Burch: Mr. Inappropriate

Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 10:05pm
By Michael R. Burch

A Tennessee athlete played two key roles in the 2012 Olympics. Amber Charles captains the Tennessee Temple University women’s basketball team, but she hails from London. In 2004, she presented London’s proposal to members of the International Olympic Committee. Recently, millions of people watched her carry the final torch at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Tennessee is also represented by other athletes, including 2004 Olympic gold medalist Justin Gatlin, a world-class sprinter, and Candace Parker and Tamika Catchings, two world-class basketball players who won gold medals in the 2008 Olympics.

But unfortunately not all Americans are as exemplary. One less-than-world-class visitor threw a dark shadow over the opening ceremonies and left millions of otherwise ecstatic Brits feeling slighted by a prototypical “ugly American.”

Mitt Romney fumbled the ball in his first attempt at international diplomacy, when he suggested that London was not ready to host the Olympics. He called British preparations “disconcerting,” saying it’s “hard to know just how well it will turn out.” He seemed to be suggesting that England’s organizers fell short of the Olympic gold standard: himself.

America’s Mr. Inappropriate shocked Downing Street with his bad manners and lack of grace. Prime Minister David Cameron rebuked Romney with typical British irony: “We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities in the world. Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere.”

But Romney was not content to insult only the organizers. He also seemed to impugn the character of the English people, by asking if they would “come together and celebrate the Olympic moment,” as if only Americans under his leadership are capable of attending sporting events.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid justifiably questioned why an American presidential candidate would “go over and insult everybody.”

Then, as if determined to prove that what happened in London was no fluke, Romney proceeded to alienate most of the Muslim world when, during his next stop in Israel, he suggested that Israelis enjoy a better standard of living than Palestinians because they have a superior culture and enjoy the “hand of providence.”

The remarks understandably infuriated Palestinians, who accused Romney of racism and not taking into account the fact that Israel has established a military occupation of the West Bank and a naval blockade of Gaza, which have devastated the Palestinian economy. The consensus opinion of international economists, including the IMF and World Bank, is that the Palestinian economy will remain depressed until Israel ends restrictions on imports, exports and the movement of goods.

But that was not the end of Romney’s blunders. During a speech delivered later in the day, he said, “It’s a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.” The problem, of course, is that Israel has already wrested around 80 percent of the land of Palestine from the native population by force, hook and crook. If Israel claims all Jerusalem, the Palestinians will have no hope of a viable state of their own. So Israel claiming all Jerusalem with the backing of its superpower patron could inspire another intifada, more acts of terrorism like 9/11 and perhaps even World War III.

Later, Romney spoke of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something saner world leaders have wisely refused to do. At times Sheldon Adelson, the Jewish-American billionaire casino magnate who has contributed millions to Newt Gingrich’s and Romney’s presidential campaigns, sat next to Mr. Inappropriate. It seems obvious to me that Adelson is making massive contributions to American politicians in return for them agreeing to support an American embassy in Jerusalem. But that could be seen as an act of war by people who demand independence from Israeli tyranny and oppression for Palestinians.

“We condemn his statements. Those who speak about the two-state solution should know that there can be no Palestinian state without East Jerusalem,” chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told Reuters. “What this man is doing here is just promoting extremism, violence and hatred, and this is absolutely unacceptable. His statements are just rewarding the occupation and aggression.”

Romney has criticized Barack Obama, alleging that the president had “thrown Israel under a bus” by pushing for a two-state solution. But the man most responsible for defending Israel, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, made it clear that the Obama administration has given “unprecedented backing to Israel’s security” and has “done a lot to maintain Israel’s qualitative [military] advantage” in the region.

So it seems that even Israeli Jews and Palestinians who agree about nothing else can agree about one thing: Mr. Inappropriate has no business trying to lead the free world.

Michael R. Burch is a Nashville-based editor and publisher of Holocaust poetry and other “things literary” at www.thehypertexts.com.

