Burch: White House or Waffle House?

Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 10:05pm
By Michael R. Burch

It can be trying (not to mention embarrassing) to live in Tennessee, when bigots periodically come out of the woodwork, using the Bible to prove that — take your pick — God wants white Christians to own slaves, or that it is the “Manifest Destiny” of white Christians to ethnically cleanse Native Americans, or that despite such insanity, Christianity is a “true religion” while Islam is either a “false religion” or “not really a religion.”

A good case in point is the recent “Chick-fil-A appreciation day,” which had Tennesseans standing in long lines to support homophobia. Elsewhere, right-wing twits like Michelle Bachmann were tweeting, urging their followers to support a company whose owners, the Cathys, publicly damn homosexuals while allegedly donating millions of dollars to groups that actively seek legislation against gay marriage.

Bachmann even released a video in which she smiles and waves a Chick-fil-A bag while crowing, “We are standing with the Cathys, who stand with the family.” However, the Cathys are not really “standing with the family” but demanding preference for purely heterosexual families, the way Bible believers of the past once demanded preference for purely white families.

It is no surprise that Sarah Palin quickly boarded the bigotry bandwagon, praising the Cathys while deriding President Obama for “flip flops” designed to “shore up” his “homosexual voter base.”

Such bastions of conservatism are completely tone deaf to equality and justice. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that they are no longer a few steps from the presidency. But what about the one conservative who still remains in serious contention for the White House?

Here’s what Mitt Romney once said while running for senate in gay-friendly Massachusetts: “... as we seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent.” Romney wrote this in a 1994 letter to a gay Republican group, the Log Cabin Republicans. His opponent was Ted Kennedy, who of course staunchly supported fully equal rights for gays, including marriage.

But Romney has more flip-flops than Daytona Beach and recently chickened out on the Chick-fil-A versus gay marriage affair, so it’s hard to say what he really believes. He now favors a constitutional amendment forbidding gay marriage and says that he opposes even civil unions between gays. But when asked to comment on Chick-fil-A-gate, he declined. Is that leadership? Don’t Americans deserve to know what he would do as president? Why not take bold action now, rather than leaving millions of Americans up in the air, guessing?

Romney is no stranger to the chicken coop. In a commencement address to Liberty University, an evangelical Christian school, Romney praised Truett Cathy, whose stance against gay marriage is well known. So Romney has all the information he needs to speak, if he so chooses.

But Romney’s 1994 promise, his contradictory comments made before conservative audiences, and his failure to address the larger American public combine to suggest that Romney either lacks firm convictions or refuses to make them known if doing so may cost him votes. In either case, his flip-flopping on gay rights seems to confirm that Romney would turn the White House into the Waffle House.

When it comes to strong, honestly stated personal convictions, Romney is no Ronald Reagan, and he falls far short of George W. Bush, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, who will at least say what they really believe, however bigoted that makes them seem to people with more liberal views.

The more I learn about Mitt Romney, the more he seems to combine the dishonesty of a Richard Nixon with the lack of acumen of a George W. Bush. That’s obviously a very dangerous combination, especially in a president. Romney is wrong on virtually every plank of his platform, whether favoring the 1 percent over the 99 percent; preserving tax cuts for the super rich while the middle- and lower-income classes sink deeper in debt; advocating war with Iran, when attacking Iran would duplicate and compound the error of attacking Iraq; opposing fully equal rights for non-heterosexuals; returning women’s reproductive rights to the Dark Ages; etc.

How can we make progress in better directions if our president has the wrong goals? How can we trust his goals if we can’t possibly know them, because he constantly waffles and flip-flops in search of votes?

Will Tennesseans help Romney turn the White House into the Waffle House, by voting for a man who is either a bigot too cowardly to publicly confess his bigotry, or such a shyster that he pretends to be a bigot in order to amass votes when speaking to conservatives, then pretends to be more enlightened when speaking to liberals?

