Commentary: Two sides to the convention center debate

Monday, January 11, 2010 at 2:34am

The City Paper solicited two Nashville civic leaders to make pitches for and against the proposed Music City Center. The hotel industry says the new convention center will bolster the city's brand while a sitting councilman says the public is opposed to the facility.

Read their takes at the following links:

Irwin Fisher of Loews Hotels offers the proponents' side of view.

Opinion: Nashville’s priorities include MCC

Metro Councilman Mike Jameson gives the opposing viewpoint.

Opinion: The public doesn’t want MCC

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By: CitizensWin on 1/11/10 at 4:29

The proponents argument is more emotional and accusatory, kind of flies of the handle a little too quick while the opponents argument is measured and precise. I prefer the steady hand of the opponents argument over the hot-headed soliloquy of the proponents argument.

Sounds like the Hotel Occupancy Tax could just as easily be used to build a downtown baseball field and continue development along the river. Nashville can increase it's 'brand' by developing it's own river front attractions, like San Antonio did during the HemisFair of 68. Developing the riverfront makes more sense and it benefits both citizens and tourists.

To hell with a new convention center, make Nashville more fun for us!


By: Funditto on 1/12/10 at 8:56