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By: frodo on 8/3/12 at 7:50

A. Mr. Romney told the truth in England.
B. Despite how we Americans assume that our echo chamber reverberates around the world, Mr. Romney's comments were I very small cloud in the sky...hardly a dark shadow.
C. Mr. Romney told the truth in Israel.
D. Calling upon the wisdom of Harry Reid is akin to leaving brain surgery to Oprah.
E. Only 96 days until election.

By: gdiafante on 8/3/12 at 9:43

A. It's called tact, and the potential leader of the free world should exhibit it occassionally.

B. Perception is reality. What is considered a small cloud here could be a major storm front elsewhere. As related to "A", awareness is a good trait to have when making comments abroad.

C. Romney doesn't even believe what he said, he's pandering.

D. Fact: Romney insulted the English on several fronts. Fact: it's legitimate to question why a candidate would do so.

E. Wow, you can count. And they say Americans are bad in math...

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 9:50

May I add F. to your list, frodo?

We're not electing Mitt Romney to "lead the free world". We're electing him to bring this nation our of the bankruptcy the usurper in office has gotten us in.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:02

Mitt has spoken and Americas world standing goes South. Waiting for next GOP war to start, but will our Allies joint in with Mitt calling them names.

By: brrrrk on 8/3/12 at 10:17

yogiman said

"We're not electing Mitt Romney to "lead the free world". We're electing him to bring this nation our of the bankruptcy the usurper in office has gotten us in."

Yogi, you dumbass.... much of our foriegn trade is based on the relationship that we have with those foriegn goverments. It does our economy no good if we have a putz like Romney going around pissing everyone off. THINK!!!

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:20

Paradise Ridge Hot Flash

A. Mitt thought he was Ireland when he bad mouth England.
B. Mitt words were overlooks by the right wing fringe, because they are the only people in the world.
C. Mitt tells only what he thinks right wing fringe want to here.
D. Mitt kisses up to Israel in hopes to get the domestic Jews vote.
E. Hobbit lives hot spot for KKK want-to-bees. LOL

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 10:24

brrrk, you dumb ass,

Foreign businesses do their business with companies that make them money, not the ones their "leaders" don't like.

They don't care who their leaders agree with or get along a with. If you was in a worldwide business, would you?

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:25

Waste of time brrrk, it can't think. It does not have the brains to do so. Now if you want to stop its enthusiastic idiotically whine, don’t pay any attention to it. It will wittier and die and you will be happier for not reading its drool.

By: dargent7 on 8/3/12 at 10:37

The problem with Americans is that they think the world, no, make that the Universe, revolves around them.
We picket the Koyoto Summits on clean energy. Deny, deny, deny.
We have 20,000 murders annually whereas the German Nazis in 2nd have only 650.
We invade soveriegn countries based on "cooked" intel. The CIA got it wrong...oops.
We destroy civilizations, "We had to destroy it in order to save it".
It's all me, me, me.
GM's profits lost 41% because of European markets. Billy and Jim Bob on their tractors understand world markets and the interconnectivity?
So, Mittens and Lovey who are filthy rich go abroad to smooze with Israel (needing Florida, badly), Poland, and insult London. Like Salt Lake City is anything like London, England. Complete putz. So out of touch. And Mittens is going to resuce middle-America?
By what? Bombing Iran and Syria in his 1st 100 days?

By: brrrrk on 8/3/12 at 10:45

yogiman said

"Foreign businesses do their business with companies that make them money, not the ones their "leaders" don't like.

They don't care who their leaders agree with or get along a with. If you was in a worldwide business, would you?"

Wrong again jackass. Businesses are legal entitities that exist by way of charters controlled by the government in which the business is incorporated. If you believe that a business incorporated within the state of Isreal is going to be allowed by the Isreali government to buy products from Iran just because they are cheaper, then you have no concept of the socio-political-economic world we live in. Or better yet, try to go out and buy a real Cuban cigar....

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:48

In my first 100 days, I will have an elevator in every country to start any war I deem necessary.