Michael R. Burch is a Nashville-based editor and publisher of Holocaust poetry and other “things literary” at www.thehypertexts.com.

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By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 2:55

It's amazing, Mike. You seen to be able to make so many negative comments about Mitt Romney because you know so much about him. Could it be because he's a known American citizen in the Republican party and you don't think a very successfully accomplished businessman should be the nation's President?

Yet you don't seem to be able to make a negative comment about Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama. Could it be because you don't know anything about him, or could it possibly be because he's allegedly a Democrat? One with no business experience and can only seem to be able to put the nation deeper into debt so you think he should be the nation's President?

Haven't you ever wondered who in the hell the man is, Mike, or doesn't it matter as long as he's on your side of the fence as a Democrat?

By: Ask01 on 8/17/12 at 4:48

Let me be the first to comment Mike, observing that, despite some probable bright spots in Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga and perhaps a few other scattered pockets of clarity, I fear the state will once again turn bright blood red.

Perhaps literally as well as figuratively, once the legislative session begins and guns are allowed everywhere from parking lots to daycares, but not, curiously enough, in the legislative chambers themselves. (That's a joke, by the way, since the only people affected by any gun legislation are law abiding citizens since criminals will carry anywhere they wish. And as I suspect most Tennesseans do anyway.)

There seem to be many open minded people on this and other boards, but once the make up of our legislative body is considered carefully, one is left with the inescapable conclusion the neanderthal vote, combined with the stuck in the 1950's vote will carry the day.

Fortunately, this is only one state out of 50, so while we may be forced to erect signs at the state line advising people to set their watches back 60 years and warning unaccompanied minorities they may be considered property, the rest of the nation can be depended upon to protect the republic.

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 5:08

It's really simple Mike. Romney, like all politicians, will say whatever they have to in order to win an election. He said what he thought he needed to in 1994 in order to compete with Kennedy, and he says what he says now in order to appease the GOP base. Who knows what he really thinks.

Before the primaries I thought he would be reasonable, but it appears as though he's aligned himself with the teabaggers and far right. Thanks, but no thanks.

By: dargent7 on 8/17/12 at 5:17

Great LTE as usual.
Romney ans well as Ryan, are a danger to America.
I thought GW Bush was a putz but relatively harmless until 9/11 unleashed Lon Cheney's penchant for all the Earth's oil. So, we, they, invaded Iraq under false pretenses. No, actually outright lies the whole cabinent colluded on. There cannot be a worst President than a duped one.
But wait.
Romney is a fool and a liar. He won't release his tax returns "on principle".
He'll shut down Planned Parenthood because it provides abortions and contraceptives to mainly minority, poor women. Yeah, make them have all those welfare babies.
What ignorance. He'll bomb Iran to show he has balls.
Bachmann and her twin, Palin are so intellectually vacant it's embarrassing.
One's husband can cure "gayness" and the other doesn't read anything while in the john.
Tennessee doesn't have a corner on the market for stupidity, it's the entire 5 state "deep south" that all own it.
Guns in Bars, Say No to Gay, don't believe in Climate Change, chicken coops in backyards, guns in locked employee cars, don't teach sex education, Evolution and vote Republican no matter who or what is running. Back any and every war in foreign countries that don't believe in our God or look like us.
Oh, and spend every waking minute slamming President Obama: Socialist, Communist, Marxist...Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Mother Teresa would be run out of town on a rail within 24 hours of setting foot here. Jesus's Second Coming? He'd be shot before noon by your typical crazy nut-job walking around with a legally loaded gun.
He ain't coming folks. We're on our own.

By: treehugger7 on 8/17/12 at 6:25

He (or she) probably looked at Nashville, and the south, and is too busy laughing to even think about coming back!

By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 6:34

There's a vast difference between the two major presidential opponents, fellows. You are lead to know Romney is legally eligible for the presidential race and he's willing to prove it (I know, dargent7, you believe he isn't..., but he is and he's willing to prove it).

