Conservatives do desire change, when necessary

Tuesday, April 22, 2003 at 1:00am

For months, antiwar intellectuals have been making the argument that pro-war conservatives are "un-conservative." They call us "radicals" and "revolutionaries."

Joshua Micah Marshall recently wrote a cover story for The Washington Monthly about how dangerously radical conservative foreign policy has become. In a sense, I don't really mind; it's kind of fun to be called a radical from time to time. Keeps the blood pumping. But what annoys me is this assumption that conservatives are being hypocritical because we are in favor of change abroad and stasis here at home.

It's true, conservatives aren't big fans of change. One of the "canons of conservatism," according to Russell Kirk's seminal 1953 book The Conservative Mind, is the "recognition that change and reform are not identical, and that innovation is a devouring conflagration more often than it is a torch of progress."

That's true

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