $50,000 dollars a year and neither is $250,000 dollars a year wealthy. I do not even think $500,000 dollars a year is wealthy but then I am a net worth person not a cash flow person. A fellow or family making $500,000 dollars a year with a net worth of say $500,000 dolllars is as vulnerable to a change in circumstance as your mythical $50,000 dollar middle class family. Only until one has a net worth of $10 million dollars could I truly consider him and his family as being wealthy.

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 2:57

Are proving yourself to be one of the idiots on this site, Ask01? Have you read the first Executive Order Barry Soetoro signed?

Read EO 13489 that was signed on Jan. 21, 2009, the day after his inauguration. Can you explain why he wants all of his papers under lock and key?

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 3:08

I hate to call you wrong, Rasputin72, but there's a lot more people working to earn their lively hood money than those too damn lazy to work walking in with their hand out.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/28/12 at 3:09

YOGI.............I admire your dedication to keeping the birther issue alive. Not only do the simpletons who post on this forum not give a good damn at this point about his birthplace but neither do those that are fighting to keep their standard of living from being taxed for the explicit purpose of subsidizing the worthless humanity that exists in the United States/

Someday a historian and a slueth may very well prove your point about the birthplace, It is not an issue today that the majority of Americans rich and poor are willing to pursue with the same vigor that you possess.

You will probably die without ever knowing where the birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama actually and truly was. You may live to see the day when he is exposed as being nothing more than a Muslim socialist community organizer. However the majority of Americans today are only interested in class warfare. This will be proven on November 6th before midnight.

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 3:41


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I imagine the way Mitt Romney made his fortune was perfectly legitimate. And you know what? I would bet all of you on this site would do the same thing to make a personal fortune for yourselves. But then, you are all different so it would be okay.... right?

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 3:50


You made a comment about $50, 000 being the middle class in the USA. Damn, I believe I'll go on welfare.

I read an article recently where the welfare families was costing us over $65,000 annually. Or could it possibly be it's costing us $15,000 per household to hand that $50,000 out to them?

I also question why the ones on welfare should be given more that the lower income class.

Does the lower income class have to work and earn their money, or do we not have a lower income class any longer in the USA?

By: Ask01 on 10/28/12 at 4:04

Mike, I have tried to explain, with limited success I might add, the very real danger of a French style revolution sparked by the refusal of those controlling the wealth to invest money creating jobs to stimulate the economy, creating jobs, and enabling people to drag themselves out of the pit created by those who butchered the economy.

The usual response centers on a disbelief that such an event could happen in America in 2012. I believe if it were possible to ask, those who fell in the French and Russian revolutions believed they lived in a far too advanced and educated society for such a disaster to strike.

Likewise, the residents in republics of former Yugoslavia probably never believed their grand culture could ever be reduced to such a state.

While I doubt an armed revolution would ever come about in America, an economic revolt could wait in the wings, particularly if circumstances put the correct party in power. The rich and corporations might find themselves more heavily taxed than they imagine, and savy beaurocrats might write exit taxes of 100% or more for those attempting to flee to their tax shelters. Just a thought, you know.

Too many people boil this down to simple racism, but that is indeed too simple. The broader canvas will reveal the 'ism' at work here is against not just minorities, but anyone who is working class, perhaps unfortunate enough to be out of work, accepting public assistance, too old, too young, or a variety of other factors rendering those individuals undesirable.

Whatever happens, election day +1 will be vey interesting for everyone.

By: yogiman on 10/28/12 at 4:09

My issue isn't a birther issue, Rasputin72. My issue is the Constitution this nation was developed as the guidelines to live by, and it's done a pretty good job for 235 years. I strongly oppose putting it in the outhouse.

I'm really too old to worry about it today, but I hope my middle aged kids and grand children can have a nation like I lived in.

But no, I won't die without ever knowing when he was born, Rasptutin72, because he advertised his birthplace for 16 years. I know he's an every other word liar but was he lying about his birthplace before he "threw his hat in the ring"?

As you know: Time will tell, and I'm afraid you all are going to find out too late. And again, I hope I'm wrong.

By: Captain Nemo on 10/28/12 at 8:34


By: Captain Nemo on 10/28/12 at 8:34


By: Captain Nemo on 10/28/12 at 8:34