But you don't know who Barack Obama is nor if he's legally eligible for the presidential race and he isn't willing to prove he is. Haven't you ever wondered why?

Romney is a very successful businessman. Obama isn't. It has been noted George Bush put us approximately 4 trillion dollars in debt in his 8 years in office. Obama has put us 6 trillion in debt in 3.5 years. Who's the worst spender?

If you don't have any children or grandchildren, it won't matter to you how deep Obama will put the nation in debt.

Isn't it funny how Obama thinks Romney should show his 11 years of tax records but he doesn't think he should show any record on himself.

Maybe they should swap records for view.

By: Kosh III on 8/17/12 at 6:38

It's not an either/or question: he's both a waffling shyster who will say anything, do anything, kiss anything to get elected, but also a raging bigot who would use the coercive power of the state to impose his Fascist non-Christian beliefs upon the country--and probably lead us into a third and fourth war.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/17/12 at 6:41

dargent, that was an excellent post.

TGIF, everyone!

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 6:44

Yogi, running a Republic isn't the same as running a business. The goals aren't the same. The belief that a businessman is better suited to run a country is a fallacy.

And let's be honest about Romney's experience...buying companies, gutting them and then selling for a profit at the expense of the company and their workers is not a very good litmus test as to what he might do with concentrated power. He's already shown that the bottom line is more important than people, so excuse me if I am skeptical of his intentions.

And, the guy's a phoney. He's an oscillating fan...if you want to know his opinion on an issue? Determine what the audience desires and there's your answer.

Obama's no leader either and I'm tempted to sit this election out because both aren't really up to the task, IMO. And with the inability of Congress to do anything substantial, the outlook is bleak at best.

By: govskeptic on 8/17/12 at 7:08

Of course, Mike starts with the "Gay Problem" in Tn as his most often sited
problem with living in this state. As usual, as well, is the problems with
Christians (white ones) that are always referred to as "Bigots" by he
and so many others of the Progressive movement. Now we move on to
the Rich, out of touch, member of the 1% and non Muslim, that dares to
challenge "The One"! Yes, this challenger has changed positions on
some of the positions as stated, just like President Obama has as well.

One thing very different between the two is as a candidate the President
made many promises as to what his administration and policies would
look like if given America's trust. After receiving that trust, he did just the
opposite on far too many issues to list, but a few being his hiring of many
lobbyist, letting the financial institutions that were the very worst for our
economic collapse off the hook completely, and being the absolute
worst in dividing the nation along so many points. This man child
doesn't deserve 1 extra day as leader of a nation in which he hates
every day of it's history up to the day of his "Incarnation"!

By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 7:11

Kosh III,

Who are you "talking" about,Obama or Romney? I dare you to find a bigger liar than Barack Obama. Every thing he opens his mouth 4 lies come out.

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 7:23

...being the absolute worst in dividing the nation along so many points. This man child doesn't deserve 1 extra day as leader of a nation in which he hates every day of it's history up to the day of his "Incarnation"!

You're as deluded as yogi. If anything Obama's been center-right on most issues and if it seems he veers left, it's because the right has gone so far right that anything else seems like left. He's essentially been Bush and not stood up to the obstructionists in Congress, which is why I'm not fond of him.

And as to the last statement, who's the man child here?

By: Rasputin72 on 8/17/12 at 7:33

Mitt Romney is not a candidate who can win over the productive citizens who make as a family $60,000 dollars a year. This is enough to push any democrat to victory who promises "free stuff" and a hatred for those who have achieved monetary success beyond just existing.

It is the same for all of us these days. Our bias is stronger than any other issue. For example if Mike Burch were running for President and my only other choice was Drew Peterson it would be a very difficult decision for me. Perhaps not voting would be the ideal move. I think you will see a lot of productive citizens using that alternative in November.. NOT VOTING AT ALL.