Mitt Romney

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:51

You are wasting all of our time by post logic to a moron, brrrk.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 10:59

It is Vacation time now I’m going to start it by see a movie, maybe Total Recall to start with and then batman later.

Later people.

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 11:12


When nations are enemies is one thing. When one government leader doesn't like another government leader is another.

For example: why didn't all of the businesses in England quit business in the US after your man Barry treated that nation like he did on entering office. You know, the disk he sent to the Queen she couldn't play over there. Or for sending Churchill's head unit back over there.

According to your argument, after Obama's demeanor they all should have stopped doing business with the US.

By: brrrrk on 8/3/12 at 11:50

yogiman said

"When nations are enemies is one thing. When one government leader doesn't like another government leader is another."

Wrong again.... France has been a long time friend of ours going back to their participation in and the funding of the Revolutionary war. And yet I seem to recall how French products and businesses were boycotted just recently; by individuals, by businesses and by legislators.... and that was just for a percieved slight by France, not a real one. If you really believe that relationships don't matter, then you don't have a clue.

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 12:07

"yet I seem to recall". Eh? Did you or didn't you? It's human nature for a customer to shop elsewhere if they come to a "don't like" of the owner of a store or one of their employees. That's called human nature. I don't shop at Wal-Mart unless I can't find what I need from a local merchant. I don't mind paying more for it, I just don't like shopping in a store with everything made in China.

And why don't I like things made in China? Because the products they make aren't what I want and I don't like the way the Chinese government "governs" their citizens. We can, at least, elect our government even though we can't tell them what we want them to do.

By: frodo on 8/3/12 at 12:45

The same snooze media that treated Obama like Eisenhower-Ghandi-Mohammed on his highly pretentious 2008 strut though Europe were breathless to see and hear the worst at every turn of Romney's tour. It is clear what the Republican nominee will be up against. Obama won't need to spend a cent on media. His publicity machine is 24/7 in print and on teevee. And he is already rewarding the worshiping media by handing out huge grants to the likes of Los Angeles Times and Washington Post, forcing us to redifine "facism," so no one will confuse the word with this presidency.
E. Only 96 days until election.
and adding
F. Prosecutions begin in about one year.

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 12:58


You say I don't seem to have a clue on the business industries. I say you don't have a cue on why Barack Obama should not be in the White House.

1. A convicted felon and Chicago real estate developer, Tony Rezko, purchased a piece of land adjacent to the Obamas' home in Hyde Park IL. He then sold a 10 foot strip of that lot that adjoined Obama for $104,500. That sale left the rest of that lot worthless because it is now too small to use it and Rezko payed $625,000 for it.

Was that a legitimate transaction? I don't know the real estate laws of Chicago but it probably was. But with Obama being an "insider" in Chicago, it possibly wasn't. It was just left behind closed doors.

By: yogiman on 8/3/12 at 1:12


I'm afraid Obama isn't the main picture on this issue. He's only one man. He has to have too much backing. There's a group (I believe headed and financed by Soro) that's brought Obama into the picture using that "first black president" issue to get control of the US.

I'm amazed how so many Americans can elect someone as their president whom they don't even know.

I really doubt if he would have been elected if couldn't have got the votes from those dead people and dogs that were given family names.

Old folks always hate to get older but I'll be glad to see Nov. 6 get here as fast as it can.

By: govskeptic on 8/3/12 at 3:28

Romney only stated what most of the British Press had been saying for weeks,
concerning the problems of procuring Security Personnel. London has a lot
of left leaning press and with a small push from our own a Mountain was
made of a molehill, just to discredit the man and his trip. They did a good job.
Three major American TV networks devoted 85% of their coverage of the trip
to so-called gaffes by Mr. Romney. Our resident editorialist continues with
the same. Reads like written by Axlerod's intern

By: Rasputin72 on 8/3/12 at 3:55

I relate very well to Mitt Romney. I hardly think however that very few middle class people relate and certainly no lower class and underclass Americans. I think Obama should garner 54% of the popular vote and I think Ohio will put him over in the electoral college.