By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 7:35

Just a few things on your "man" in the White House: In April 2008 Obama spoke disrespectfully of Christians saying they "cling to guns or religion" and have an "antipathy to people who aren't like them".

When speaking at Georgetown University in April 2009 Obama ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name be covered when he was making his speech.

Ever wonder why he wanted that monogram covered?

In November 2011 Obama opposed inclusion of President Roosevelt's then famous D-Day Prayer in the WWII Memorial. Ever wonder why?

Also, unlike previous presidents, Obama studiously avoids any religious references in his Thanksgiving speech. Obama does not host any National Day of Prayer at the White House, but he does host White House Iftar dinners in honor of Ramadan. Ever wonder why?

Obama declines to host services for the National Prayer Day (a day established by federal law) at the White House. Ever wonder why?

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/17/12 at 7:38

Rasp, I have a question for you. I better understand you distain for laziness now that I know where you grew up. Do you think there were honest, working poor in The Nations when you grew up who needed government assistance to survive or do you think the only ones who received it were milking the system? I'm sincerely asking.

By: Moonglow1 on 8/17/12 at 7:47

Moonglow1: A vote for Romney is really a vote for Adelsen. What does Adelsen stand for besides greed and support for Israel? Adelsen wants the USA to go to war with Iran on behalf of Israel. The first action after having selected Ryan as his veep was to bring him to see Adelsen. What? Why? His Adelsen the Pope? Do candidates need to kiss his ring? Gain his approval? Who on earth is behind the following:

Kill the USA government by reducing funding (tax cuts to the millionaires and billionaires)

Create an never ending war on terror to justify big buildups in defense spending and restricting freedoms

Dumb down education

Promote Taliban like laws against women

Promote 1950's thinking

Kill workers rights and unions

Flaunt wealth in the face of the middle class and the poor

Promote tax subsidies for the rich: kill entitlements (which we pay for through payroll deductions) for the middle class

Give tax subsidies to Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors

Promote assault weapons so Americans can more easily kill one another

Promote for profit health care; free health care for Congress

Kill our right to vote through nefarious voter ID laws

There is something so unseemly hearing Romney with 23 off shore accounts say he paid 13 percent while the rest of us pay so much more. A man who believes in the USA but has off shore accounts. These accounts are legal because men like him hire lobbyists to get tax laws changed to benefit them.

This election is about rape-the rape of the USA. Is it to start a new world order? One in which is owned and operated by a few rich white guys. Who really is driving this train? Adelsen? The Koch's? ALEC? Israel? Speaking of Israel they condone abortions and support the gay community. What do you say to that Bachmann, Palin, Romney, all you right wing nuts. Whose agenda are you serving?

You are not serving the citizens of the USA.

By: slacker on 8/17/12 at 7:48

Geez Burch.. we've got it. You've said all of this 50 times, you're plagiarizing yourself.
Punish yourself by buying a ''Chick-Fil-A sandwich, all will be forgiven.
How about another column on baseball, or a review of the ''Steve Miller Band?''

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/17/12 at 7:51

Moonglow, my fear is the "Anyone but Obama" people who would vote for this obviously toxic pair just through their pure hatred of Obama. Talk about cutting your nose to spite your face! They have no desire to really understand what this guy stands for and the changes Ryan would like to see made to Medicare and SS. Very frightening indeed. My true republican friends who are not the far right wing nuts are scared to death of Romney. They'll never vote for Obama but they refuse to vote for Romney either.

By: Moonglow1 on 8/17/12 at 7:58

Moonglow1: Yogi is a right wing troll. Who is your boss Yogi? Adelsen?

All of you with the nonsense about govt assistance. The real money is given to the defense contractors, to members of Congress, to oil companies, and to multinational corporations. The entitlements are paid for by workers through their payroll tax which after 109,000 guys like Romney pay nothing. The tax rate on dividends (Romney's primary source of income) is taxed at a low rate because guys like Romney pays lobbyists to get the laws changed.