We have a majority of people who think they are entitled to the same standard of living their parents and grandparents had. ..Every President and every Congress Democrat and Republican has done their part since 1946 to ensure that there will only be the haves and the have nots in this country.

The haves will struggle and most will prevail. The have nots will do their part through our democratic voting process to make this one of the ugliest social environments on the face of the earth.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 3:55

Romney was a guest in England, if some English candidate had been here and said something to the order Mitt did, frodo and gov would be beside themselves call for someone head.

Now would you boys. LOL

By: Captain Nemo on 8/3/12 at 4:05

The cheap lord waddles up to the podium and say, “I relate very well to Mitt Romney. I hardly think however that very few middle class people relate and certainly no lower class and underclass Americans.”

He really is a funny boy.

By: bfra on 8/3/12 at 6:10

Nemo = What the cheap lord doesn't realize is, anyone as well off as he tries to convince everyone, won't spend everyday on a public form talking about it.

By: Rasputin72 on 8/3/12 at 7:34

Bfra.........Oh yes they do..........This board is full of people pushing their view of life towards everyone else........

By: parnell3rd on 8/4/12 at 5:25

Fact, did you see all the empty seats? Did you hear the lame excuse's for the empty seats. I'm glad they put their soldiers in those empty seats. Did they take them off of security details.
Fact, how did American's get our land? Do you want to answer that one?
Fact, President Obama traveled, bowed, and Obamagized to every country he visited for America's greatness, money, and the fact we saved most of their countries from really bad people.
Fact, If there are any living Facist, Nazi's, Japanese Imperialist still living they weep with joy when they read Mr. Burch's weekly propaganda.
If all of you liberals hate American Capitalism so much, why don't you move to another country?
Time for an Obama fact, Unemployment over 8% for 43 months in a row.
"If you pass the stimulas bill unemployment will stay under 8%" Obama.
Keep voting for change. Oh, sorry vote "Forward" into national banckruptcy.

By: yogiman on 8/4/12 at 5:50


Re your 11:17 post of 8/3: You tell me to think, so I have followed your suggestion and thought. I think it would be good if you would think before making such ignorant comments.

Your statement: "Yogi, you dumbass.... much of our foreign trade is based on the relationship that we have with those foreign governments. It does our economy no good if we have a putz like Romney going around pissing everyone off. THINK!!!".

Think is a dumbass comment, brrrrk.

Our President's "getting along" with the leaders of other countries in this world is not our President's obligation to "leading the world".

Why should the [leader] of a foreign government follow our President as their leader? The people of their nation elected him to represent them, not follow our President's guidelines.

Such a ridiculous comment is like telling me I should follow you with your idiotic comments as my leader. I will admit, it's a good laugh.

By: dargent7 on 8/4/12 at 8:00

Happy Birthday, Mr. President....Obama is 51. Same as "yogi's IQ.
See, people make strange bedfellows.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/4/12 at 9:01

Not only is it Obama's birthday it is also Billy Bob Thornton and Captain Nemoe's birthdat\y.

Too high on the IQ there d7.

By: yogiman on 8/4/12 at 9:05

Just think, dargent7, he will only be 51 years, 3 month and 2 days old when you will finally come to understand what that man is.

I really feel sorry for you because I believe you're going to be very surprised and disappointed.

By: yogiman on 8/4/12 at 11:49

Mike, since you are so "pro" Romney, I thought you might like this poem I just read. It's from a man named Wes McKay based on the "99 bottles on the wall" poem.

99 days...to Obama's great fall
99 days...thank God that's all

99 days...left in the fight
99 days...to make things right

99 days...to election day
99 days...till we have our say

99 days...and yes, the sun will rise
99 days...and we will say our goodbye

99 days...until he's gone
99 days...until the new dawn

God Bless America on Her Re-Birth... November 2012.