The people who believe this right wing nonsense are the same people who believed the lie told to the American people by Colin Powell that Saddam Hussein had mobile labs filled with weapons of mass destruction.

While we debate one another, whomever is driving this train is laughing at the stupidity of the masses. How easy it is to manipulate them.

By: Rasputin72 on 8/17/12 at 7:59

BLANKET........I do believe you are sincere in your asking the question. I will therefore try to answer as sincerely as possible. I was a child at that time and my world was pretty small so opinions about big things were pretty far down my list. Remember this was a time before our welfare system was out of control. Unemployment for 13 weeks was pretty much it.

I saw more people working at whatever was available in order to survive. I saw people that did not want to work. I saw a lot of people that were what I considered in looking back as unemployable due to intelligence,alcoholism,poor working history, lazy and finally just not giving a damn.

I do remember a few very poor families with children who were bright and wanted out just as I was. By the way each and everyone of them made it out. Two went on to become teachers and coaches. One went on to become the largest land owner in West Nashville. I think if government assistance as we know it today would not have changed the outcome of more than a couple of families. In those days you had to work at something.

I do not remember but one homeless person living in the West Nashville area of town during my childhood. I can see him now with a sack on his back and stopping by the local pool hall called "ChalkEyes Ball Hall" for a handout and a place to warm himself in the back of the room. I think his name was "Virg Simmon"

You ask a very good question but the situations and culture were so different that is difficult for me to give an opinion that carries any real matter. I do remember that there were some kids that qualified for the "free lunch" program at Cockrill and McCann school.
I do not remember anyone going hungry. Again my memory is from that of a child. I can remember my mother and father having white beans and cornbread for supper. I remember brains & eggs and biscuits for supper. I can remember never having tasted any meat other than a pork chop,a sausage and a hamburger patty until I was 20 years old.

By: Blanketnazi2 on 8/17/12 at 8:06

Thank you for your sincere response, Rasp. I too grew up in a poor neighborhood but from a different generation. I do see the necessity of certain things but I think a lot of the programs are not administered well and there are too many people gaming the system. I know some people who bettered themselves and some who I thought would but either couldn't or didn't. I was lucky enough to have a few mentors along the way and without their help I wouldn't be where I am today.

I also understand the emotional/mental challenges of raising above the way you were raised. It's hard to be accepted into the Big Boys Clubs because their families have known each other for generations and people like me didn't grow up with family vacation homes in exotic locations. Also, the people you grew up with and sometimes your own family becomes resentful when you make something of yourself. So it can be a lonely place to be for a while until you find your footing.

Based on that, I have mixed feelings when it comes to certain entitlements. Some are necessary and some are not.

By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 8:07

I think for myself, Moonglow1. It's a shame you and your fellow posters on this site can't also think for yourselves.

I'm pro-American. You all seem to be pro-Obama even though you don't know who he is.

And Rasputin72, you had to be 21 before I got my first vote cast, and I haven't missed one yet.

If I don't like one of the two main party candidates, then win, loose or draw, I'll write one in. If you don't vote, you don't have a right to gripe about who you would up with.

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:08


You made a very good point. Try carrying a concealed weapon into a judge's court, or the state capitol building, and they'll haul you off to jail. But if you carry a concealed weapon into a McDonald's full of innocent children, you're a "hero."

The hypocrisy of our "leaders" is phenomenal, but then who is electing them?


By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:11

In April 2008 Obama spoke disrespectfully of Christians saying they "cling to guns or religion" and have an "antipathy to people who aren't like them".

That's not disrespect, it's fact. Especially here in the Bible Belt.

When speaking at Georgetown University in April 2009 Obama ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name be covered when he was making his speech.
Ever wonder why he wanted that monogram covered?

I don't, but since you mentioned it, it's because there's usually a generic background for these types of visits...and given that there were several dozen other religious items in the hall (including a giant picture of Jesus behind the backdrop), I'd say you're way off base again (shocking).