So I must say; Hurray!!

By: pswindle on 8/4/12 at 7:00

After Romney's trip overseas, it really doesn't matter what he says, no one is listening. He can't handle the world stage and now everyone knows it.

By: yogiman on 8/5/12 at 1:32

You wasn't overseas with Romney, pswindle, and only know what was reported by an Obama supporter.

Two things to look at: Romney is a very successful businessman and a former successful politician. He knows how to run a political office and how to run a business. And he is running for office legally.

Obama has no business experience and has done nothing but put this nation deeper in to debt than all presidents before him combined. And he is not in that office legally.

Those two point are the basic differences between the two. I prefer a successful businessman legally running for the office..

By: dargent7 on 8/5/12 at 6:48

Romney was a 1 term governor.
Mass. came in 45th out 50 in all categories.
He was chosen for the Salt Lake City Olympics because he's a Bishop in the Mormon church.
He's all looks and no substance.
You like plastic potted plants?
Mittens and Lovey are two plastic potted plants that will never occupy the W.H.

By: yogiman on 8/5/12 at 9:43


I hope you wake up before the election. I suggest you go to the Tennessee post and go to "Fight against Islam stretches beyond Murfreesboro mosque" and check out Lt. Col. Boykin's talk.

By: Ask01 on 8/5/12 at 11:22

I overheard a conversation recently dealing with the last presidential election. It seems, according to one person, Willard, or 'W2,' as they refered to Mr Romney, had been on the so called 'short list' of potential vice presidential candidates for Sen. John McCain.

Willard, it seems, was supposedly rejected when Team McCain began looking into his financials and developed extreme concerns about baggage which could severely impact the campaign. Instead they selected then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. We all see how well they gambit played out.

The conclusion was if Sarah was a better choice at the time, what skeltons lurked within Willard's closet? Further, what deranged logic leads them to believe the damage will be any less now?

W2's actions while abroad cast severe doubt on his already obviously minimal diplomatic skills. Obama was well received during his pre election visits abroad. I was absolutely stunned at the time to observe the apparent adoration bestowed on President Obama by nations across Europe.

I am equally awed by Willard's ability to offend and agitate people across, not only Europe, but into Asia. A true inter continental threat.

By: yogiman on 8/5/12 at 12:29


May I refer you to the point if you don't know a point personally, you can only hear what someone else has to say. What they say then, will be the personal thought rather than one of knowledge.

While we don't know if Romney was considered before, If he was turned down before, why wasn't the so-called "reason" made known before? Isn't it funny they can let it be known today, only after he reaches the nomination point? Wouldn't it normally be at the beginning of the race?

Take, for instance, Harry Reid is making remarks about Mitt Romney not paying any taxes for ten year, on the Senate floor, but he hasn't offered any knowledge of that accusation. Which makes me wonder: How much taxes has Harry Reid paid in those ten years, and why does he refuse to "let it be known"?

Now, questioning Romney's appearance overseas. Was he in such an era of ignorance he shouldn't be our leader, or would you prefer a leader who bows to the leaders of the other nations?

Even seeing and hearing, on TV, we don't know all of the facts.

But in today's circumstance, I prefer a President who will be in the office legally instead of a continued usurper.

I'm sorry I referred to Lt. Gen. Boykin as Lt. Col. before, but may I refer you to checking the Tennessean site and listen to him on the mosque issue in that "Fight Against Islam Stretches Beyond Murfreesboro Mosque".

By: Captain Nemo on 8/5/12 at 1:09

pswindle, if you think people are not listening to Romney now, just wait till after the debates.

By: Captain Nemo on 8/5/12 at 1:16

AskO1 if Palin is a better choice than Romney, then the GOP is in bigger trouble than I first thought. It most be the Tea Party effect.

By: Mike Burch on 8/5/12 at 2:01


If you vote for Sauron, your country may soon look like Mordor.


By: Mike Burch on 8/5/12 at 2:07


You said, "We're not electing Mitt Romney to "lead the free world".