In November 2011 Obama opposed inclusion of President Roosevelt's then famous D-Day Prayer in the WWII Memorial. Ever wonder why?

Actually, it was Robert Abbey, Director of the Bureau of Land Management that opposed the inclusion and did so because it would have been contrary to the Comemmorative Work Act that prohibits “encroachment by a new commemoration on a existing one.”

Obama studiously avoids any religious references in his Thanksgiving speech. Obama does not host any National Day of Prayer at the White House, but he does host White House Iftar dinners in honor of Ramadan. Ever wonder why?

Maybe he understands that the United States is a multi-faith country.

By: MusicCity615 on 8/17/12 at 8:13

Nothing Mike Burch can say to make me vote for Obama - and I'm very sociably liberal.

I can care less how good a speaker Obama is. The number one isssue is this country is the economy, and Obama has NO real world work experience. NONE. AND NEITHER DID BUSH!!!

Romney is not bush, nor obama. Bush led us to wars with other nations, Obama is keeping us in wars and creating wars within America. Some of the 1% are greedy, and some of the union members are greedy. We're all Americans and I'm tired of Obama's divisive talk composed of hatred.

Romney knows how to create jobs, is a liberal on social issues (but acting like he is conservative for the votes...) and Obama has shown he is no more hesitant to pull to America at War trigger.

I want change, not Obama saying we're going to try to achieve change- but if we don't, I'll blame everything and everyone but myself.

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:14


I own and operate a business, so I'm not "against" businessmen like Romney.

But Romney is a fascist who is repeating what Hitler once said:

Romney's "American century" = Hitler's "thousand year Reich"

Romney's "American exceptionalism" is Hitler's "Aryan exceptionalism"

Romney says the USA has the "right" to attack Iran for the same reason Hitler said that Germany had the "right" to attack Poland (because Iran and Poland are "dangerous" and "might" do something wrong, one day).

My objections to Romney have only a little to do with his business (although it seems clear that he evaded taxes, outsourced thousands of American jobs to other countries, and scammed Medicare through Damon Clinical Labs). My main objection to Romney is that he is going to cause many Americans to suffer and die, either by depriving them of healthcare and Social Security, or by forcing them to fight more unwinnable wars. Or both.


By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:15


Yes, let's "just say no" to the Teabaggers and their racism, intolerance and wars.


By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:19


I agree. Romney and Ryan have the same neocon advisers who launched the invasion of Iraq on false premises. Now they intend to do the same thing to Iran, using money provided by Jewish neocons like Sheldon Adelson. Romney would sell Americans down the river, if someone will buy the presidency for him.

War with Iran is more trillion-dollar folly. But the money men want war, so Romney will play the game by their rules, rather than invest his own money in his campaign.


By: frodo on 8/17/12 at 8:20

The Michael Burch that fills these pages is a caricature of the increasingly transparent, desperate and out of touch political animals that prop up the left against all reason. We have a few such pathetic personas on the right, as well. I say "persona" because it is hard to tell if people like Mike really believe half of what they say or if their words are merely a means to an end--to prop up an otherwise illogical regime with little more real credibility than a shady used car salesman or an ice dealer in Point Barrow. We have a Dem ticket with Joseph Stalin at the head and Daffy Duck in the #2 spot. How else can you defend that but by keeping a tainted spotlight on the opposing ticket? Oops, am I stooping to the the Michael Burch level by characterizing our vaunted leader and his wacky side-kick in such fashion? I suppose so. But if we must endure MichaelBurchisms in the CityPaper, then there needs to be some balance. And the CityPaper is either purposely one-sided or at best short-sighted for not providing us that balance. Until that happens, I have no respect for Michael Burch nor the CityPaper.

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:20

Romney knows how to create jobs

Yes, overseas. How about some in America?

By: Rasputin72 on 8/17/12 at 8:22

Blanket........I learned also as a youth that people who are poor have low expectations as a general rule. I think because of that,entitlements offer a result that meets the expectations they may have.

By the way, I think there are from a percentage basis an equal percentage of the 1% who are as dastardly as an equal percentage of the underclass who are dastardly.

As a person who has walked both sides of the street, I am virtually sure of the above statement,

My sermons on this board are a voice against the prosecution of those that are actually good citizens and have had the good fortune (As America is supposed to be about) to be living the "good life":

I deplore the Obama strategy of "class warfare" Never in the history of this country has this happened before.

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:25

Kosh III,

I agree. Romney seems to be motivated by the things that motivated fascists of the past:

Bigotry (only Americans are "exceptional")
Might is right
Human suffering and death mean nothing, as long as people like Romney prosper


By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:27

We have a Dem ticket with Joseph Stalin at the head and Daffy Duck in the #2 spot.

Stalin was a mass murderer. You're either the dumbest wingnut this side of yogi for not knowing or a complete troll. Take your pick...

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:30


I think that if President Obama has made a mistake, it is that he has leaned too far to the right, especially on the use of military power, drones, covert ops, etc.

But he is MUCH BETTER than GWB, and he is MUCH BETTER than Romney.

I suspect that in a second term, with a bit more support from Democrats and the public who are weary of Republican madness, President Obama might lean a bit more to the center-left. And I think that would be a good thing.

But a Romney presidency would be a disaster, so even if Obama is only the lesser of two evils, it is insanity to vote for the greater evil.


By: Rasputin72 on 8/17/12 at 8:30

Mike Burch..........You are a very talented "screwball" of the very highest order. Adolf Hitler would have loved your fervor and vocabulary for supporting a bias of "failure justification"

By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 8:33


You have one good argument; you seem know Mitt Romney very well and don't feel he should be elected this year.

But you don't even know if Barack Obama is "Barry's" legal name..., do you? So yet, you've said you'd prefer to have him as your president.

How can that be considered rational reasoning?

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:36


It was Rick Santorum who said: "Thank God for Those Who Cling to Guns and Bibles."

The GOP has as the main planks in its platform:

pro-God (which means creating a Christian theocracy)
pro-gun (which is why Romney-Ryan got "married" in front of a battleship)
anti-gay (and also anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-unions, etc.)


By: frodo on 8/17/12 at 8:36

gdiafante, there were many things to not like about Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin besides mass murder. I notice you don't try to defend Daffy Duck.

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:40

Thank you for confirming my previous statement.

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:41


You made a good point. First Gingrinch and now Romney are brown-nosing Sheldon Adelson's ass to get closer to his wallet.

Adelson wants to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, putting the US stamp of approval on Israel stealing the rest of the land in the West Bank. That will probably result in more acts of terrorism like 911, and more unwinnable wars in the Middle East. That will cost Americans trillions of dollars, and we will get nothing for all our money and lost lives.

Gingrich and Romney will sell Americans down the river, to get elected. They are treasonous fascists and should be in prison, not running for the highest office in the land. Anyone who votes for Romney is voting for war and national bankruptcy.


By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:45


You made a good point. Many people hate President Obama so much, they would vote for Hitler to get rid of him. And voting for Romney could be like voting for Hitler. He seems to be a sociopath who lacks empathy for anyone who is poor, sick or suffering. He seems to want war with Iran, in order to create an "American century" that sounds like the "thousand year Reich."

President Obama isn't perfect, and I disagree with a number of things he's done, but not voting for him really is like cutting off our noses to spite our faces.


By: yogiman on 8/17/12 at 8:49


What makes you think Obama would be a better man in his second term? If he pulls it off, I hope you and your fellow posters on this site are ready for this Muslim's communist takeover.

Question: The Obama administration makes apologies for Korans being burned by the U.S. military. But when the Bibles were burned by the military, numerous reason were offered why it was the right thing to do.

Why was it okay to burn the Bible but it wasn't okay to burn the Koran?

By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:51

Enough with the Hitler/Stalin comparisons...there is no comparison. This is ridiculous. Jeez....