But that's not what Romney says himself. He is clearly talking about an American Century that sounds like a shorter version of the "thousand year Reich."

Like Hitler and the Nazis, Romney and the neocons intend to launch war after war, defeating Iran and any other nation that dares stand in their way.

Who will pay the bills? You and your children. Who will die in the never-ending wars? Your children and grandchildren.

Romney clearly intends to lead the charge that results in the American Century. He is copying the philosophy and tactics of the Nazis:

American exceptionalism = Deutschland Uber Alles
The American Century = the thousand year Reich
Muslims = the dangerous Jews
Iran = Poland
the Muslim Word = the Allies

By: Mike Burch on 8/5/12 at 2:09


I agree. Romney is another GWB-like figurehead who will present an attractive face to launch the next war of the neocons. Dick Cheney, Sheldon Adelson and other war hawks have the war plans in place. All they need is a good-looking dumbass to do their bidding.


By: Mike Burch on 8/5/12 at 2:15


I agree. The gullible American public, like the gullible German pubic prior to WWII, refuses to see what its leaders are really up to.

Romney's power base is gun nuts and right-wing warmongers who think we can actually win the next war, even though we lost the last three major wars we started. The plan is to "take out" Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

How many lives will be lost? How many trillions of dollars will do down the drain? No one knows. But Jewish war hawks and Christians war hawks are "doing God's work," so in the end their plans are bound to succeed.

Of course Romney and the neocons are mad ...

By: Mike Burch on 8/5/12 at 2:23


What do you think the unemployment rate will be, after Romney attacks Iran (or more likely, gets Israel to do the dirty deed), then Iran starts firing missiles and mines the Straits of Hormuz, sending the fear factor and price of oil soaring?

Do you think the unemployment rate will go down, or up?

Do you think the US budget deficit will go down, or up?

Do you really think we can afford another moron like GWB in the White House?

People who dislike President Obama should think about the consequences of voting for someone who is intent on creating an American Century by fighting war after war.

By: yogiman on 8/5/12 at 5:54


I'm sure we hear things differently. I reckon my old ears hear what Romney says entirely different than the sounds your young ears allows in your skull.

And the fact Obama's legality doesn't matter to you makes me wonder where you came from. Have you ever become a naturalized citizen? I could understand an ex-foreigner accepting an illegal man in office.

A fact is: You never know what kind of President anyone will be until you elect them to office but it sure would make me feel better if the President was in that office legally, and Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama isn't.

If you're a Ray Stevens fan, you might like the song he just put out. Go to


By: yogiman on 8/5/12 at 5:58

One more point, Mike.

We haven't been in a declared war since WWII. We've only been in conflicts. Has there been a President in this nation that hasn't been involved in a conflict somewhere in their term of office; including Barack Obama?

By: Mike Burch on 8/6/12 at 12:20


Grenada may have been a conflict, but we all know that Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were full-fledged wars.


By: bfra on 8/6/12 at 3:14

yogi needs to walk up to a few of the veterans returning from Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq and tell them, face to face, they haven't been in a war, just a conflict. He might not be able to post here any more.

By: bfra on 8/6/12 at 3:17

yogi might also realize how dumb he is making out the GOP & teabaggers to be. Obama has been in office almost 4 yrs. now & they haven't been able to come up with any concrete evidence that he isn't legally there. They just yammer with rumors & gossip!

By: Ask01 on 8/6/12 at 3:20

There may be a legal difference, but for those involved the word play is pretty meaningless.

The last "declared" war was indeed World War II, Korea being considered, as I recall, a "police action," and Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were officially termed conflicts.

The sad thing is, whether a conflict or declared war, victims are just as dead.

Considering the loose cannon antics of Willard, making comments overseas about '"no response is off the table" regarding Iran, seeming to almost encourage the Israeli's to provoke an attack, I can agree with those expecting a war with some country in the Middle East within the first 100 days of an unlikely Willard administration.