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 8:53


Romney did not "create jobs" in sum. If he had created jobs, he would have quickly produced the evidence. The truth is that Romney had a few successes, but for the most part was not a venture capitalist, but a "vulture capitalist."

He did what many corporate raiders do these days. He would buy enough stock to take control of a company, load it up with debt so that it could pay him and the other "investors" huge dividends, then lay off large numbers of workers and outsource their jobs to countries like China.

The Washington Post exposed these facts in an article. This is why Romney now lies and says that he "left" Bain in 1999. The truth is that Romney remained in control of Bain and after 1999 was one of the pioneers of exporting American jobs to other countries.

Voting for Romney is not voting for a "job creator." His "business success" was all-too-often feasting on the carcasses of businesses he killed with massive debt., while he laughed to his Cayman Island tax-free banks.


By: gdiafante on 8/17/12 at 8:54

Yogi, use a little common sense for once...the burning of Korans can result in American deaths. You don't go to someone's house and sh!t on the floor and expect the owner to smile, do you?

And yeah, burning books (even the Bible) is just plain stupid.

By: jvh2b on 8/17/12 at 8:56

I saw an internet meme the other day that sums up the Chicken business perfectly...

I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an a$hole.

Truth in it's most compact form there.

And Music...how exactly does buying a company, gutting it at the expense of it's (former) employee's and sell it quailify as 'job creation'?

Romney flip flops on EVERY issue ever presented to him. No one know's where he stands on anything and to pretend otherwise is delusional. At least Obama was consistant...went from 'evolving' on an issue to it's logical 'evolved' position.
And now he's got 4 more years of experiance than the 1% lover.

By: dargent7 on 8/17/12 at 8:56

frodo: Mass murder? Look no further than the White House.
Just who in the hell gave America authority and carte' blanche' to bomb another country? Bomb, invade, and then occupy?
All under Homeland Security.
Between Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. this bullshit has gone on for over 2 decades.
Is that some Biblical passage or a Jesus Christ reference I missed?
America has blood on it's hands and it's karma can be categorized as, "bad".

By: jwt8341 on 8/17/12 at 8:58

If you are so embarrassed to live in Tennessee I suggest you move. As to the rest of you and your liberal press and friends, The problem in this country is the economy. It has become increasingly apparent that Obama is doing everything to deflect away from that issue to try to save his job. I believe a few years ago the democrats ask a question that applys to today. "Are you better off today than you were four years ago". I am not and it falls into the lap of Obama not Bush, not Nixon, just Obama.

As to Chick-fil-A the problem is not a gay problem, but the right of a man to run his business the way he wants. If you don't like the way he does business don't go there.

By: Mike Burch on 8/17/12 at 9:04


When I saw Romney talking about his tax returns during one of the presidential debates, I knew something was very wrong. The normally-confident multimillionaire looked like a guppy out of water. So I did some research. I not only found substantial evidence that he has up to $100 million in offshore "IRAs" in which he seems to have sheltered most or ALL of his Bain earnings ... but I also found substantial evidence that Romney did the opposite of "creating jobs." It seems he and the companies he owned were PIONEERS of outsourcing jobs to China and other countries. This is the reason he has repeatedly claimed that he "left" Bain in 1999, when in reality he was still running the show and helping outsource American jobs.

But the most alarming thing I learned about Romney -- especially from his book "No Apology" and his speech at the Citadel -- is that Romney is a fascist and a warmonger who sounds disturbingly like Hitler when he talks about an "American century" that sounds like "the thousand year Reich."

Here is an article I did, if you care to learn more about the real Romney:


By: dargent7 on 8/17/12 at 9:04

Romney has just "come clean". He says he personally looked at his past decade of tax returns and, "I never paid lower than 13%".
Funny, most Americans pay 27-35%.
What a guy.
This guy is so out of touch with America, it makes GW Bush look like Einstein and Hawking rolled into one.